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Billiards | Facts about Billiards | Rules of Billiards

Billiards | Facts about Billiards | Rules of Billiards

  • Dec 05, 2019
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Billiards or cue sports are a wide variety of games of skills which is popular not just in England but around the World. The game is generally played by two or more players with a stick which is used to strike billiard balls which makes them move around a cloth-covered billiard table which remains bounded by elastic bumpers known as cushions.  The familiar name of the game is still employed by some as a generic label for all such games. In British and Australia English, billiards refer to the game of English billiards while in countries of American and Canadian English it refers to a particular game or class of games, or to all cue games in general which depend upon dialect and context. The term billiards in colloquial usage is used to refer to pocket billiards games, such as pool, snooker or Russian pyramid. Subdivisions of game The games have three major subdivisions within cue sports which have been discussed below- Carom billiards refers to games played on a table without pockets, which is typically 10 fit in length which includes backline and straight rail, cushion caroms, artistic billiards, three-cushion billiards and four-ball.  Pool, covers numerous pocket billiards games which are generally played on a 6- pocket table of either 7,8 or 9-foot length which includes eight-ball, nine-ball, ten-ball straight-pool Bank-pool and one-pocket  Snooker, Russian pyramid and English billiards games are played on a billiards table which has 6 pockets known as a snooker table, all of them are classified separately from the pool based on a separate historical development, along with a separate culture and terminology that characterize their play.   The sports have other variants too that make use of obstacles and targets and table-top games played with disks instead of balls. As a SportSince 1893 the games with regulated International professional competitions, have been referred to as ‘sports' or ‘sporting events’ but not simply ‘game’.  There are a variety of particular games with a set of rules and equipment, including many of those already mentioned with the competition especially being broad in nine-ball, snooker, eight-ball, and three-cushion.  Snooker, which technically is a variant of pocket billiards is a professional sport which is organized at the international level, and the rule of the game bear little resemblance to those of Pyramid, modern pool, and other such games of billiards.In 2005 world games featured “Billiards” category encompassing pool, snooker and carom which was held in Duisburg, Germany. In 2006 Asian games also had a cue sports category. Major games There are mainly two varieties of period games namely: carom and pocket billiard.The main carom billiard games are straight rail, backline and especially three-cushion billiards. All the games are played on a particular pocketless table with three balls, two cue balls and one object ball. In the games of billiards players shoot a cue ball so that it makes contact with the opponent's cue ball as well as the object ball. Four-ball and five-pines are the other of multinational interest.  The most popular games globally in pocket games are pool and snooker.   List of cue sports and games Carom games  Artistic Billiards  Backline Games  Four-Ball  Straight-Rail  Three-Cushion Billiards  Target Carom Games            *Five-Pin Billiards            *Goriziana   Pockets Games American Rotation  Artistic Pool  Bank Pool  Baseball Pocket Billiards  Bowlliards  Chicago  Cribbage  Cutthroat            *Eight-Ball            *Chinese Eight-Ball  Equal Offence  Fifteen -Ball  Honolulu  Kelly Pool  Killer  Nine-Ball  One-pocket  Rotation  Seven-Ball  Speed Pool  Straight Pool  Ten-Ball  Three-Ball  Non-Pool Pocket Games  Golf Billiards  Russian Pyramid  Snooker Games  Snooker  Six-Red Snooker  American Snooker  Brazilian Snooker  Volunteer Snooker  Snooker Plus  Power Snooker  Hybrid carom and pocket games   The combination of carom and pocket billiards is played on tables pockets  Bottle Pool  Cowboy Pool  English Billiards  Five-Pin Billiards  Poker Pool  Kaisa  Obstacles and target games  Bagatelle  Bumper Pool  Danish Pin Billiards and others  Bar Billiards  Devil's Pool and Victory Billiards  Bottle Pool, Pun Pool (Skittle pool) and Italian Five-Pin Billiards Goriziana  Disk Games  These games are variations and are played using small disks instead of balls and light-weight cue sticks.  Carom  Crokinole  Novus  Clueless Games  These games have been developed from cue sports and are played with the hands directly.  Finger Billiards or Hand Billiards  *Boccette (an adaption of Five-Pin Billiards)  Finger Pool  *Crud  Bocce Billiards or Bocce Pool Facts about Billiards Given below are the facts about the games of Billiards  The game of billiards or pool gets involved from a law game that was similar to croquet played sometimes in Northern Europe during the 15th century.  Before the cue stick was developed, billiards was played with a mace which consisted of a carved wooden head which was used to push the ball forward and was attached to a narrow handle.  The games of billiards in history has bridged the gap between the aristocracy and the masses. The game was played by both gentleman and street toughs  The first-period room was built in 1765 A.D. in England.  In the 19th century, the pool room was a place where horse racing betting was done. Billiards table was installed for patrons to pass the time between races. But today the pool room means a place where billiards is played.  Billiards is considered one of the safest sports in the world.  The billiard cloth has remained unchanged for over 400 years. In the 1500s wool was used as the fabric which also remains the fabric of choice today just with some development. In the year 1873 billiards was the first sport to have a world championship.  During the golden age, the world's largest billiards hall was built.  During the Civil War, billiard results received wider coverage than war news and cigarette cards were issued featuring the renowned players. Rules of Billiards The games of billiards shall be played with three balls, consisting of a red, yellow and white  Both the player has got their cue balls, one has the white ball while the other has a yellow ball.  The players must decide who is to break off first and is done by both of them simultaneously hitting the cushion and returning to them. The player who gets their cue ball nearest to the baulk cushion gets to choose who breaks first.  The players then take their turn to attempt to score the most amount of points and eventually one with the highest wins the game. The score can be made in three ways.  *In Off  Score of 2/3 points is achieved by the player when his cue ball hits one or more balls and then goes down a pocket.  *Pot  A score of 2/3 points is what the player gets when any bol other than his cue ball goes into a pocket.  *Cannon  A score of 2 points is gained when the cue ball hit both the other balls.  Until a player fails to make a scoring shot he remains on the table and continues to play. When a foul occurs, the opposing players have the option to have all the balls placed on their side or can leave the table as it is.  The winner of the game is the first player who scored the winning point which has already been declared as the total winning point before the game startsRead More: Top 10 health benefits of playing billiards

