World Snooker Championship 2020

  • Feb 27, 2020
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World Snooker Championship

World Snooker Championship 2020

  • Feb 27, 2020
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World Snooker ChampionshipThe World Snooker Championship is a snooker tournament that has always been leading both in prestige and the prize money. The first championship took place in the year 1927 and the winner was Joe Davis. He had won the first 15 championships after which he retired from the event. Currently, the tournament is being played over a period of 17 days and it ends on the first Monday that comes in the month of May. The best record is held by Stephen Hendry who has won the title seven times. Steve Davis and Ray Reardon both have won the title six times while Ronnie O'Sullivan has won the title five times. The current champion of the World Snooker Championship is Judd Trump, who won in 2019. It is the first time he had won the championship.The 2020 World Snooker Championship (also known as the 2020 Betfred World Snooker Championship for sponsorship purpose) is a professional snooker tournament. It will be held from 18th April 2020 till 4th May 2020 at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England.This is going to be the 44th consecutive year that the World Snooker Championship will take place at the Crucible and it will also be the 17th as well as the final ranking event of the 2019/2020 season. The Qualifying for the Snooker tournament will be beginning from 8th April 2020 to 15th April 2020 at the English Institute of Sport located in Sheffield, England.The Englishman Judd Trump is going to be the defending champion, as he has won last year's event after he defeated Scot John Higgins by a score of 18–9 in the finals. This was his first world championship. Before this,  he had reached the finals just once in the year 2011. This year, he will make an attempt to avoid the "Crucible curse".The world Snooker championship will have 32 professional players who will be competing in one-on-one snooker matches in the format of a single-elimination, with each being played over several frames. The 32 players for this event have been selected by the mix of the world snooker rankings and a pre-tournament qualification round. The first world Snooker championship was held in the year 1927 in Camkin's Hall, Birmingham, England. Joe Davis had won it. Since the year 1977, the championship has been held in Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England.The most successful player of the Tournament during the modern era is Stephen Hendry. He had earned a total of seven titles. The champion of the 2020 championship will be winning prize money of £500,000, from the total prize money of £2,395,000.In the month of May 2019, World Snooker chairman, Mr Barry Hearn had made an announcement about the qualifying format of the event that will be changed from the last year. The seeding will be given to the players who get a higher ranking, and this will be played over four rounds instead of three. The main draw of the Snooker Championship will be played at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.The top 16 players that will get the latest world rankings perhaps will be automatically qualified for the main draw as the seeded players. Hence, The Defending champion, Judd Trump will be automatically seeded as the first. The remaining of the fifteen seeds will be allocated based on the latest world rankings, that are released after the 2020 Tour Championship, which is also the penultimate event of the season. The Matches that are held in the first round of the main draw will be played as the best of the 19 frames.The prize fund for the 2020 World Snooker ChampionshipThe breakdown of the prize money for this year's Snooker Championship is given below:The Winner of the Championship: £500,000Runner-up prize money: £200,000Semi-finalists prize money: £100,000Quarter-finalists prize money: £50,000Prize money for the Last 16: £30,500Prize money for the Last 32: £20,000Prize money for the Last 48: £15,000Prize money for the Last 80: £10,000Prize money for the Last 144: £5,000Prize money for the Televised highest break: £15,000Prize money for the Non-televised highest break: £1,000Total prize money: £2,395,00Also read:- T20 Women’s World Cup 2020

