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Front crawl technique


  • Jul 06, 2020
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To master all swimming strokes, you must make an effort in your training regimen. If you don't train properly, you won't simply be able to shave those critical seconds or even parts of a second of your time.Remember that in a competitive sport of this nature, the least amount of time can be the difference between taking a winner’s cup home.Since there is no doubt that you want to be placed first, let's take a look at how competitive and recreational swimmers can improve the front crawl technique.1. Focus on your breathing When it comes to perfecting your front call technique, you need to consider all the factors that can make a difference in your overall performance.Obviously, how you use your arms, legs, head, and core strength will have an effect. However, breathing is also one of the primary areas that will make a difference.Once you feel comfortable with the front crawl technique, take the time to focus only on your breathing. Notice how you are currently breathing and try to adapt to the following method.You should breathe on alternate sides during every third hit. To allow you to successfully ingest the right amount of air, place your ear on your shoulder and cheek on the surface of the water.By doing this, you won't consume much air (or very little) before you need to return to the surface.2. Use the correct head positionThe more efficient you are, the better you become. To stay efficient in the front-crawl position, you must keep your head still and in line with your body.Also, remember to make sure that the water level is between the eyebrows and the hairline when you are in motion.With your head in the pool, keep looking forward and down. We strongly recommend wearing swimming goggles to protect your eyes from chlorine and dirt.You don't want your head to be too low or too high because this will create more tension in your neck and make it difficult for you to swim.3. Ensure adequate arm workWith the front crawl style, your arms should always rotate and be continuous to maintain steady movement. Also, when all hands enter the water, you should do this between the central line of the head and the shoulder line.Make sure to look to see if you are raising your arm above your head in the correct position, and if not, adjust it accordingly.The hands should also be tilted with the palm facing down, while the elbows should be folded and positioned slightly above the hand during each stroke.Your hands must be stretched in front of you first before holding and pulling it onto a large paddle surface of your hand. During this stage, you should push your hands towards the pool floor. Keep your fingers together, too, as this will create a more efficient surface area.With practice, you can build strength and move smoothly through the water.4. Create a simplified bodyKeep your body parallel to the water and create a possible flat profile. This will make it more efficient and reduce resistance.Your lower body should also be placed on a good level. If it is too low or too high, this will require you to work harder and consume more energy.To avoid this, place your back just below the surface and try to maintain a steady position when competing.If your body stays in the same place, it will be much easier to work on the arms and kicking technique, rather than losing focus when trying to hold yourself properly. 5. Master your kickFirst, keep your feet and ankles as relaxed as possible to get the best front crawl kick. If it is stiff, you will lose the flowing motion you want. It is also recommended to kick legs from the hips alternately with six kicks to one arm. This will help balance your body. Most importantly, never kick your knees as this will break your profile and slow you down.Remember, most of the thrust you use with this stroke comes from your arms and upper body. However, if your legs are not too low in the water and your heels break the surface, this will also improve the front crawl style dramatically.Finally, keep your legs close together. If they are far apart, it will create more resistance.img source: wikipediaAlso Read: Check out five significant types of swimming styles!