The 10 Best Sports For Girls

The 10 Best Sports For Girls | Good Sports for Young Girls

  • Nov 06, 2019
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Girls can play any sports just to stay fit throughout their lives and can do better in most activities at school. Getting your kids to participate in sports from an early age can help them to build good self-esteem and will also help them to increase their confidence. Sports help to learn new skills, keep their bodies fit, make friends for life in their teams.Here we have a list of the top sports for young females:1. SwimmingPlaying with water is one of the most fun activities to do. Get your daughters out there into the pool and you can hire a swimming coach as well or teach her how to swim. Swimming is a fun activity as well as a serious sport. It is also one of the most versatile sports that can either be performed in a team or individually as per choice. Some of the most common swimming styles include breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly,  back swimming among many others. Equipment needed includes swimsuit, goggles, cap, earplugs, etc. Get your kids to get their exercise through swimming, which doesn't even feel like a sport but is indeed a real sport.2. Gymnastics Learning Gymnastics should start at an early age. Although in Gymnastics, you perform individually you are ultimately a part of a team. Hence, gymnastics teaches you teamwork and the discipline required to achieve or win at something. It is a sport that looks graceful but requires a person to have an extremely fit and flexible body. Coordination is something that is vital in this sport. You should take your girls for their gymnastics class at an early age so that they grow up being physically fit and confident in their own bodies. 3. SoccerIn India, you will not find much involvement of girls in playing soccer. But outside of India, the sport is played equally by boys and girls. Soccer is a sport that doesn't require any expensive types of equipment and hence it does not put a financial burden on the parents. Soccer is one of the world's most popular sports and females enjoy playing soccer. It helps to build good leg strength and an amazing team sport. The only necessary equipment includes cleats, shin guards and a soccer ball. 4. Volleyball Volleyball is an interesting team sport for girls and boys. In this sport, there are two teams with a total of 6 players each on two opposite sides that are divided by a net. You are required to land the volleyball on the other side of the net. Volleyball requires good team coordination and helps to increase arm strength. Volleyball can either be played indoors or outdoors such as Beach Volleyball.  Equipment needed includes kneepads and a ball only.Read More: What are field events in athletics?5.  TennisTennis is a fun sport to play either by themselves along with a partner. It is a fast-paced game that doesn't involve much running. Tennis helps to increase mental strength as you have to determine where the ball is going. Other sports such as tennis is badminton which is also popularly played. The only equipment needed for tennis includes a tennis ball and a racquet. 6. BasketballBasketball is a great team sport, especially for girls. It is a fast-paced game. It involves a lot of running, good coordination with the other members of the team and upper body strength. It helps to inculcate good team spirit, body strength, discipline among other benefits. There is no such special equipment required for playing basketball. A hoop, a ball, and good athletic shoes are enough. Playing basketball is a good way to increase body height during the teenage years.7. Field HockeyField Hockey is a sport similar to ice hockey, except that it is played with a ball on a field of grass and not on an ice rink. In this game, all you have to do is that with the help of your teammates, you have to put the ball into the goal using your hockey stick. It helps to learn how to work in a team with good coordination and amazing hand-eye coordination.8. HandballHandball is also a fast-paced sport like basketball. It is a team sport that has not been very popular but is becoming known gradually. The sport helps to develop a good level of fitness as you have to do a lot of throws and jumps. It is a team sport and a good way to become more social. The game is played on a 40mx20m court. The only equipment needed to play this sport is a ball.9. Roller skatingRoller skating is a fun way to exercise the body and is a popular sport among young kids. You should encourage your kids to use the skates to go to places where they need to go either with friends or otherwise. It is better than running the same distance. Roller Skating provides a full body aerobic exercise using all of the body's main muscles. In terms of the health benefits, roller skating helps to keep the caloric consumption in control, body fat reduction, and amazing leg strength.10. LacrosseLacrosse is a very traditional team sport. This sport requires many essential types of equipment. These include the basic lacrosse stick, ball, specific helmets for the players along with specialized eye protection. In this fast-paced sport, a lot of running is required as well as the perfect amount of hand to eye coordination so as to get the small ball to pass the net of the goalkeepers.Girls love to play sports and it is the parent's duty to introduce their girls to new sports. Playing sports helps young females to develop the life skills that are important and valuable. These skills include teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, time and emotional management. Sports help to develop a good looking physique and boost self-confidence in a person. Read More: How to Play Texas Holdem Poker?