World Snooker Championship 2021

World Snooker Championship 2021: Everything To Know About It

  • Jan 15, 2021
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The last World Snooker Championship was held between July 31 and August 16, 2020, and Ronnie O'Sullivan won the sixth World Snooker Championship. All the information you need to know about the World Snooker Championships 2021, which starts on April 17th, and how to purchase tickets to the tournament.Why don't you like billiards? When billiard giants compete with each other to come out as pool champions at the end of the year. Snooker is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. Whether in terms of adopting sport as a profession or in terms of the audience.Billiards is on the rise, every year the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) organizes the World Series of Billiards.World Snooker Championship 2021 Schedule, Fixtures & DrawsThe World Snooker Championship 2021 will take place from April 17 to May 3, 2021, at Crucible Theater in Sheffield, England. The tournament was postponed this year due to Covid 19, which resulted in the tournament ending later than usual. However, next year the tournament will have its traditional schedule.Start Date: 17th April 2021Final Date: 3rd May 2021The tournament will be held at the Crucible Stadium in Sheffield, UK. This will be the 45th year in a row that the World Snooker Championship 2021 will be held at Crucible Stadium. The full schedule of the World Snooker Championship 2021 and matches will be updated here once officials are confirmed.The event is sponsored by the popular bookmaker Betfred. Hence, it is generally referred to as Betfred World Snooker Championship 2021 for sponsorship reasons.The World Snooker Championship 2021 Qualifiers will take place in the last week of April 2020 in four separate rounds and 16 players will participate in the main draw.How to Buy World Snooker Championship 2021 Tickets?It might be six months until the World Series begins, but here's some good news for pool fans. WPBSA recently opened a portal for fans to purchase tickets for the World Snooker Championship 2021.Yes, tickets are live, tickets go on sale on September 28 at 12 noon. It can only be purchased online through the Crucible Theater website and official ticket partner of World Snooker Championship SEE Tickets.Next year tickets will be divided into 3 classes, which are Standard, Premium, and VIP. Although ticket prices differ in terms of tournament progress.RoundStandard PricePremiumVIP1st Round£36-£40£90Not Available2nd Round£40-45£95Not AvailableQuarterfinals £55 £105Not AvailableSemi-final£75-80£130£325Final£110-120 £170£425The VIP ticket starts only for the semi-finals and the final. The package includes dinner, drinks, and meeting a legend.Player’s RankingThe tournament opened in 1927 and next year will celebrate its 94th edition. Ronnie O'Sullivan is the titleholder after defeating Keren Wilson (18-8).The format for the snooker tournament is that 128 players will participate in the tournament as of April 17th. 16 players will qualify to compete against the best 16 in the world in the main draw for the first round.Therefore, the list of the top 16 pool players in the world is as follows.£RankingPlayerPrize Money1Judd Trump£ 1,658,0002Ronnie O’Sullivan£ 1,104,0003Neil Robertson£ 918,0004Mark Selby£ 789,0005Mark Allen£ 653,5006Kyren Wilson£ 593,5007John Higgins£ 534,5008Shaun Murphy£ 495,5009Stephen Maguire£ 459,50010Ding Junhui£ 402,75011Stuart Bingham£ 391,50012Yan Bingtao£ 330,00013David Gilbert£ 328,50014Mark Williams£ 297,75015Jack Lisowski£ 288,25016Joe Perry£ 259,500World Championship Format 2021Here's the match format scheduled for this World Snooker Championship 2021 season.Round one: Best of 19 framesRound two: Best of 25 framesQuarter-finals: Best of 25 framesSemi-finals: Best of 33 framesFinal: Best of 35 framesThe full matches of the World Snooker Championship 2021 will be broadcast on BBC and Eurosport in the UK.Also Read: World Snooker Championship 2020

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan | Everything to know about him

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Ronnie O'Sullivan, the five-time world champion, is one of the best pool players I have ever seen.Ronnie O'Sullivan, the young sports prodigy, was heading to the top but faced many hurdles along the way, including dealing with his father in prison for murder and drug addiction.Known as 'Rocket' Ronnie due to his playing speed, Ronnie O'Sullivan has played in over 280 championships with a number of fights along the way.Ronnie O'Sullivan's backgroundAs a young man, a West Midlands man was a marvel with a stick in his hands.Ronnie O'Sullivan made his first leap of the century at the age of 10 and became a British Under-16 champion at the age of 13.From there, it became clear that Ronnie O'Sullivan was destined for great things when he became a professional at the age of 16.Over the years, he has produced moments of pure magic and forged fierce sports competitions with the likes of Stephen Hendry.Ronnie O'Sullivan fell in love with the game as he ended up working on a pig farm and had to deal with his father in prison for murder.Ronnie O'Sullivan's fatherRonnie O'Sullivan's father, also Ronnie, was imprisoned in 1992 for the evil murder of Bruce Bryan, the driver of Charlie Cray - brother of gangsters Ronnie and Reggie - during a fight at a nightclub in Chelsea.However, Ronnie O'Sullivan defended his father, saying, “He was a very generous person and some had treated this kindness as a weakness and played on it. That was his downfall.“The loyalty that I felt towards my father ... I would do whatever he asked for.“My dad used to say it was like a visit for him when he saw me on TV. I thought, 'Bloody hell, this has to be the most important thing, it's keeping it going."So I knew I couldn't give up, even though I hated it. I couldn't deprive my father of that."Ronnie O'Sullivan's professional recordThroughout his illustrious career, Ronnie O'Sullivan has participated in more than 280 professional championships and has an impressive record.He has won more than 50 championships and reached the final less than 90 times.Ronnie O'Sullivan reached the 37th semifinals and 54th quarter-finals and was ranked first in the world five times.Ronnie O'Sullivan's most controversial momentsRonnie O'Sullivan's life would not seem out of place in an award-winning novel.In 1996, at the same tournament in which Ronnie O'Sullivan was criticized for "bragging" after playing, he allegedly hit the head with Michael Janley, the press assistant at the time.He was fined £ 20,000 and suspended for two yearsIn 2006, Stephen Hendry succeeded him, he ran out of office after being put in black.Losing the red, Ronnie O'Sullivan left his opponent baffled when he shook hands with Hendry and the referee before leaving. He was fined £ 20,800.In 1998, Ronnie O'Sullivan was stripped of the Irish Master's title after cannabis was in his system.At the 2016 Welsh Open, Ronnie O'Sullivan turned down the opportunity to take a maximum breather, describing the £ 10,000 prize money offered as "too cheap".Also Read: Billiards | Facts about Billiards | Rules of BilliardsWhen was Ronnie O'Sullivan given an OBE?Ronnie O'Sullivan was awarded the OBE New Year Medal with Honors in 2015 for the role he played in a game of pool.He received his award from Prince Charles in May of the following year with his partner, Leila Rawas.However, he said two years ago it would be a "shame" to receive a tribute to his controversial past.How many books has Ronnie O'Sullivan written?He has authored three books in total, the most recent of which is a novel entitled Framed, which he released in November 2016.It is about a man named Frankie James whose mother has disappeared, his father was in prison, and he owed money to swimming club SoHo which he inherited from one of the most powerful gangsters in London. He revealed that the book was based on events from its inception.Ronnie O'Sullivan has also written two autobiographies, titled Running (2013) and Ronnie (2003).Ronnie O'Sullivan's net worth?Since beginning his career in 1992, Ronnie O'Sullivan has won £ 8.5 million in prize money.His most successful year came in the year 2000, at which time he earned £ 684,130.But overall, her net worth is believed to be around £ 32 million.Ronnie O'Sullivan's marital status Ronnie O'Sullivan has three children from a two-year relationship with Sally Magnus and two children from a relationship with Joe Langley.However, she is now settled with Ex-Strictly Come Dancing contestant Laila Rawas.The couple got engaged in 2013 but has yet to bond.Also Read: WORLD SNOOKER CHAMPIONSHIP 2021: EVERYTHING TO KNOW ABOUT IT

