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2nd ODI: Time for India's middle order to show some steel against SA

  • Jan 21, 2022
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How does luck change in the game in 20 days! On December 30, India kicked off their powerful South Africa Tour, recording a 113-round overall win over South Africa in their first Test at Centurion. His dream of securing his first Test series win in South Africa seemed closer than ever.Less than a month later, the India tour risks turning into a nightmare. After their dream of the "Test" was shattered by a 2-1 decision in favor of the owners of the land, their captain announced his resignation. The troubled tourists took another blow when they lost 31 times in their first ODI in Paarl.With questions emerging after each loss, India will be desperate to return to survive in the ODI series when they are even more impressive than South Africa in their second ODI at the same venue on Friday.Less than a month later, the India tour risks turning into a nightmare. After their dream of the "Test" was shattered by a 2-1 decision in favor of the owners of the land, their captain announced his resignation. The troubled tourists took another blow when they lost 31 times in their first ODI in Paarl.With questions emerging after each loss, India will be desperate to return to survive in the ODI series when they are even more impressive than South Africa in their second ODI at the same venue on Friday.In the absence of the brilliant batsman, the Indian was completely lost after the runner-up in the 92nd wicket between Shekhar Dhawan (79) and Virat Kohli (51), which saw them chasing 297. The year-old has been the subject of much controversy, and the logic of replacing him with Ayer is sure, who made his ODI debut, will cause controversy.India clearly lacks confidence in Ayer's ability to break out internationally, which has raised a serious question mark against the Madhya Pradesh cricketer being considered a multi-skilled player to replace Hardik Pandya. Although the Proteas' batsmen easily plundered the run, the captain did not contact Iyer once.Also Read - Tough times made me stronger but needed calm and clarity, says Shikhar Dhawan

Today Sports News - pitchhigh

Tough times made me stronger but needed calm and clarity, says Shikhar Dhawan

  • Jan 20, 2022
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Paral: Shekhar Dhawan believes that every weakness in his career made him "strong", but his serenity and calmness made him go through tough times.The oldest player in India's ODI, he was made much of Dhawan's poor level in domestic cricket, but as was the case with the 36-year-old, he is back with his favorite blue jersey. The maximum score of 79 passes on 84 balls resulted in the loss in his first international match against South Africa.Asked how to keep him away from negativity, Dhawan said, "I don't listen to the media, read newspapers, or watch the news, so I don't receive all that information."You didn't even hit him with a bad streak the first time and it won't be the last but you have to believe in his abilities."I have complete faith in myself, what's my game and I'm clear about it and I stay very calm. It's a part of life, life happens like this, everyone's life has its ups and downs, so if something new this is happening for the first time or in my career or another Once in my life, so it's okay, it just makes me stronger," Dhawan said.Dhawan entered the series after a poor showing in Hazare Trophy scores - 0, 12, 14, 18, 12 in five A-list matches.But if you look closely at Dhawan's career, when there are calls to leave, he always responds with great tackles, as he did in his first ODI, where he seemed to be the best batsman by his side."These things (quitting smoking) always happen and I get used to them and I just know how to do my best and always make sure my preparations are good enough and the process is good and then I go back to God." “...I know with my experience and confidence, that I will do well and I am glad I did so well today,” said the brilliant newbie joking.His effort is to stay fit and healthy until the last part of his race.Knowing full well that he is nearing the end of his career, he said, “In my experience, I will continue to score many kicks, and yes, as long as I play cricket, I will be healthy, happy, and score many kicks.” Hey. AndPlaying shots in the middle of suspended sums is not easy.NOT AN EASY WICKET TO PLAY SHOTS IN MIDDLE OVERS“We got off to a good start and I think the wicket was slow, and it was also taking a little turn. So when you're chasing (almost) 300 rounds, when the middle rank comes in the at-bat, it's not an easy thing to play.”. shooting.“Our pendulums fell into piles and it affected us like a beating unit,” Dhawan said.Dhawan also paid tribute to South African pair Temba Pavuma (110 out of 143) and Rasi van der Dousen (129 out of 96) for their remarkable horns, which paved the way for victory.When asked about the turning point in the match, he said, "I think my two South African rackets hit really well and took the turns very deeply."YOUNGER BATTERS NEED TO MOULD GAME AS PER DEMANDS Dhawan believes that dealing with different match situations comes with experience and the likes of Rishabh Pant, Iyers - Shreyas, and Venkatesh will understand better as they play more games.“It (the discussion) that we have to play according to the situation and what the situation requires, putting the team ahead and the individual's game is important.The left-hander was asked again how the middle-ranking problems could be fixed, and he replied: "Look at our thought process as a unit or a team we're building our team for the 2023 World Cup, so there are going to be some hiccups. Here and there, which is good and we as a team, we analyze How can we improve?ROHIT'S ABSENCE IS A FACTORDhawan believes the team will be stronger after the return of white-ball captain Rohit Sharma and the middle-ranking will also perform cricket better."And I think we all have good clarity now because we have this group of groups and they are going to be there and how they can be improved.“There is no Rohit (Sharma) now, as soon as he comes back an experienced player will come and the middle-ranking (Rahul goes down) will be strong. So the youngsters who have chances will benefit from this experience. We are looking at the big picture.”