Rules of Basketball

Basketball Basics for New Players and Coaches - Learn the Basic Rules, Concepts, Court Layout, and Player Positions

  • Oct 31, 2019
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Learn the Basic Rules of BasketballFootball is a fast paced sport and amateur sport which is played worldwide. Although it originated in North America It dates back to 1891. The second most popular sport in the world has gained significant popularity in many countries such as Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and parts of Asia. The biggest and most lucrative league in the world is the NBA (National Basketball Association). It's one of the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada.In this game, the main point is to score "field goals" and to get these two teams play opposite to each other and by throwing the ball up and down the court through a basket or hoop, they score field goals. It is a team sport in which 2 teams try to score points by throwing a basketball to the opponents' hoop. The team with the highest score wins the game.The game starts with the 'jump ball' shoot. This happens when the refereethrows the ball up in the air and this decided who will shoot first. This is decided in 24 seconds. If you shoot before the 24 seconds are up, then you score points based on the shot that you make.Basketball Basics for New Players and Coaches The Basic Rules of BasketballTwo teams with a maximum of 5 players on the court at any one time. Substitutes are allowed and it can be done as many times within the game.The way to move the ball is by 2 methods - either dribbling (bouncing the ball) or passing the ball. Players are not allowed to use two hands on the ball except catching the ball. If they do so, they cannot dribble or move with the ball. The ball must be passed or shot.After the ball goes into a teams half and they win possession back the ball must then make it back over the halfway line within 10 seconds. If the ball fails to do so then a foul will be called and the ball will be turned over.Each team has 24 seconds to at least shot at the basket. A shot constitutes either going in the basket or hitting the rim of the basket.The two team are called offence and defense teams. One trying to score a basket is called the offence and the other trying to prevent them from scoring is called the defense.After each successful basket the ball is then turned over to the opposition.When the number of fouls of a team reach to a certain number throughout the game then the opponent team will be awarded a free throw. A free throw is done to take a shot unopposed from the free throw line. The number of free throw is decided on the number of fouls committed.There are some violations in basketball which are included like travelling - it is when one player takes more than one step without bouncing the ball), double dribble - picking the ball up dribbling, stopping then dribbling again with two hands), goaltending - a defensive player interferes with the ball travelling downwards towards the basket and back court violation -once the ball passes the half way line the offensive team cannot take the ball back over the half way line.Read More: Summer Olympic Games 2020: Everything you need to know about Tokyo 2020Court DimensionsAll that is needed to play basketball game is a court which should be rectangular shaped and measures 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. A basketball court has symmetry; one half of the court is a mirror image of the other. between the full court dimensions, a halfway line is made with a small circle at the centre. From the circle point, the referee make the jump shoot and game starts. In the court, there are two baskets both 10 feet in height at each end of the court. A free throw line is also made to get three point arc in the outside ring. There are two types of courts - Indoor basketball courts made of hardwood and outdoor courts are made of asphalt.The borders of the court have their own commonsense names:sidelines - the borders along the length of the court.End line, orbaselines - the borders along the ends.Midcourt line - a line separating both halves of the court.Circle at midcourt line - center circle12 feet in diameter from where referee stars the game.The backcourt and frontcourt - For offense team thefrontcourtis where the offenses basket is located and thebackcourtis the other half. Thus one teams backcourt is the other teams frontcourt.Dimensions of courtSize (Overall): 94 x 50 | 28.65 x 15.24 mArea (Court): 4,700 ft2 | 436.64 m2Baskets: 4 | 122 cm from perimeter, 10 | 305 cm highThree-point Arc: 239 | 7.24 m, 22 | 6.7 m cornersFree-Throw Line: 15 | 4.57 m from basketCenter Circle: 12 | 366 cm diameterMaterial (Indoor): Polished wood, hardwood usually mapleMaterial (Outdoor): Paving, concrete, asphaltThe Foul Line: For all Courts, The foul line distance is 15? from the foul line to the front of the backboard and 18? 