Bossaball sport

Bossaball Sport: History | Places | Team | Everything about Bossaball

  • Jun 25, 2020
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Bossaball HistoryBossaball is a team sport that originated in Spain and was conceived by the Belgian Filip Eyckmans in the year 2005. Bossaball is a two-team soccer game, combining volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics with music in one sport. It is played on an inflatable playground with a trampoline on each side of the net. Trampoline allows players to bounce enough to throw the ball over the net and earn points directly.The word "Bossa", which is sometimes translated as a style, style, or attitude in Brazilian Portuguese, is commonly associated with Bossa Nova, a type of Brazilian music affected by samba. Thus, the name Bossaball expresses the goal of combining sport, music, and positive emotions. Where is Bossaball played?Some other countries where Bossaball has been introduced include: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Singapore, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Paraguay.Equipment used in BossaballBossaball stadium can be of any size, but in general, it is about 50 yards long and 30 yards wide. There should be a grid three meters high in the middle of the field. Both sides of the court should have a trampoline section, an inflatable point, and an inflatable section outside the recoil.You may also like: Bossaball Rules: How To Play Bossaball | Players and EquipmentBossaball as an International SportBossaball Sports S.L. (Spain) Acting as the international headquarters of Bossaball, in cooperation with exclusive partners, organizing a wide range of activities around the world and organize national and international championships, training camps and travel shows.Bossaball Sports S.L. It is protected by intellectual property rights and international copyright, supported by registered trademarks and design patents around the world, and therefore it holds all rights around the world and the producer and the only authorized seller of the courts. From Bossaball.Bossaball Court Bossaball stadium can be of any size, but in general, it is about 50 yards long and 30 yards wide. There should be a grid three meters high in the middle of the field. Both sides of the court should have a trampoline section, an inflatable point, and an inflatable section outside the recoil. When the team scores the next point and achieves it, the game with the first team continues to score 21 points and advance 2 points. There are three groups played in one game.Bossaball eventsRedbull: On numerous occasions, accompanied by Red Bull, Bossaball at events, and through media coverage. The drink that has the largest market share of any energy drink in the world, where 6.79 billion cans were sold in one year, and highlighted the tenth anniversary of Bossaball in a documentary on Red Bull TV and promoted events and activities around the world through events in Tunisia, Turkey, Austria, Slovenia, Kuwait, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates.TommorrowLand: Tomorrowland is currently the largest electronic music festival in the world. Every year it takes place in the Belgian city of Boom, near Antwerp, during the last week of July. In 2016, during its eleventh edition, it again gathered a section of the world's best Disk Jockeys (DJs). With over 100 performances on more than 20 different stages throughout its three days, all electronic genres have found their size.Adidas: On July 28, Bossaball was part of the Adidas event in Germany. The Adidas Group, one of the world leaders in the sporting goods industry, has invited the Bossaball match to the headquarters in Herzogenaurach in light of the Adidas Olympic Day. Here, Bossaball greeted by several thousand employees and their families.Bossabal FactsBossaball Stadium can be assembled and amplified in about 45 minutes.The height of the Bossaball can be adjusted to make it suitable for children, adults, or professionals.Bossaball is usually played on the beach, parks, exhibitions, festivals, and water parks.Article source: wikipedia, bossaballsportsAlso Read: Bossaball Rules: How To Play Bossaball | Players and Equipment

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5: Amazing Numbers behind Sony's Event

  • Jun 23, 2020
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PlayStation 5: The Future Of Gaming event for the PlayStation 5 was live on June 11, and it was amazing. Fans for the first time watched more than twenty next-generation games revealing and also peek at some details from Sony's next-generation console. Over 3.5 million viewers on YouTube and Twitch, with different language preferences, watched the event live. Pictures, dynamics, sound, and everything else looked impressive.Now, a few days later, videos from the PS5 digital event gathered amazing audience numbers. Thanks to the careful analysis from Video Games Chronicle, we get a general idea of the huge numbers published by the digital event.PlayStation 5 event videos have set the standard for engagementAs of June 15, PS5 digital event videos have already exceeded 80 million views, according to a VGC report. The generated views are much higher than the 53 million reported by the detected PS4 event and 55 million that were recorded in the last PlayStation appearance at E3 in 2018. Plus, it is twice the 40 million views for the 2013 E3 from PS4.The YouTube views created from videos on the official PlayStation channel are the basis for these numbers.In addition, the live video of the PS5 event attracted 17 million viewers in six different languages, in the early days. This number is astronomical compared to the 3 million views for the PS4 2013 PlayStation Meeting and 2.4 million for the PS4 E3 2018.Moreover, PS5 devices reveal that the teaser has become the second most-watched PlayStation video with 22 million views. Only the 2013 PS4 video revealed in the introduction, with 37 million views. It will not be long before the hacked revelations of the PS5s outpace the PS4, keeping in mind that it was only five days.Xbox Minecraft Village update video (35m), Nintendo Switch trailers (43m), Super Mario Odyssey videos (43m and 32m) and Parental Switch tools (36m) are the only on the official YouTube channels of other consoles that have more views PS5 video, now.In an interview with VGC, DFC Market Intelligence indicated that interest in PlayStation 5 has exceeded the Xbox X series. Intelligence Corporation's expectations show that Sony's next-generation console outperformed Microsoft. Other analysts also expected similar results.Despite being a digital event, the gaming future attracted huge audiences all over the world. Fans were keen to take a look at the first-class next-generation gaming experience. Overall, PlayStation set a new standard for interactivity, compared to other console platforms.Also Read: GTA Online on PS5 shows us Rockstars real priority now

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic reveals the greatest motivation for continuing his career