Judd Trump,Snooker,World Snooker

Judd Trump | Player Info | Player Details

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Player ProfileFull name: Judd TrumpDate of birth: August 21, 1989Born in Bristol, United KingdomTitle: Judd TrumpKnown For: Fast gameplay, natural talent, playful personality, and "cool" haircut.Judd Trump was born on the 21 of August 1989 in Bristol. His many titles include "The Ace", "Ace in the Back", "Mr. Haircut 100" and "Juddernaught". He is a professional English pool player.At just 14 years old, he became the youngest player in history to achieve 147 competitors. In 2011 he won his first qualifying title (the China Open) beating Mark Selby 10-8 in the final.In the same year, he won the UK championship, beating Mark Allen.Continuous ProfileJudd Trump joined the Professional Tour in 2005 and became the youngest player to qualify for the final stages of the (Welsh Open) tournament.Judd also became the third-youngest player to reach the World Championship in 2007. He played Sean Murphy, 2005 champion, in the first round, losing 6-10 despite taking a 6-5 lead.Judd missed the World Series in 2007/08 after losing 9-10 to Joe Swail.More on Judd Trump, results, results, events, and tournaments.In 2009, Judd Trump finished the season in the top 32 for the first time. Tony Chapple coached him for some time.They also qualified to the Premier League and won four games out of 6, losing to Ronnie O'Sullivan in the semi-finals.More details on the profileIn 2010, Judd joined the Romford-based Grove Leisure billiard agency. In the 2010/11 season, he defeated Mark Selby at the China Open and won his first major title in a qualifier, while also achieving his 100th break in the century.Judd started the season with a 3-5 loss to Mark Davis in the first round of the 2011 Australian Open Goldfields Championships.However, this disappointment was soon forgotten when he won his second PTC title of the season, beating Ding Junhui 4-0 in the final at a virtual venue at the South West Snooker Academy. Judd then lost 5-1 to Stuart Bingham in the first round of Shanghai Masters.Judd Trump finished second behind Neil Robertson in the eighth PTC event of the season but immediately rediscovered the winning touch by capturing Event 9 by beating Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-3 in the final in Antwerp, Belgium in just over an hour.He would later top the Medal of Merit after all twelve PTC events had been played and thus qualified for the 2012 Finals.Profile informationOn December 11, 2011, Judd Trump won his second qualifying tournament, the 2011 UK Championship at the Barbican Center in York.Judd Trump beat Dominic Dale 6-4 in the last 32 games, before winning the last two frames of the second round to beat Ronnie O'Sullivan 6-5.After the match, Judd Trump claimed that he had "passed" and that he was "lucky" to have passed. Then Stephen Maguire sent 6-3 and faced Neil Robertson in the semifinals.The semi-finals were difficult and tense, as Judd Trump later announced that he believed Robertson was trying to suppress his normal game, which led to "slowing him down" and "making things awkward", but the Bristol player nonetheless won, 9-7 to get to his first final in the UK.More personal informationIn the final, he faced Mark Allen and was 1-3 early in the best match of 19 frames. However, Judd Trump then produced a game-set seven-frame streak to advance 8-3.Despite a strong counterattack from Allen, who won five of the next six tires to trailing just 8-9, Judd Trump managed to secure the 18th frame with a break of 91 and won the final with 10 tires to 8.Judd continued his good form by reaching the Master's semi-finals in January.He beat Stuart Bingham in the first round and Ronnie O'Sullivan again in the quarter-finals, 6-2, to set his record against the three-time world champion in five wins and two losses, in his seven tournament meetings.Robertson played in the quarter-finals for the second major event in a row and it was the Australian who claimed revenge for his loss in New York a month earlier, winning 6-3.Also Read: Ronnie O'Sullivan | Everything to know about him