10? from the baseline.The Key: Also called the free throw lane or the paint is 16 feet wide for NBA and FIBA.Circles: There are three 6? circles on a court, one in the center of the court and one on each end centered on the foul line.3 Point Line or Arc: 19.75 ft (6.01 m): High School20.75 ft (6.32 m): NCAA21.65 ft (6.60 m) to 22.15 ft (6.75 m): WNBA and FIBA22 ft (6.71 m) to 23.75 ft (7.24 m): NBAThe Division Line: Line that marks the center of the courtPositions - Players & EquipmentTeams - 2Each team players - 12Players allowed on court from one team - 5Maximum players in court - 10 players on the court at once and 5 for each team. The positions are  - Point Guard - This point is for ball-handling and passing to the shooting guard or the center. This is also referred as position one and Offensively can create openings in a defense through quick penetration and layups. Defensively, they generally harass the opposing point guard and can optionally drop down to double-team threatening post players. They are generally the smallest players on the floor. Also referred to as the "1" position. Shooting Guard - Also referred to as the "2" position, the first or second offensive option of  a team. This position shoots the ball also handles the ball. It also plays the role of distributor.  This position have its play range beyond the three-point arc. It primarily move off-ball like when it receive the ball, it catch and shoot. Defensively, they are usually used to slow down the opposing shooting guard. It also provide cover to either the 1 position or the 3 position.Small Forward - Generally the most versatile position which is often called as the "3" position in terms of both offense and defense. It has many roles like defensive stopper, to pass, to distribute, to offensive firecracker. Small forwards can generally cover any other player on the floor except for the center and some power forwards.Power Forward - This is called as the "4" position and it is responsible for rebounding as well as a secondary inside threat.  Players at this position are considered most reliable. Usually they are a reliable post presence with the additional ability of being able to shoot from mid-range, and can defend both opposing power forwards and centers. They are also typically quite capable of shot-blocking and performing a lot of the tasks that a center normally would. Also Center - This is often called position number 5 and the man in the middle. The center is usually the biggest area covered. In this area team's most imposing and tallest player is placed here. This area comes near the basket. Players at this position defensively  defend the rim against attacking guards. It also defend opposing centers and power forwards in the post. Fouls - Personal fouls - When any player of a team hits other team players with illegal physical contact like Hitting, Pushing, Slapping or Holding.Illegal pick/screen  - When an offensive player sticks out a limb and in order to block the path of the defender makes physical contact with a defender.Personal foul penalties: If a player is shooting while a being fouled, then he gets two free throws if his shot doesn't go in, but only one free throw if his shot does go in. Three free throws are awarded if the player is fouled while shooting for a three-point goal and they miss their shot. If a player is fouled while shooting a three-point shot and makes it anyway, he is awarded one free throw. Thus, he could score four points on the play.Inbounds -  If fouled while not shooting, the ball is given to the team the foul was committed upon. They get the ball at the nearest side or baseline, out of bounds, and have 5 seconds to pass the ball onto the court.Seven or more fouls - After committing seven or more fouls in the game, the player of other team gets one free throw. If he gets success in free throw, he will get another free throw.Ten or more fouls - After committing ten or more fouls in the game, the player of other team gets two free throw. Charging -  When one player of a team pushes or runs over other team player. The ball is given to the team that the foul was committed upon.Blocking - It is an attempt to prevent an opponent's player to move or drive to the basket. Flagrant foul -  Hitting, kicking, and punching. Intentional foul - Kind of physical contact with another player to steal the ball. Technical foul - It is committed when the 'manners' of the game are not followed by players.,Violations -Carrying/palming - When a player dribbles the ball with his hand too far to the side of or, sometimes, even under the ball.Walking/Traveling - If you walk carrying ball in hand' without dribbling.Double Dribble - When you dribble the ball with both hands on the ball or stopping the dribble and then dribbling again.Held ball - When two or more opposing players gain possession of the ball at the same timeGoaltending - Interference of a defensive player between a shot by other player when it's on the way down toward the basket or it's on the way up toward the basket after having touched the backboard or when it's in the cylinder above the rim.Backcourt violation - If one player has brought the ball across the mid-court line, he cannot go back across the line during possession.Time restrictions - A player passing the ball inbounds has five seconds to pass the ball. If he does not, then the ball is awarded to the other team.Read More : EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE FIBA BASKETBALL WORLD CUP 2019