  • Jun 12, 2020
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Serbian legend Novak Djokovic does not seem to hang tennis rackets any time soon. Also, his victories at Grand Slam stadiums do not seem to stop at the highest level in every game he plays.World number one Djokovic has denied former rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal on numerous occasions to add more major titles to their name. He is also one of the reasons why NextGen Tennis has not achieved a breakthrough in the Grand Slam stages.The main champion for 17 times, Djokovic revealed his motivation for hitting the ball hard and harder with the passage of days. First of all, I must say that I am in a very special position and role. Novak told Wish & Go Podcast: “I have been a very successful person in popular sports around the world. It feels like I have a loudspeaker in my hand. There aren't many athletes in this privileged position. I won it with my success and I am grateful for that. It is one of the reasons I still play professional sports."He said: "The most important reason is that I love it, I love competition, and the second is that I feel that the terrain inside me causes a storm of emotions, which I cannot experience anywhere else in such a short time." He said.Novak Djokovic on his priorities besides tennisIn addition to tennis and its unparalleled competitiveness in the professional tennis circuit, Novak tends evenly towards the health sector. He participates extensively and uses his platform effectively to spread awareness of mental and physical health.In addition, Novak, 33, is passionately spreading the importance of education among children. His foundation works proactively to ensure that disadvantaged children receive a quality education. "For me, in addition to sports, the most important issues are health and education."Article source: essentially sportsImg source: allsportspkAlso Read: NFL Preseason: NFL discusses shortening preseason, according to report

Bossaball: An exciting blend of volleyball, football, and gymnastics

Bossaball: An exciting blend of volleyball, football, and gymnastics

  • May 04, 2020
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What is Bossaball?Bossaball is a uniquely acrobatic and energetic game, an exciting mix of sport, music and lots of fun. Incorporating elements of volleyball, football, and gymnastics, bossaball is played on a specially designed inflatable platform integrated with a trampoline in the middle. Although bossaball can be played without music, the Busa Nova tone (hence the name " Bossaball"), which generally defines the game frequency, is an important feature of the sport. During large-scale events, the bossaball game is usually supervised by "Samba Referee" who simultaneously assumes the role of master of the party and DJ of the event.Bossaball, an exciting sport like no other, has been shown alongside major events that include not only sports but also music, beach, and city festivals. Often times, the audience is surprised by the players who offer fierce services, punches, and nails with a lot of taste and style. At the same time, accompanying music creates a festive atmosphere in which viewers enthusiastically participate in the celebration.Bossaball HistoryBossaball is a relatively new sport invented by Filip Eyckmans , originally from Belgium. The sport was officially launched in the world in 2004 and has since been introduced in many countries in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Bossaball was launched in countries such as Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and Brazil. Netherlands is the only country to have a major league in the league.Bossaball was introduced to Singapore in late 2007 by Muhammad Saifuddin, founder of Bossaball Singapore. In 2009, Singapore sent a team to participate in the Bossaball World Cup in Turkey. Other countries that have participated are Brazil, Belgium, Netherlands, and Kuwait. Singapore is one of the first countries to actively promote Bossaball in society and sport is now included in physical education lessons in some schools.Rules (how to play)Similar to volleyball, the goal in Bossaball is to place the ball on the opponent's side of the field. This relatively new sport is basically a volleyball game filled with gymnastics and soccer techniques. However, there are differences that players should be familiar with. According to Bossaball Singapore, here are the official Bossaball championship rules:There are two opposing teams consisting of 4 to 6 players in each group.Only one person is allowed in the trampoline section on every aspect of the court (for security reasons) Each team is allowed up to 5 touches (in one game) before sending the ball to their opponents.Players can use any part of their body, for example. For example hands, head, or feet - to touch the ball. Players can only touch the ball once with their hands. However, a second consecutive touch by the same player is allowed as long as the players use other parts of their bodies (such as their legs or head) to hit the ball. These touches are commonly known as "soccer touch". A "soccer touch" is necessary on a course of 3 touches or more. When the attack shot occurs in the inflatable areas of the opponent's court, a point or 3 points is awarded to the scoring team if the scoring touch is performed using the hand or other parts of the body, respectively. When the attack shot falls on the trampoline section of the opponent's court, the scoring team is awarded 3 or 5 points if the scoring touch is made using the hand or other parts of the body, respectively.The play comes and goes until the team drops the ball onto the opponent's team. The first team to score 25 points wins.How to get startedThe selected sport that draws influences from various Bossaball sources requires physical exertion but it is very exciting and fun. Clinics and workshops are organized from time to time. If you are interested in getting started with Bossaball, you can make an appointment to visit "Play! Bossaball @ Club Yuying" (47 Hougang Ave 1) any time from 9 AM until 9 PM on weekendsRead More: Bossaball Rules: How To Play Bossaball | Players and Equipment