IPL Upcoming Matches 2022

IPL Upcoming Matches 2022 Auction: All 10 Franchises

  • Jan 19, 2022
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All IPL upcoming matches 10 franchises have a set of players which they would look to build on in the mega auction that is to be held in February. Ahead of the IPL 2022 mega auction, a look at the remaining purse balance of all 10 franchises.Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises are preparing for the IPL upcoming matches mega auction ahead of the 2022 season. While the current eight franchises held a maximum of four players before going to auction in mid-February, two new franchises, Ahmedabad and Lucknow, signed 3 players.It took a while for Ahmedabad and Lucknow to obtain a Letter of Intent (LOI) from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), and there were doubts that the Ahmedabad franchise could get away with its investment from CVC Capitals. gambling business. However, after completing the due diligence procedures, BCCI found no objections and issued a Letter of Intent to the new franchisees.It didn't take long for Ahmedabad and Lucknow to pick players of their choosing, as the likes of KL Rahul, Marcus Stoinis and Ravi Bishnoi went to Lucknow, while Hardik Pandya, Rashid Khan, and Shubman Gill joined Ahmedabad.Between Lucknow and Ahmedabad, the latter spent the most money to sign the three players he wanted. Hence, the situation would see Ahmedabad enter into a bidding war with a smaller bag of Lucknow.IPL upcoming matches Mega Auction 2022 - Wallet Balance from the 10 Privileges:Chennai Super Kings (CSK): Ravindra Jadeja (16 cr), MS Dhoni (12 cr), Moin Ali (8 cr), Ruturaj Gaikwad (6 cr) | Wallet Balance: Rs 48 croreMumbai Indians (Michigan): Rohit Sharma (16 cr), Jaspreet Bumrah (12 cr), Suryakumar Yadav (8 cr), Kiron Pollard (6 cr) | Wallet Balance: Rs 48 croreRoyal Challengers Bangalore (RCB): Virat Kohli (Rs 15 crores), Glenn Maxwell (Rs 11 crores), Muhammad Siraj (Rs 7 crores) | Balance wallet: Rs. 57 croresKolkata Knight Riders (KKR): Andre Russell (12 cr, 16 crore purse deducted), Varun Chakraborty (8 crore rupees, 12 crores deducted from wallet), Venkatesh Iyer (8 kroner toxic), Sunil Naren (6 cr). Wallet Balance: Rs 48 croreSunrisers Hyderabad (SRH): Ken Williamson (14 cr), Abdul Samad (4 cr), Imran Malik (4 cr) | Wallet Balance: Rs 68 croreRajasthan Royals (R. Wallet Balance: Rs 62 croreDelhi Capitals (DC): Rishabh Pant (16 cr), Axar Patel (9 cr, 12 SEK wallet deducted), Prithvi Shaw (7.5 cr, 8 cr wallet deducted), Enrique Norte (6.5 cr) ) | Balance wallet: Rs 47.5 crorePunjab Kings (PBKS): Mayank Agarwal (12 cr., 14 cr. will be deducted from wallet), Arshdeep Singh (4 cr) | Wallet Balance: Rs 72 croreLucknow: KL Rahul (Rs 15 crore), Marcus Stoines (Rs 11 crore), Ravi Bishnoi (Rs 4 crore) | Wallet Balance: Rs 60 croreAhmedabad: Hardik Pandya (Rs.15 crore), Rashid Khan (Rs.15 crore), Shopman Gill (Rs.7 crore) | Balance wallet: 53 crores.previews article - Check Who is the god of IPL in Cricket?