Golfers and Rugby players

Golfers and Rugby players show cannabis is going mainstream in sports

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Marijuana even the term makes people take a step back in discomfort. The history behind this stigmatic name is that it was classified under the forbidden drug list and was later changed to schedule 1 drug. A schedule 1 drug is something that is not classified as a drug that you get high but something that is understood.Over the past few years, there have been incidents where this feared name of marijuana can back into play under the new name cannabis or CBD. As of now there are a minimum of 113 CBDs and not all of them are good for medical purposes of any sorts. This practice of using cannabis as a medical supplement for pain killers or prescribed medicines when athletes from various disciplines started to endorse this as they have seen positive results by the usage of CBD oil. The claim is that it helps calm ones mind and also help in the speedy recovery of chronic pain and other injuries that the player may suffer during their career.Golfers are one of the first few to ever endorse the usage of CBD oil as a medical substitution. Charley Hoffman is not so popular golf player who never loses his temper even when he slipped in position from where he could have won the title. He came close a few times, but never seems to give away anything and managed to stay firm with his actions. He claims that the use of CBD oil has helped him a lot with the calmness he had on the field and stated that being calm is the biggest strength for any golfer. Later in 2018 one for golfer named Bubba Watson and Lucas Glover started promoting it as an organic solution by signing deals with CBS product companies.The rugby player day found about the CBD oil and started using it after undergoing knee injuries. This spreads when Kruis, who went under surgery on his own and heard about his teammate using CBD oil to help recovery. They got enlightened by this product as they found this to be a natural and organic alternative to the countless number of painkillers that they had to take in order to continue playing. Everything fell into place when the World Anti-Doping Authority WADA took the ban off of CBD oil in 2018 and allowed them to be used as a medical drug for players. This lead to a lot of players in England to use CBD oil instead of prescribed medicines and other pain killers. Since they do not contain THC that caused a person to get high and lose consciousness, it can be used as a proper organic substitution for chemical medicines. Keep in mind that there are a lot of CBDs that still contain THC in them.The impact of this has been so great that Rugby players Day and Krius have started their own CBD oil business and are looking to encourage more players to go organic. According to them it is not the product that causes people to avoid them it is the stigma that they have behind their name that is a barrier. Like all painkillers have side effects CBD oil has stigmatize one a player or a user is able to see past that they can actually enjoy the benefits of this product with no side effects is the claim of these two Rugby players.Currently around 400 professional athletes endorse and use CBD oil and other CBD based products that are officially approved by WADA. Unfortunately, most of these Golfer players are from England and the USA is still against the use of CBD products without getting banned from the game even though WADA has approved of it. But it is not from becoming a legal product for athletes as it is what is best for them. The lack of awareness is what that stands in the way. The researches and other studies that are going on might help in improving the awareness for this product.



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Sport is an athletic activity for which skill and physical powers are required. Basically this is all forms of physical activity which recognized as activities based in physical athleticism or physical dexterity. Now here in this page we will discuss about what type of sports can boost your intelligence. Research indicates that there have some activities and sports which can increase your level of intelligence and all those sports have some special appeal of their own. There have some features and characteristics of all those sports as well. These sports stimulate our brains in various ways which make us more intelligent. Some of the sports are there which can accomplish the same. So now how you can predict that all these sports can boost your intelligence? For playing these sports, you require advance eye hand coordination, visual tracking and lightening fast which reflexes stimulate the brain and increase our intelligence. Here are some top sports which can boost our intelligence. Like-Solving puzzles- Like Sudoku to newspaper crossword- these are the finest sport which can increase your brain power and helps to solve several problems using creative solutions. Besides these, for solving puzzles, you require multiple shifts in perspective which make you smarter.Participating actively in sports- Nowadays, we are participating in different types of games in schools and colleges and every sport has some learning thing which can help you to become smart. By this, you can make your thought processes faster and can improve your body coordination and can boost your confidence. Even if you watch these sports, these will increase your cognitive function as well.Cooking- culinary art is the famous art which has some special procedure and style and manner. For these, you require decision making capability, technical knowledge and manipulative skills. Not only but also, you should have some creativity for cooking any food and all these help you to make smart and can increase your concentration towards your work as well as it also increase your patience which will very much helpful in your working sector.Cricket or Football or Hockey- These three are the well known and very famous sports played globally. Now the question is that what are the fruitful results we can get from these three sports? These three games will help to increase your leadership quality, patience, decision making quality etc. so it means these sports will help you to do pre plan, make decisions and solve problems in smarter way.Group discursion, Extempore- These are also one type of sports which basically played in schools and colleges and by this you can able to gain more and more knowledge and will help teach you how to handle any situation or any circumstance. So, these are also very fine sports which will help you to boost your intelligence.Physical exercise- Regular exercise is very much important for our health and this is good for your brain and your body and it also promotes the flow of blood to the brain. In this way, the neutral cells are kept alive and working at maximum capability which effectively makes you smarter. Apart from these, it will also help you to relieve stress and tension.Tennis- This sport requires you to be alert and constantly strategize how to win which puts pressure on your brain forcing it to grow and by this way this will help you to make many new neutral connections and makes you smarter.Body building- Body building improves your health and promotes the formation of new neutron cells and the overall brain power is increased for that reason. Apart from these, it makes your body and your brain much stronger.Martial arts- There are different types of martial arts which are famous in the world like judo, kung fu, maga etc. this will surely increase your intelligence and optimize your awareness. Actually this will help you to see, hear, feel and observe everything in your environment which will improve the cognitive areas of your brain that deal with geometry and calculation.Chess- Chess will increase your memory capacity and develop intellectual capability which effectively makes you smarter.So, these are the various sports which will surely increase your intelligence and you will surely get some fruitful result if you are there in favor of these sports. Read More: American Football Rules | How To Play American Football

