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NBA India

Mumbai Gets Ready To Host NBA India Games

  • Oct 01, 2019
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The capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, hosts the next National Games (NBA Games) in India, which will begin on September 8th. There will be two pre-season games between the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers.Mumbai will host the next NBA Games starting September 28th. As the celebrations begin, it will be the first game, also a pre-season game, between Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers. The game will be played in front of 3,000 children in 70 schools in Mumbai. It will also be the first match of the NBA in India, scheduled for October 4. Then there will be another game on October 5th, which will be open to the public.Celebrations will begin tomorrow, beginning with The Gateway of India, followed by the first floating Bandra-Worli Naval Court, which will lead to community events highlighting NBA values.In addition, graffiti artists such as NME and Minzo will promote events through street art, while Indian hip hop artists such as Shah Rule and Brodha V will do so through original compositions. For matches also, Geo Safin chose playlists in Hindi, English, and Tamil.Gateway of India lights up for historic NBA?India GamesBarnes added that Indian fans will have the opportunity to understand what basketball is at the 2019 Indian Games in Mumbai.An important event is expected when the Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings will play two games before the 2019 NBA season in Mumbai for the first time on Friday, October 4, 2019, and Saturday, October 5, 2019. To celebrate the arrival of En Los, basketball games and India Gate illuminated on Saturday. The news agency also shared photos of the illuminated memorial.Harrison Barnes, Sacramento Kings and Vice President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Vlad Devak, and Indiana Pacers Doug McDermott and Basketball Operations Manager Pritchard shared their enthusiasm for the visit in India with the country's media. During a teleconference organized by the National Basketball Association.It will be a very exciting time for us, as a team, for the league, to be part of the first game of the NBA Games India 2019 in India. I talked to my teammates and they are very happy to see the culture. The most important thing in India is that the culture is beautiful. I was there earlier this year and I want to give my teammates the opportunity to walk around town, eat Indian food and watch the Taj Mahal, as well as work with children who are NBA members. Academy in India. It's a beautiful experience. "From a basketball standpoint, I want to see how passionate fans are," Barnes said.Barnes added that Indian fans will have the opportunity to understand what basketball is at the 2018 NBA India Games in Mumbai.I think watching the game on TV is one thing, but the power to watch it closely will give Indian fans an idea of ??its content. Feeling passion and experience is what I feel everyone wants to promote. I was very moved by the kids when I traveled to India this summer and they have a lot of talent. To see how difficult their job and diligence for the details. "There is no doubt that the game will develop and more players will come out of India," said Barnes.Kevin Pritchard, general manager of the Indiana Pacers, said the two teams were pioneers in the transfer of the NBA from the United States to India."We are very happy to arrive in India, we talk a lot about it internally and we feel like pioneers because it's the first basketball game in the country." I think the players are excited and want to be ready to do a good show, "Pritchard said.

Top 15 Indian Sportswomen: The Pride Of Our Country

  • Sep 10, 2019
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India is rising steadily in the world sports scenario with world-class athletes taking over different competitions throughout the year. Not only men but also women have been working really hard to make India proud in both national and international levels. Several women athletes have recently won many world-famous tournaments, winning gold medals. They have competed with great efficiency with world-class players and showed that even Indians can be crowned as champions. So here are the top 15 Indian Sportswomen who are the pride of our country.PV Sindhu - Ace Indian shuttler PV Sindhu, who won two amazing titles and three silver medals last season, scooped silvers at the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and World Championships in 2018, besides achieving the runners-up spot at the India Open and Thailand Open. She has become the top Indian shuttler and won various other grand titles.MC Mary Kom - Mary Kom is one of India's best women athletes. She has also won four gold medals in 2018 and she also has several achievements that include a record sixth world title and the CWG top honors. You will be amazed to know that she is also a mother of three children and comes from a poor background.Manika Batra - The huge takeaway in table tennis for India in 2018 was the several achievements of Manika Batra. This young lady from Delhi asserted four famous gold medals, incorporating two golds in the Commonwealth Games to turn into the best Indian competitor at the Games.Mithali Raj - The first woman cricketer became the first female cricketer to score 2000 runs in T20Is, Mithali Raj is one of the most famous women cricketers in the country. She scored back to back centuries in the ICC Women's World T20 in 2018.Dipa Karmakar - Dipa Karmakar is one of India's top and hard-working gymnasts Dipa Karmakar and she has won the gold medal in the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Challenge. She has also represented India at the Olympics with some phenomenal performance over the last few years.Saina Nehwal - Saina Nehwal is one of the most decorated badminton players. She has won a gold and a bronze respectively at the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. Sania is an iconic figure in the Indian badminton scene. She has achieved innumerable titles and accolades which has led several other organizations and countries honor her with different titles also.Hima Das - the rising star of India, Hima Das has won the final race in the IAAF World Under-20 Athletics Championships in Finland. Hailing from Assam, Hima Das has been so dedicated to her work, that Adidas has even honored her with special edition shoes with her name.Harshita Tomar - she has beaten world-class sailors and won the gold medal in the Asian Games. She is the second youngest Indian medallist in the Asian Championships in 2018.Dutee Chand - Dutee Chand has recently won the women's 100m silver medal at the Asian Games, missing the gold by just 0.02 seconds. But she has made India proud.Vinesh Phogat - Vinesh Phogat won the gold medal in the Asian Games 2018. She has been one of the most popular Indian wrestlers in recent times, winning several other world-famous tournaments.Sania Mirza - you might be already knowing her name, Sania Mirza is one of the most famous women tennis players hailing from India. She has won several major tennis titles and is also one of the iconic faces in the Indian sports industry. Sania Mirza has promoted Indian tennis facilities and coaching centers all across India for the future generations to take up the sport.Geeta Phogat - one of the other Phogat sisters, Geeta Phogat has promoted Indian wrestling to international levels. She has won the prestigious gold medal in the Commonwealth Games (2010).Deepika Kumari - currently the 5th best women archer in the world, Deepika Kumari is India's best female archers in the last decades. She has represented India in the Olympics and has grabbed good scores as well.Tania Sachdev - when we talk about Chess, name of Tania Sachdev comes at the top. She has represented India at global levels, winning several honors and titles, including the Woman Grandmaster as well.Deepika Pallikal - squash may not be a very popular game in India, but Deepika Pallikal has shown that with determination everything is possible. She has been positioned within the top 20 names of the best female squash players in the world and has also won the Women's International Squash Players Association three times.So here are the top 15 women athletes in India who has made India proud in the international scene and has shown that Indian women can conquer the world like others as well.