the best tennis player

They want to destroy Novak, says Djokovic's former coach - the best tennis player

  • Jan 17, 2022
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Boone: The Commonwealth was trying to 'destroy' the world number one while trying to 'change the world,' as coach Bogdan Obradovic said in the early and junior years of Novak Djokovic."It's not bad for Novak. It's bad for tennis," Obradovic told TOI from Serbia's Belgrade, also praising the development of players such as Boris Basinski, Viktor Troki, Nenad Zimonjic, and Janko Tipsarevic."Novak is not just the best tennis player. He's the best athlete in all of the sports in the last five or six years." This is something the existing world order cannot accept, Obdravovich said.He cited examples of Muhammad Ali, Pele, or even John Lennon. These are the people who really represent the real world. To get his message across to Indian fans, he cited Mahatma Gandhi's fight against "stupid English women."So what will happen to Djokovic's Grand Slam from here? Will he be able to play it in the future without facing such obstacles?Obradovic said: “They will try to do the same thing, the same strategy. It is the only way they can stop him from setting a Grand Slam record. They are trying to destroy Djokovic, but they can’t.”The 54-year-old said the only way Djokovic could react now was to stage his world tour. He said the BRIC countries could offer strong countermeasures to the Commonwealth."Novak is very strong in his mind. With countries like India, Russia, China, and Brazil, he can create the ATP and new tournaments in Mumbai, Shanghai, and others," said Obradovic.“In 1973, he changed the game with the release of ATP. Djokovic should release a new ATP. The players are with him. If China and big economies like India, Russia, and Brazil unite, they can make a difference.previous article-  Novak Djokovic waits on the Australian government to cancel visa

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Novak Djokovic waits on the Australian government to cancel visa

  • Jan 14, 2022
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MELBOURNE (AFP) - World number one tennis player Novak Djokovic waited on Friday to see if the Australian government would revoke his visa for a second time, as he seeks 21 major tennis titles at the Australian Open on Monday.Defending champion Djokovic was included in Thursday's draw as the top seed and will face his Serbian colleague Miomir Kikmanovic in his first match, likely on Monday or Tuesday.The decision to revoke his visa could lead to a second court battle by the Serbian tennis star after an earlier annulment court overturned and released him from immigration custody on Monday.Melbourne's Edge newspaper, citing a source from Prime Minister Scott Morrison's Liberal Party, said the government was "strongly inclined" to cancel visas.Vaccine skeptic Djokovic sparked widespread outrage in Australia when he announced last week that he was heading to Melbourne for the Australian Open, granting visitors a medical exemption from coronavirus vaccination requirements.Australia has experienced some of the longest lockdowns in the world, has a 90% vaccination rate among adults, and an uncontrolled outbreak of Omicron has led to nearly a million cases in the past two weeks.Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said on TV Friday morning that the visa decision belonged to the country's immigration minister, Alex Hawke, but that overall, the government's policy-setting was "clear as glass".On Today's Channel 9 program, he said, "Any people entering Australia who are not Australian citizens should get a double dose of the vaccine, unless they have a clear and valid medical exemption to the contrary."An online survey by News Corp Media found that 83% support the government's attempt to deport the tennis star.Although fans, including many Australian Serbs, loudly supported him when he was arrested, anti-Semites hailed him as a hero and his family welcomed him as a champion of individual rights.The Melbourne Commission, which represents business and arts leaders, says the city's reputation as a host of events has been damaged by the controversy.Martin commission executive director told The Age. Letts: "Djokovic's visa and epic vaccination had a disastrous effect on everyone involved, and it's a tragedy given the excellence of our infrastructure and tournament planning."previous article-  Australia bars Novak Djokovic cancels entry visa

