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Did You Know About Underwater Hockey

Did You Know About Underwater Hockey

  • Jul 05, 2019
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All about underwater hockey game! 

Famous as the name of Octopus in the UK, Underwater hockey is a game which is played at the global level. The two teams compete with each other to maneuver the puck to make goals by using Pusher. This game was invented in England in the year 1954, and now it is played all over the world. In the year 1980, the first underwater hockey world championship was held in Canada. If someone wants to play this game, then that person should know swimming accurately because this game requires swimming as the necessary skill.


In the underwater hockey world, two teams compete with each other, and puck is placed in the middle of the swimming pool. The players wait with touching defending goal till the buzzer signals to begin the game. The teams can swim from any direction to score the goal. The players have to hold their breath when they dive in the pool bottom. The primary team formation is three-three players, among which three are defensive while three are offensive players. There might be three forward players, a back and two midfielders in the team. If there are too many hockey players in the area, then it can result in a foul. 

If someone tries to use a hockey stick to hit another player, then it is known as blocking, and then the penalty is charged on the player. If the penalty case is minor, then the advantage puck is provided on the team when he committed foul team is pushed three meters back. When the significant penalties take place, then the referee can also remove the player for a limited period from the game. The players who become successful in the game have an amazing ability to recover and hold their breath along with strong swimming skills. The players who can swim with higher pace underwater are more likely to get control of the puck in the water hockey world. 

Injuries in the game 

The spectators might not be aware of the injuries which can be caused under the water during game play. There are huge risks of injury for the players who play this sport. Torn muscles, light scratches, and sprains are some common injuries while major injuries include broken fingers, deeper cuts, and life-threatening risks. There are chances of the drowning of a player if he gets unconscious under the water. The personal protective equipment is provided to the players to avoid injuries during the game, but some injuries are unpredictable and unavoidable. There are mouth guards, ear guards and gloves which are mandatory for every player who plays this game. This is a huge risk of hemoptysis in the players while they stay underwater for a long time. There is no doubt that the game is quite interesting and it will be loved by every swimmer.

Scoring of underwater hockey 

In Underwater hockey, the goal is scored by a team when the puck is sent in the opponent goal with the use of a stick. No body part of another instrument can be used to make goals. The game is won when time finishes. The team which has scored the most goals in the match will be the winner. In case there is a draw, then the teams would get fifteen minutes more to score. 

What are the rules of Underwater hockey?

  • The teams have ten players each but there will be six players in the pool all the time during the game. The rest of the four players are just substitutes for the team in this hockey world
  • This game is played in two halves and every half is of 15 minutes with five minutes of resting period in between those halves. 
  • The team can be divided into defense and attacking mode. The midfield players play with variation always. 
  • The players are allowed to score by using hockey stick and other body parts can never be used to move the puck in the pool. 
  • The players can make contact with other team players unless they have puck possession. 

What are the advantages of playing Underwater hockey?This game is a great option to say in perfect body shape. The swimming can improve stamina and cardio during the game. The core muscles of a human can be developed while playing the game. It is an entertaining and fun game which is unique as compared to the other games played on the field. Before beginning to play the game, you need to get proper coaching for underwater hockey so that you dont have to face many injuries.