International Women Circle Kabaddi

Information About the Eight Edition of International Women Circle Kabaddi

  • Jul 09, 2019
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The international womens Circle Kabaddi will be starting from 21 February just before the beginning of IPL. It is a 6-day event which is organized by the Indian Kabaddi Association along with World Kabaddi Association. There are about 20 countries who are going to take part in this competition. Every team will be looking for defeat the unbeatable Kabaddi champion. This women Kabaddi competition is scheduled to play at Memorial Sports School which is in Bihar. There are meetings scheduled for the trainers and players where they will decide their strategy for the International Women Circle Kabaddi.In 2012, the first International Women kabaddi championship was organized. It was organized by The Government of Bihar along with Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India. In Patna, the matches were played from the 1st of March to the 4th in 2012 at Patliputra Sports Complex. The winner of the first edition of women Kabaddi was the host Indian which defeated the team of Iran in the finals.Which team has the most wins in International women Kabaddi?If you want to know who is  the winner of Women Circle Kabaddi then you will be surprised to know that India was the winner of every edition of the game. From 2012 to 2016 every game was won by India and with quite a margin. In 2015, Kabaddi tournament was canceled due to an incident in Punjab. The only team other than India to reach multiple times to final is New Zealand which is two times runner up. So till now, no team has been able to defeat India in women Kabaddi world cup.Which country takes part in the Women Kabaddi World Cup?There are various teams which take place in the women Kabaddi team. If you want to know about all the team which takes part in the Kabaddi work then here is the list of all the team. The team which takes part in International Women Circle Kabaddi are Bangladesh, Canada, Chinese Taipei, India (Host Nation), Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand, Turkmenistan, United States, and Sri Lanka.So if your country is also taking part in the International Women Circle Kabaddi then make sure that you support them. This way you can boost their morale so that they can win the medal. You can also watch the live telecast of the match on a certain television channel. If you then you can also visit the venue of the match to show your support for the game.What is the format of the game?The format of the game is quite simple as it has a round-robin tournament in which every team faces another team in turn. Meaning that you will have face chance of winning the game and making it into the semi-finals. The semifinals of International Women Circle Kabaddi has knockout rounds. In this, the top four teams will clash with each other and the winner will move forward to final. The team which loses the semi-final will face each other for the bronze medal. India is the only team to win a gold medal in all the edition of the women kabaddi game. How many matches are played in the game?There are a total of 31 matches played in the International Women Circle Kabaddi tournament. These matches are played between 16 teams in a round robin format ensuring that each team has equal matches in the game. You can check out the schedule of the game of the official website so that you do not miss any game of your team. There are two pools in which the first and second team face each other to progress into the semi-final.There are has been some controversies related to International Women Circle Kabaddi which is not related to the game but of outside matter. The sponsor of every season of Kabaddi was found guilty of fraud. Pearl was part of every Women Kabaddi seasons and it was frauding people in exchange of the loan. But it was found guilty. Other than such controversies all the game were played without any problems. Each team tried their best to aim for the gold medal. If you want to watch the live streaming of the women Kabaddi then you can watch it on PTC Punjabi which was the official broadcaster of the game. There are various types of Kabaddi played in India which is the reason why it is so popular. Read More Articles: Pro Kabaddi League 2019: team ,venue,fixtures