American Football

American Football Rules | How To Play American Football

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America is in a realm of its own and so are its sports. Playing American football is considered one of the toughest sports of all time in the country and the players who play for the game are a huge deal in there. Often this game seems too far fetched for a commoner who is so used to the conventional football that the Americans call soccer. And it is understandable; given the complexity of the game it is hard to grasp the rules and the flow of the game as soon as the game is introduced to you.Here are how the game is played and some basic things that you need to know if you wish to play the game or simply watch the sport for the experience of.The important factor that you need to understand about American football is that it is not just a game of speed and tactics like conventional football. This is a game that involves a lot of mind games, strategies, strength and most importantly teamwork. No one person can win this game on his or her own efforts so the entire team has to know what the other player is thinking in order to successfully complete the manure that they intended to do.Field of playThe total field is 100 yards in length and 53 yards wide. The center of the field is where the game is started. The far end of both sides of the field is called as the end zone where the team can score points for their team. At the end of the end zone is a goal post at each side of play where players can kick the ball into the goal for extra points. The flow of the gameAfter the toss, the captain of the toss winning team can choose if they want to kick the ball or get the ball on kicked to them by the other team. The team that gets the ball must move a minimum of 10 yards before 4 downs. A down is when the ball touches the ground or the player holding the ball is tackled. If the offense fails to make the 10 yards before 4 downs the ball is handed over to the opponent team for them to start their offensive game. However, if the offensive team covers the required 10 yards in the 4 downs they get the downs to reset where they get 4 more downs to cover the next 10 yards. This continues until the offense team reaches the opponent's end zone.The game is played in 4 quarters with each quarter going for 15 minutes. There is a 12 minutes half-time in-between the 2nd and 3rd quarter. In addition to this each team gets 6 time outs for discussion during the playtime that lasts for 60 seconds each.How to score pointsThe aim of the game is to take the ball across the opponents end zone, by doing so the offensive team scores 6 touchdown points. After which they can either choose to kick the ball into the goal post for 1 extra point or toss it can catch inside the end zone for 2 extra points. If the defense team tackles the offense team player who has the ball in to the offense teams end zone then the defense team gets 2 points. At any point of the game during the 4th down the offense team can choose to kick the ball onto the field for 3 points.Team compositionOn a normal day an American football team consists of 53 members. When only 11 players are allowed on the field why do they need 53 members? A team normally contains 3 sections of players the defense team the offense team and the special team. The defense team is used when the team is defending their end zone and the offense team is used when they are trying for the touchdown. The special team consists of players of both offense and defense disciplines. The special team is also trained in kicks as that are what they are most used for.Penalties Illegal procedure: when the player moves before the ball is thrown, Penalty of 5 yards. Ineligible receiver: when the receiver is over the line of scrimmage or the 10 yard line, penalty of 5 yards.Delay of game: when offence takes more than 25 seconds to start the play, 5 yards penalty.Grounding the ball: when the quarterback throws the ball away instead of throwing it to a receiver, 5 yards and loss of down.Offside: when the receiver is ahead of the ball, 5 yards penalty.Holding: offence using his hands while blocking, 10 yards penalty.Illegal block: holding a player from the back, 10 yards advance for the offense team.Pass interference: tackling a player while the ball is in the air, 15 yards 0r 1st down without covering the 10 yards.Un-necessary tackle: tackling a player when he no longer has the ball, 15 yards advance for the offense team. Face masking: grabbing a players mask while tackling, 15 yards advance if intended and 5 yards advance if accidental.Unsportsmanlike contact: 15 yards depending on the side of penalty.American football can be a tricky game of if you are not able to understand the game on your first few games it is nothing to be ashamed about give it some time and you will get the hang of it in no time. If you are intending to play the game on a serious level practice a lot, make sure you watch more games to understand the game even better and prepare yourself for a hit of two.Read More: Summer Olympic Games 2020: Everything you need to know about Tokyo 2020

What are field events in athletics?

What are field events in athletics?