The Grand National Day 2020 | Schedule | Tickets Info | Horse Racing

The Grand National Day 2020 | Schedule | Tickets Info | Horse Racing

  • Mar 02, 2020
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The Grand National Day 2020The Grand National is a popular National Hunt horse race that takes place annually at the Aintree Racecourse, near Liverpool in England. It is known to be the most valuable jump race that happens in Europe, that too with a prize fund of £1 million in the year 2017. It is one of the most prominent events that are a part of British culture. It is a popular race amongst several people who normally don't watch horse racing or bet on it. The racecourse for this event where the race is run is featuring a larger fence than the ones that are found on the conventional National Hunt tracks. Most of these species the Becher's Brook, The Chair and the Canal Turn have become famous and when combined with the distance of the event, they create "the ultimate test of horse and rider".Since the year 1960, The Grand National had always been broadcasted live on the free-to-air terrestrial television in the United Kingdom. Then, until the year 2012, the event was broadcast by the BBC. The UK broadcasting rights had been transferred to the ITV from the year 2017. It has been estimated that approximately 500 to 600 million people are fans and watch the Grand National in more than 140 countries. BBC Radio held the exclusive rights to broadcast the Grand National until the year 2013 while Talksport held the radio commentary rights in the year 2014. However, now both the BBC and Talksport broadcast the race.The most recent race, in the year 2019 had been won by Tiger Roll ridden by jockey Davy Russell for trainer Gordon Elliott. The next meeting of Grand National will take place on 2nd April and will be ending on 4th April 2020. Since the year 2017, the race and the festival will be sponsored by Randox Health. The Grand National is held over the National Course at Aintree. It has two laps of 16 fences, the first 14 are usually jumped twice. The Horses cover a distance of 4 miles 514 yards (or 6.907 km). It is the longest among any of the National Hunt race in Britain.Those who wish to attend the Grand National can have several ticket options to choose from. Whether a seat in one of the grandstands, a birds-eye view from a roof terrace or the Festival Zone, you can choose among the various options.The 2020 Aintree Grand National Meeting will take place on 2nd April 2020, Thursday. The Grand National starts the first race at 1:45 pm and the broadcasting for the event will start for the race at 2:20 pm on ITV1. The Aintree Grand National Festival happens over a period of three days from Thursday till Saturday with the Grand National staged on the last day, that is, Saturday. The gates for the event will open at 10:30 am every day so that the racegoers have enough time to get into the course. The event will continue over three days. Friday will be 3rd April 2020 or the Ladies Day and the Grand National Day is the sell-out day on Saturday 4th April 2020.You can watch the Grand National on ITV1 at 5:15 pm on 4th April 2020. There will be plenty of entertainment activities going on where the Grand National is held. There are several shops and stalls as well that sell a variety of things such as racing fashion, racing memorabilia like pictures etc. It could also be a possibility that you end up winning a prize of the ‘Best Dressed Lady’, Best ‘Dressed Man’, or ‘Best Dressed Couple’ etc.  