ipl sponsors 2022,

Tata replaces as Vivo IPL title sponsor for the final two years - IPL Sponsors

  • Jan 12, 2022
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The Tata Group, one of India's largest business groups, will replace Chinese mobile operator Vivo as the main sponsor of the Indian Premier League over the next two years."According to reliable sources, Tata will pay around 670 million rupees to sponsor the two-year title, while Vivo will pay a total of 454 million rupees to terminate the contract, making it a lucrative position for BCCI as determined. . To earn Rs 1,124 crore for the 2022 and 2023 seasons respectively.“Yes, Tata Group is being presented as the main sponsor of the IPL,” confirmed development to PTI Brijesh Patel, President of IPL NSE-0.43%.Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretary Jay Shah welcomed the company into his new position.“Indeed, this is a momentous occasion for the BCCI IPL, as the Tata Group is the epitome of a global Indian enterprise, with a 100-year heritage and operations in more than 100 countries on six continents,” Shah said. Press release.It is known that the Tata group may remain the main sponsor of the 2023 IPL season as it was a one-year franchise where Vivo lost the sponsorship season in 2020.Vivo took 2.2 billion rupees for title sponsorship rights from 2018 to 2022 initially, but after the 2020 Galway Valley military showdown between Indian and Chinese armies soldiers, the band was on hold for a year due to public backlash. Dream11 has been replaced in the IPL.However, Vivo returned in 2021 as the main sponsor of the IPL, despite speculation that the company was looking to transfer the rights to a suitable bidder and the BCCI agreed to the move.Reliable sources at BCCI revealed that the board will earn Rs 547 crore in 2022 and Rs 577 crore in 2023.As per the available information, Vivo has pledged Rs 996 crore for primary care for two years (2022 and 2023) with Rs 484 crore in 2022 and Rs 512 crore next year.The value of the IPL increased as the year expanded to 74 10-team games, with eight teams instead of 60.So how does the unexpected breakout of Rs 1,124 crore for BCCI work?Tata will pay 670 million rupees at a rate of 335 million rupees per year. Of this amount, the rights fee will be Rs 301 crore and an additional Rs 34 crore will be the additional fee (for adding 14 groups).But since Vivo decided to terminate the contract, it will have to pay the difference in both years: 183 million rupees for 2022 and 211 million rupees for 2023.In addition, Vivo will also have to pay an allocation fee of 6 percent for both years, which will be Rs 29 million in 2022 and Rs 31 million in 2023.So in total, Vivo ipl will walk out of the endorsement deal with a payment of Rs 454 crore, which is just over a year of the endorsement money originally provided by the company.This is a big deal for Tata as they will be getting great endorsement rights for the next two years at a low cost. The biggest winner is BCCI, who can win from the new and outgoing sponsor."Like the Tata Group, BCCI wants to promote the spirit of cricket across international borders and the growing popularity of the IPL as a global sporting franchise is a testament to BCCI's efforts," Shah said.He added, “We are really pleased that India’s largest and most trusted business group has believed in the IPL growth story, and with Tata Group, we are striving to take Indian cricket and IPL to higher heights.”Most of the IPL stakeholders are happy to see the return of Vivo ipl, as most of them did not feel comfortable with a Chinese company on board after the 2020 incident, which escalated diplomatic tensions between the two countries.“Sooner or later it would have happened because the presence of Vivo was bringing bad publicity to both the league and the company. With the negative sentiment towards Chinese products, the company had to pull out of sponsorship because the deal required a season,” said a source from the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.The meaning of the ipl sponsors is that BCCI takes 50 percent of the money and distributes the rest among the IPL franchises, which have now risen to 10 with two new teams this year.It is understood that new performances will be invited for the next round in 2024.|A source said, "Tata Group wants to be the main sponsor for five years, but a bidding process is required. But the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry is considering setting up a matching rights option for Tata if they are interested in the next cycle.".Previews article -  Hardik Pandya May Captain Ahmedabad Franchise in IPL upcoming matches

