Swimming guidelines? Federation forwards US norms and takes easy lane

Swimming guidelines? Federation forwards US norms and takes easy lane

  • May 15, 2020
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It turns out that SFI has simply forwarded a set of guidelines USA Swimming has prepared for swimmers in their country. Not only copy or paste ideas but passing the eight-page document titled " USA Swimming: Reopening Facilities, Messages, and Planning" as is.

Four days ago, when the government asked the Indian Swimming Federation to suggest ways to resume aquatic activities in a post-epidemic scenario, it was not expecting a response within one day. This is also a careful framework, noting the White House’s guidelines for “opening America again” and warnings from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. United States of America

It turns out that SFI has simply sent a set of Swimming guidelines SwimmingUSA Swimming has prepared for swimmers in their country. Excerpts do not copy or paste ideas but skip the eight-page document entitled "Swimming in America: Reopening Facilities, Messages, and Planning" as is.

The Indian Sports Authority (SAI) has now requested SFI to amend and make recommendations relevant in the Indian context.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Virendra Nanavati, SFI’s executive director, said they couldn't come up with a more comprehensive plan. "The guidelines issued by USA Swimming are guaranteed and we can trust it in the beginning. They have enough experience in this field, so we sent it to the Audit Court Committee. He told them," Let them amend according to the central government and state government guidelines for Covid-19. "

Training stopped in all sports from the moment the closure was first imposed on March 24. While it is unlikely that a competitive event will take place in the foreseeable future, the Ministry of Sports is considering phase-wise resumption of training at government-run institutes by the end of this month.

As a first step, the SAI and two committees last Sunday to prepare a Standard Operating Procedure, and asked all federations under its supervision to make recommendations to resume sports activities. According to the device, one of the two committees was designated for swimming, because "sport requires training athletes in the water and may have different health risks compared to other sports."

After that, an online meeting was held between the Swimming Federation and SAFM officials on Tuesday, where their "recommendations" were discussed.

Nanavati said it was difficult for them, as a federation, to develop protocols at the moment, "until we know what the central and state governments decide and what their policies will be."

So, his advice to UPS is to do what the Americans have recommended, and they are a swimming powerhouse.

In its detailed proposal, USA Swimming urged swimmers to "change clothes and shower at home" and "remove usage rooms that prevent social divergence, such as changing rooms".

They also explained how social divergence can be practiced in the pool during training using a stepping start and opposite ends and reducing the number of swimmers per pass.

The document states that the pool must be disinfected with chlorine and bromine to "disrupt the virus in water", citing the CDC's observation that "there is no evidence that the disease is spread through treated water."

However, for their Indian counterparts, there is still a big question to answer: "If the swimming centers open according to the guidelines we set, and something unfortunate happens, who will be held accountable?"

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