Aintree Racecourse is the venue for the Grand National where the event has been hosted since the year 1839. The racecourse is located about six miles outside of Liverpool. Grand National Day 2020 ScheduleGrand National Start Day:2nd April 2020Time: 1:45 pmWatch: WATCH AT PADDY POWERRace: The Merseyrail Manifesto Novices’ Steeple Chase (Grade 1)Distance: 2m 4fPrize Money: £ 100,000Time: 2:20 pmWatch: WATCH AT UNIBETRace: The Doom Bar Anniversary 4YO Juvenile Hurdle (Grand 1)Distance: 2m 1fPrize Money: £ 100,000Time: 2:50 pmWatch: WATCH WILLIAM HILLRace: The Betway Bowl Steeple Chase (Grade 1)Distance: 3m 1fPrize Money: £ 150,000Time: 3:25 pmWatch: WATCH AT BETFAIRRace: The Betway Aintree Hurdle (Grade 1)Distance: 2m 4fPrize Money: £ 200,000Time: 4:05 pmWatch: WATCH AT UNIBETRace: The Randox Health Foxhunters’ Steeple Chase (Class 2)Distance: 2m 5fPrize Money: £ 40,000Time: 4:40 pmWatch: WATCH WILLIAM HILLRace: The Betway Red Rum Handicap Steeple Chase (Grade 3)Distance: 2mPrize Money: £ 90,000Time: 5:15pmWatch: WATCH AT PADDY POWERRace: The Goffs Nickel Coin Mares’ Standard Open NH Flat (Grade 2)Distance: 2m 1fPrize Money: £ 45,000Grand National Friday (Ladies Day):3rd April 2020Time: 1:40pmWatch: WATCH WILLIAM HILLRace: The Alder Hey Handicap Hurdle (Grade 3)Distance: 2m 4fPrize Money: £ 70,000Time: 2:20pmWatch: WATCH AT PADDY POWERRace: The Crabbie’s Top Novices’ Hurdle (Grade 1)Distance: 2m ½fPrize Money: £ 100,000Time: 2:50pmWatch: WATCH AT BETFAIRRace: The Betway Mildmay Novices’ Steeple Chase (Grade 1)Distance: 3m 1fPrize Money: £ 100,000Time: 3:25pmWatch: WATCH AT BETFAIRRace: The JLT Melling Steeple Chase (Grade 1)Distance: 2m 4fPrize Money: £ 200,000Time: 4:05pmWatch: WATCH WILLIAM HILLRace: The Randox Health Topham Steeple Chase (Grade 3)Distance: 2m 5fPrize Money: £ 120,000Time: 4:40pmWatch: WATCH AT PADDY POWERRace: The Doom Bar Sefton Novices’ Hurdle (Grade 1)Distance: 3m ½fPrize Money: £ 100,000Time: 5:15pmWatch: WATCH AT PADDY POWERRace: The Weatherbys Champion Standard Open NH Flat (Grade 2)Distance: 2m 1fPrize Money: £ 45,000Grand National:4th April 2020Time: 1:45pmWatch: WATCH WILLIAM HILLRace: The Gaskells Handicap Hurdle (Grade 3)Distance: 3m ½fPrize Money: £ 70,000Time: 2:25pmWatch: WATCH AT PADDY POWER Race: The Betway Mersey Novices’ Hurdle (Grade 1)Distance: 2m 4fPrize Money: £ 100,000Time: 3:00pmWatch: WATCH AT UNIBETRace: The Doom Bar Maghull Novices’ Steeple Chase (Grade 1)Distance: 2mPrize Money: £ 100,000Time: 3:40pmWatch: WATCH AT BETFAIRRace: The Betway Handicap Steeple Chase (Listed)Distance: 3m 1fPrize Money: £ 70,000Time: 4:20pmWatch: WATCH WILLIAM HILLRace: The Ryanair Stayers’ Hurdle (Registered as the Liverpool Hurdle) (Grade 1)Distance: 3m ½fPrize Money: £ 150,000Time: 5:15pmWatch: WATCH AT UNIBETRace: The Randox Health Grand National Steeple Chase (Grade 3)Distance: 4m 2½fPrize Money: £ 1,000,000Time: 6:15pmWatch: WATCH WILLIAM HILLRace: The Pinsent Masons Handicap Hurdle (cond’ and amat’) (Class 2)Distance: 2m ½fPrize Money: £ 50,000Read More: Melbourne Cup - Field, Tips, Horses, Odds, Winners