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Athletics is one of the most popular sports on the face of the planet. Every other day to day activities and other sports and games has something or the other that may involve the basics of athletics. This sport of athletics has a long history dating back to the early 700 BC in Greece. Slowly the game evolved and came into the sport of athletics that we know of. Modern athletics is basically two things one is the field events and the other being track event. Track events are those that involve running on the track, while field events involve jumping and throwing events.Field events consume a lot of space when compared to the track event. And they follow their own set of rules and regulations. Here are all the field events that are officially in the sport of athletics.Throwing events Shot putThe aspherical metal ball that resembles the bullet of the cannon is used in this. This ball is called as shot and so the name shot put. If was first introduced in the Olympics in the year 1896. For men, the weight of the shot is 7.26 kg and 4 kg for women.Rules of the gameOne should keep near their neck and should not be moved until release.The shot has to land within the field of play; if it falls away from the designated boundary then it is considered invalid.The athlete is not supposed to cross the line of release at any point.The farthest of all the contestants is declared the winner.Hammer throwWhen it was found actual hammers were used for this event, but as the game developed the instrument as got its modern shape.  Now, it is a shot attached to metal wire that is put into use.Rules of the gameThe hammer is held with both hands and is made to swing in a to and fro motion.Then the person holding the hammer spins on the same spot with one leg landed and the other wide open.After 3-4 spins the hammer is released in the designated direction of play.  Anything away from the field of play is not considered.The athlete is not supposed to cross the line of release at any point.The farthest of all the contestants is declared the winner.Discus throwThis event is similar to hammer throw, instead of a hammer a circular disc is used here. The weight of the disc is 2 kg.Rules of the gameThe disc is held in one hand then the person spins for one and a half rotation before releasing the disc.There are no rules to how the disc has to be released.If the disc falls away from the field of play then it is not considered.The athlete is not supposed to cross the line of release at any point.The farthest of all the contestants is declared the winner.Javelin throwThe throwing of a sphere is later converted into the sport which we all know as javelin throw. Initially, actual spheres were used, but as time progressed the sphere took its modern form. The sphere is thick and sharp at the head narrow and pointed at the other end. For men, the weight of the javelin is about 800 grams and for women, it is 600 grams.Rules of the gameThe athlete is given a runway which he can use to gain momentum for the throw.The javelin has to be held above their shoulder during the run and release.The athlete is not supposed to cross the line of release at any point.The farthest of all the contestants is declared the winner.Jumping eventsHigh jumpThe athlete takes a short run-up and jumps over a bar at a particular height. It was not until 1968 the practice of jumping head first and falling on the back came into existence. The founder of this jump is Dick Fosbury and the jump is named after him.Rules of the gameAt no point should the athlete disturb the bar that falls from its position.An athlete is given 3 attempts to clear a particular height.After every round, the height is increased. The person who jumps the highest and clears the jump with the bar falling from its stand is declared the winner.Long jumpThis is a game that decides who can jump the farthest. Rules of the gameThe athlete takes a long run and jump on a pit filled with sand.The nearest point of contact from the actual take offline is considered for calculation.The athlete is not supposed to cross the line of release at any point.The farthest of all the contestants is declared the winner.Triple jumpThis is similar to long jump, but the athlete jumps thrice before landing on to the pit filled with sand.Rules of the gameThe athlete takes a long run and jumps off from a take off point.From the initial take off the person has to jump consecutively 2 more times with just one leg at a time and land on the sandpit.The nearest point of contact from the actual take off line is considered for calculation.The athlete is not supposed to cross the line of release at any point.The farthest of all the contestants is declared the winner.Pole vaultThe athlete takes a long pole and jumps over a bar that is kept a height that can only be crossed with the help of a pole.Rules of the gameThe athlete should make sure that the bar does not fall from its position while jumping.Their pole has to be carried by the athlete in any position considered it does not touch the ground.Every athlete is given 3 attempts to clear a particular height.The athlete the jump the highest is declared the winner.Read More: Top 15 Indian Sportswomen: The Pride Of Our Country