Australia bars Novak Djokovic

Australia bars Novak Djokovic cancels entry visa

  • Jan 06, 2022
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MELBOURNE: Australia said on Thursday it had revoked Novak Djokovic's entry visa, paving the way for his arrest and deportation in a sea change for the world's number one tennis player.The Serbian arrived in Melbourne last night after celebrating on social media that he had been given a medical exemption from playing in the tournament without evidence of being fully vaccinated against Covid-19.The exemption from the vaccine granted by Australian Open organizers after medical panels approved their request has sparked outrage among Australians, who have endured two years of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns.But the nine-time Australian Open champion could not control the limit."Mr. Djokovic did not provide reasonable evidence that he met the requirements to enter Australia, and his visa was subsequently revoked," the Australian Border Force said in a statement."Non-citizens who do not have a valid visa upon entry or whose visas have been canceled will be detained and deported from Australia," he added.The player stayed at the airport all night but was taken with his team in the early hours of Thursday morning.It is not clear if he will leave Australia later in the day or remain in a hotel or government residence in quarantine during a possible legal battle against deportation.Several local media outlets, including The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, have said Djokovic's lawyers will try to overturn the ruling.The Serbian president rebuked Australia for "misbehaving" with its star.President Aleksandar Vucic said on Instagram that he spoke to Djokovic on the phone and told him that "every Serbia is with him and our authorities are taking all measures to end the abuse of the best tennis player in the world as quickly as possible.". "Serbia Novak Djokovic will fight for justice and truth, in accordance with all standards of international public law."Djokovic's father called his son to welcome the hero upon his return."Our pride, Novak is back... We all have to do what welcomes us!" Sarjan Djokovic said on Instagram.She said her son was "held for five hours" at Melbourne airport."It's a battle for a liberal world, it's not just Novak's battle, it's the whole world's battle," he told the Serbian media, Sputnik.But Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the country's strict border policies were key to keeping the death toll low."Rules are special rules when it comes to our borders," he said."No one is above these rules.Morrison had warned the day before that if Djokovic had no evidence of an exemption, "he would be on the next plane home."Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said the government "did not apologize" for border protection."People who do not meet our stringent requirements will be denied entry to Australia, regardless of who they are," she said in a statement.After the Australian government's decision, there was a wave of outrage when Djokovic was acquitted.Stephen Burns, former vice president of the Australian Medical Association, said the exemption sent a "terrifying message" to those trying to stop the spread of COVID-19.All participants in the first 2022 Grand Slam tournament must, as of January 17, be vaccinated against COVID-19 or receive a medical exemption, which is granted only after evaluation by two independent expert panels.Championship coach Craig Tilley said the defending champions "received no special privileges" but urged him to explain why he was given the opportunity to quell the anger of the fans.Among the conditions that allow entry without vaccination is whether the person has had COVID-19 in the past six months. It has not been revealed whether this is the case for Djokovic.Tilley said that of the nearly 3,000 players and support staff who traveled to Australia for the tournament, only 26 had applied for exemptions from vaccinations. Only some of them succeeded.Stand up for the integrity of the exemption request process."Anyone who meets these conditions can enter," Tilley said. "No special privileges were offered. Novak was not given special opportunities."Djokovic expressed his opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine in April 2020, when he suggested it might be mandatory for the tournament to resume.While Djokovic was being questioned at the airport, his coach Goran Ivanisevic posted a picture of him and other Serbian staff in the back room on Instagram, patiently waiting for a decision at the airport.Also, Read - BCCI Announce Ranji Trophy postponed due to rising Covid-19 cases