World Snooker Championship

World Snooker Championship 2020

  • Feb 27, 2020
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World Snooker ChampionshipThe World Snooker Championship is a snooker tournament that has always been leading both in prestige and the prize money. The first championship took place in the year 1927 and the winner was Joe Davis. He had won the first 15 championships after which he retired from the event. Currently, the tournament is being played over a period of 17 days and it ends on the first Monday that comes in the month of May. The best record is held by Stephen Hendry who has won the title seven times. Steve Davis and Ray Reardon both have won the title six times while Ronnie O'Sullivan has won the title five times. The current champion of the World Snooker Championship is Judd Trump, who won in 2019. It is the first time he had won the championship.The 2020 World Snooker Championship (also known as the 2020 Betfred World Snooker Championship for sponsorship purpose) is a professional snooker tournament. It will be held from 18th April 2020 till 4th May 2020 at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England.This is going to be the 44th consecutive year that the World Snooker Championship will take place at the Crucible and it will also be the 17th as well as the final ranking event of the 2019/2020 season. The Qualifying for the Snooker tournament will be beginning from 8th April 2020 to 15th April 2020 at the English Institute of Sport located in Sheffield, England.The Englishman Judd Trump is going to be the defending champion, as he has won last year's event after he defeated Scot John Higgins by a score of 18–9 in the finals. This was his first world championship. Before this,  he had reached the finals just once in the year 2011. This year, he will make an attempt to avoid the "Crucible curse".The world Snooker championship will have 32 professional players who will be competing in one-on-one snooker matches in the format of a single-elimination, with each being played over several frames. The 32 players for this event have been selected by the mix of the world snooker rankings and a pre-tournament qualification round. The first world Snooker championship was held in the year 1927 in Camkin's Hall, Birmingham, England. Joe Davis had won it. Since the year 1977, the championship has been held in Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, England.The most successful player of the Tournament during the modern era is Stephen Hendry. He had earned a total of seven titles. The champion of the 2020 championship will be winning prize money of £500,000, from the total prize money of £2,395,000.In the month of May 2019, World Snooker chairman, Mr Barry Hearn had made an announcement about the qualifying format of the event that will be changed from the last year. The seeding will be given to the players who get a higher ranking, and this will be played over four rounds instead of three. The main draw of the Snooker Championship will be played at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.The top 16 players that will get the latest world rankings perhaps will be automatically qualified for the main draw as the seeded players. Hence, The Defending champion, Judd Trump will be automatically seeded as the first. The remaining of the fifteen seeds will be allocated based on the latest world rankings, that are released after the 2020 Tour Championship, which is also the penultimate event of the season. The Matches that are held in the first round of the main draw will be played as the best of the 19 frames.The prize fund for the 2020 World Snooker ChampionshipThe breakdown of the prize money for this year's Snooker Championship is given below:The Winner of the Championship: £500,000Runner-up prize money: £200,000Semi-finalists prize money: £100,000Quarter-finalists prize money: £50,000Prize money for the Last 16: £30,500Prize money for the Last 32: £20,000Prize money for the Last 48: £15,000Prize money for the Last 80: £10,000Prize money for the Last 144: £5,000Prize money for the Televised highest break: £15,000Prize money for the Non-televised highest break: £1,000Total prize money: £2,395,00Also read:- T20 Women’s World Cup 2020

World Athletics Championships

The 18th World Athletics Indoor Championships postponed to be held in 2021

  • Feb 26, 2020
  • Aditi Verma
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The World Athletics Indoor Championships is a biennial indoor track and field competition. It is organized by the World Athletics and had been inaugurated as the World Indoor Games in the year 1985 in Paris, France. It was subsequently renamed as the IAAF World Indoor Championships in the year 1987. The current name had been adopted along with the change in the name of the sports governing body in the year 2019.The 18th World Athletics Indoor Championships had earlier been scheduled to be held from 13th March to 15th March 2020 in Nanjing, China at the Cube gymnasium located in the Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park. The place has been built recently. Its Construction had started in 2017 and has been completed right in time for the event. The track and field and the swimming venues are located in the A Block of the park. To the east is the Yangtze River complex where catering, as well as the hotels, are present and all the security work for the event will be carried out.However, it is important to note that now the event has been postponed till March 2021. The reason behind this is the current 2019–20 coronavirus outbreak. This is going to be the first event that Nanjing is hosting. Cedar is the official mascot for the World Athletics Indoor Championships Nanjing 2021.The World Athletics Indoor Championships have been held every two years except one time when they were held consecutively in the years 2003 and 2004 to facilitate the need for these events to be held in the alternate years to the main World Athletics Championships (outdoors).The events held during the championship have been more or less the same since the start. The 4 x 400 m relay race for men and women had been added to the schedule in the year 1991 with the women's triple jump as an exhibition event.Nanjing had won the bidding process for the Championships. The Delegations from three candidate cities had shown their presentations to the Council, first Nanjing (CHN), followed by Belgrade (SRB) and Toru (POL).The organizers have said that they had received advice from their medical team that the spread of the Coronavirus is at a level that is alarming both within China and outside and it has been advised that no one should be allowed to go ahead with a major gathering that can be postponed for a while.Read More: T20 Womens World Cup: It could be Australia vs India at MCG on Womens Day