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Steve Smith removes Virat Kohli to reclaim No.1 Test batsman ranking, Jasprit Bumrah climbs to the third spot

  • Sep 03, 2019
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Steve Smith (904 points) regainedfirst place in the ICC International Strike Test rating. Virat Kohli, whoscored 20 points in the tests against the West Indies, fell to number 2

Australian treadmill Steve Smithdefeated Indian captain Firat Kohli to demand a mixture of No. 1. Kohli scored76 in India's first test second round against the West Indies in Jamaica, butwas fired by the first ball duck in the second half.

You have now landed Virat Kohli to n. 2 points in the ICC Batsmen's international test score with 903 points. Steve Smith leads Kohli with just one point but will have the opportunity to strengthen that leadership in the last two sports tests of the Ashes series against England.

Steve Smith was banned for a year by the South African football manipulation scandal in 2018 but made a dramatic comeback with hundreds of twins in Birmingham's first ash test. We followed it with an elegant 92 in Lord before getting rid of them after a blow to the neck.

Steve Smith did not play the thirdtest England won in a dramatic way after a heroic century from Stokes.

Firat Kohli and Steve Smith are thebest beating rivals in modern cricket. While Smith has 6,577 races, including25 hundreds of 66 tests, Cooley collected 6,749 races and 25 hundreds of 79tests.

But with scores 9, 51, 76 and 0,Virat Kohli lost his first place to Steve Smith.

Virat Kohli will have the chance tofinish first when India face South Africa in a series of three tests at home.

New Zealand captain Ken Williamson and Indian mixture Chiteshwar Pujara continued to maintain their No. 3 and No. 4 respectively, while Joe Roth climbed to sixth.

AjinkyaRahane, who had a brilliant series against the West Indies, rose to No. 7,while Demoth Karunaratne and Aiden Markram retreated, but continued in the topten.

 ICCTest Batsmen Rankings (As of September 3, 2019)

1. Steve Smith

2. Virat Kohli

3. Kane Williamson

4. Cheteshwar Pujara

5. Henry Nicholls

6. Joe Root

7. Ajinkya Rahane

8. Tom Latham

9. Dimuth Karunaratne

10. Aiden Markram

ICC Test Rankings: While jasprit Bumrah, India's jogging runner, climbed four places, West Indies captain Jason Holder climbed the ladder to fourth place in the bowler rating. Bumrah is just behind Kagiso Rabada of South Africa and Pat Cummins of Australia.

Ndia's Gaspit Pumrah brand hasclimbed to four places to take third place in the International AthleticsRankings after its string-tested test at the Indian World Championships in theWest Indies.

Jasprit Bumrah scored 835 with thebest qualification of his career and is only behind Kagiso Rabada (851 points)from South Africa and Pat Cummins from Australia (908 points).

Meanwhile, West Indies captain Jason Holder not only placed him at the top of all ICC players but moved up to seven places to join James Anderson in fourth place.

Jasprit Bumrah topped the list of players in a series of two tests against the West Indies, collecting 13 written texts to help India complete its first washing against the Caribbean. Bumrah also became the third Indian player after Harpjan Singh and Irfan Pathan, who won a trilogy of three when he achieved the achievement in the second test, which recently ended in Kingston, Jamaica.

Jaspert flew his fire when it turned out to be the worst nightmare for West Indies in the test series 2. In the first test in Antigua, Bumrah 5 collected the wicket, giving only 7 races. The West Indies were shot at 100 in the second half while Bomra shook her trunks regularly.

In the second test, Boumera got ahat-trick in the first rounds and ended in 27/6.

Bumrah earned a master's degree in bowling while the West Indies hitting the batters as they moved the ball in both directions. As he broke into the scene as a bowler who could follow the ball to the right, Pomerah showed that he was getting better every day as he dominated the Caribbean.

Bumrah giggled both left and right hand with some impossible swingers that left the cricket brothers amazed.

Captain Virat Kohli said after winning the second test in India on Monday that he felt for the fighters facing Gaspit Boomerh and called the Indian player "the most complete player" in global cricket.

When Bumrah gains momentum, you know what he can do in 5-6 overs with a new ball. I haven't seen a lot of deadly spells anymore.

"As a hit, playing in the slide, you can feel the fighters who are playing it because it confuses you with the angle and swing. You know it will prepare you for swingers, then the rhythm and then it can hit you with the gorillas as well.

"I think he is themost complete bowler in world cricket right now."

ICCTest Bowling Rankings (As of September 3, 2019)

1. Pat Cummins

2. Kagiso Rabada

3. Jasprit Bumrah

4. Jason Holder

4. James Anderson

6. Vernon Philander

7. Trent Boult

8. Neil Wagner

9. Kemar Roach

10. Mohammad Abbas

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