Rangi Cup for this season - pitch high

BCCI Announce Ranji Trophy postponed due to rising Covid-19 cases

  • Jan 05, 2022
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On Tuesday, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry postponed the Ranji Cup for this season in light of the increase in Covid cases. After the cancellation of last season's championship, the postponement would cast doubt on the prospects for the Major National Division One competition even for the 2021-22 season. The Ranji Cup was scheduled to start on January 13. But the Cricket Board has prioritized the health of players, enlisting the support of India's Chardol Thakur and government federation officials to make the decision.After the seven-wicket run at Wanderers, when Chardol attended the press conference later that day, he was asked about the postponement of the Ranji Cup and how it would affect the national cricketers. “I’m sorry for them. But you also have to look at the COVID scenario in the country. With the increase in cases and we have many local teams playing, it is easier to manage all the teams and keep track of each team. So “I think whatever the board of directors will take at this point should To be the right decision. "That's why they made the decision," Chardol, a national cricket fan, told reporters.Besides the Ranji Cup, the Colonel CK Nayudu Cup and the T20 Women's Senior League have also been suspended, as BCCI stated in its press release: “The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced on Tuesday. The postponement of the Ranji Cup, Colonel CK Nayudu Cup, and League Women's T20 for the 2021-22 season in light of the increase in COVID-19 cases in the country."The Ranji Cup and Kol CK Nayudu Cup were scheduled to start this month, while the Senior Women's T20 League was scheduled to start in February."The statement addressed health concerns and stated in the statement: “The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry does not wish to compromise the safety of players, support staff, match officials and other participants, and has therefore decided to suspend all three tournaments until further notice. The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry will continue to assess the situation and accordingly, will be Decided on the start of the tournament.Virus on the looseThe decision comes in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak in the Bengal Rangi team, with several players testing positive. A few days ago, the head of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sourav Ganguly, was hospitalized as a precaution after he tested positive for the virus. Ganguly is currently in home isolation. On Tuesday, Bengal Cricket Association president Avishek Dalmiya was hospitalized as a "precautionary measure" after contracting Covid-19. It is said to be stable. Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) President Jaydev Shah has stated that one of the players from the Ranji team has tested positive for him "after returning from the IPL test".The massive increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in India and globally has coincided with the spread of the Omicron version of the virus. Shah supported the BCCI's decision to postpone.I think the decision taken by (Secretary of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Jay Bhai (Shah) and President Sourav Ganguly is a very good one. Health is the most important part of life and cricket and money come next. He told the Indian Express that many more cases of Covid are coming and this is the time to do so.“BCCI has already held many tournaments and I think when the COVID situation improves, the Ranji Cup will be the number one priority. Even in the event of a pandemic, a lot of cricket has been played this season; IPL, U19, T20, and ODI tournaments, women’s cricket.. (But) the Ranji Cup is a great tournament. You can't finish it in 10-15 days.BCCI changed the format of the Rangi Cup for this season, with elite teams divided into five groups as well as matches in a single board group. Last season, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry announced the compensation of players as the national championships were canceled due to the forced cancellation by Covid. The board also decided to increase match fees for players of all age groups in men's and women's cricket.“This year, (if the Ranji Cup is finally canceled), the compensation situation will change. But money is not an important criterion at the moment, health is important,” said the SCA chairman.Also, Read - IND VS SA, 2nd Test: New year, new hope for struggling Virat Kohli