top 10 famous cricketers

List of 10 Famous Cricketers - Biographies, Timelines, Trivia & Life History

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Given below is the list of top 10 famous cricketers. The list doesn't rank the players as every player has got his class. All of the players on the list are healthy and alive and some even part of our current team, which in turn makes the list even more interesting.1.Sachin TendulkarGod of Cricket' is the title by which he is known and called not only in India but also in most other countries. He was born on 24th April 1973 in Bombay and made his debut in cricket at the age of 15.After he retired in the year 2013, he was awarded Bharat Ratna which is Indias highestcivilian award. In international cricket, he is the only player to score over 30000. In a total of 664 international matches, he has scored a total of 34357 runs. Sachin also was the first player to pass 10000 rent in limited over cricket. In 2013 he had accumulated a record of 18000 ODI runs, giving him over 34000 words at international level.2.Sunil Gavaskar Sunil Manohar Gavaskar was born in 1949 on 10th July in Bombay. During his leadership, India won tournaments like the Asia cup and Benson and lodges world cup. The cricketer was awarded which the Arjun award and Padma Bushan in 1975 and 1980. He even wrote some popular books like Idols, Runs and Ruins, Sunny Days and One Day Wonder. He was the first player to 10000 runs in test matches and took 108 catches during his career. Gavaskar was awarded the Col Ck Nayvdu Lifetime Achievement Award for Cricket in India in 2012 and on 28th March 2014, he was appointed as the Indian BCCI president by the supreme court.3.Kapil DevKapil Dev was the captain of team India in the year 1983 when India won the World Cup. He has been given the title of Indian cricketer of the century by Wisdenin 2002. He has shown his excellent skills in test cricket with more than 434 wickets and 5000 runs. He was one of the finest all-rounders cricket fans have seen. He held the record for a quite long time for most number of Test and One-Day wickets. In 1986 he led India to a 2-0 series win against a strong England Side.4.M.S. DhoniMahendra Singh Dhoniwho is the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, and is known as the greatest captain of all time. It was under his captaincy that India won the 2011 World Cup. He has the best test and One DayInternational cricket records. He took the captaincy in 2007 and led the team to first enter country ODI series and won in Sri Lanka and New Zealand. After resigning from India cements Ltd. He becomes the captain of Chennai Super Kingsin IPL. He has been awarded ICC ODI player of the year in 2008 and 2009, The Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2007 and Padma Shri in 2009.5.Virat KohliVirat Kohli is the current captain of the intel cricket team. He played his first test in 2011 August West Indies. He was born in September 1988 and is considered as the epitome of aggressive sportsmanship. He is known as the run machine and King Kohli in international cricket. He is the first Indian player who scored acentury on World Cup debut match. He was awarded ICC ODI player of the year in 2012 and 2017.He even won Arjuna Award in 2013 and Padma Shri award in 2017. He was conferred with the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2017.6.Rahul DravidRahul Dravid was born on January 11 in 1973 in Indore. Due to his technical efficiency and stylish strokes, he soon became the pillar of Indian hitting order.In 1999 he was in brilliant form. In 2000 he was named 'Widen Cricket of the year' he also maintained a test career average of over 50. He then got promoted as the vice-captain. In 2003 world cup he was consistent and scored very well. He is the most dependable batsman of the Indian cricket team.7.Anil KumbleAnil Kumble is the second-highest wicket-taker of India and where's the main striker sincehis that debut in 1990. He was born on 17th October in 1970 in Bangalore. At the second test at Johnnesbury of 1992-93tour he took six wickets for runs and became Indias most indispensable bowler. His performances as best bowling figure of 6 wickets for 12 against West Indies fetched the Pepsi trophy for India. He has always shown fighting skills, even in 2002-2003 West Indies tour he came out on the field with abandage over his jaw and claimed the wicked of Brain Lara.8.Virendra SehwagHe was the backbone of his team with his hard-hitting batsmanship with an excellent strike rate. He was born on 20 October 1978 in Delhi. He did not make it to the 1999 world cup due to his disastrous debut against Pakistanat Mohali. but he made a strong comeback in the team during the 2001-2002 Australian tour. He entered the test arena with a ton in the first test at South Africa but during the ICC World Cup 2003, he couldnt do much except a bit in the finals.9.Rohit SharmaHe was born on April 30, 1987, in Maharashtra. He is the captain of IPL team Mumbai Indians and also the vice-captain of the Indian cricket team. He is the only two score 250 + in ODI innings. In2013 he made his permanent place in the team and took India to win the champions trophy in 2013. He has scored 2 test centuries, 5 ODI centuries and 26 20-20 centuries. He has won four champion League as captain of Mumbai Indians.10.Yuvraj SinghAHMEDABAD, INDIA - MARCH 24: Yuvraj Singh of India celebrates hitting the winning runs during the 2011 ICC World Cup Quarter Final match between Australia and India at Sardar Patel Stadium on March 24, 2011 in Ahmedabad, India. (Photo by Hamish Blair/Getty Images)He was born on 12th December 1981 in Chandigarh. He had played for Punjab in the Ranji Trophy. At the ICC knock out tournament he scored 84 runs against 80 balls but after this, he suffered from a bad form and was eventually dropped from the team in early 2001. During the 2003 world cup, he was in great form. At the TVS Cup 2003, he scored his maiden century against Bangladesh. In 2019 he retired from cricket.Given below is the list of top 10 famous in 10 cricketers. The list doesn't rank the players as every player has got his class. All of the players on the list are healthy and alive and some even part of our current team, which in turn makes the list even more interesting.