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Check out five significant types of swimming styles!

Check out five significant types of swimming styles!

  • Jul 01, 2019
  • pitchhigh
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If you are planning to learn swimming or you are learning it already, then you should know that there are several swimming techniques. You should try to learn as many methods you can do as different techniques will strengthen your muscles. The competitive swimmers have to learn several techniques with which it can be easier for them to compete in several types of events. 

Whether you swim for exercise, safety, or competition, it is essential that you learn several kinds of strokes for different situations. When you do swimming as an exercise, then it can work on your body muscles, and it can turn into a fantastic workout. Sometimes, dangerous situations in water can be handled with different swimming techniques. So, learning the various swimming techniques is only going to help you. Here are the top five types of swimming styles which you should learn. 

Free Stroke/Front crawl 

The most basic and most natural stroke is a free stroke, and it is used by the competitive swimmers in the freestyle events. This is the fastest of all the swimming styles, and it asks you to lie down on your belly, and then you have to move in the forward direction with arm movements which begins by pushing underwater after which you have to recover upside the water. The legs should make the flutter kick to take you forward and make sure that you keep pointed feet while doing front crawl. The legs keep moving up & down continuously but in alternation. The person can take a breath in between the time with each stroke. 


There are various similarities in front and backstroke. The major difference between both of these styles is that you will be able to float onto the back instead of the propelling chest through the water. One needs to stay horizontal while doing this swimming style and this can be achieved by leg kicks. The water under you should be pulled by you so that your body can go ahead of the water. 


When you are looking for one of the best swimming styles, then breaststroke is one of them. It is a kind of styled frog kick, and you are required to bend knees and then you can kick out legs under the water. The arm stroke starts by sweeping through your breast and then it is again swept towards the breast. The body should stay straight in this style because the body can move correctly when it stays straight while doing this style. 

Butterfly stroke

The butterfly swimming stroke asks a person to bring both arms above the head, and then arms are pushed into water to move you forward. It is a kind of dolphin kick where your legs would be straight and then you will have to kick them into the water. You should always remember to stabilize yourself from the core to create perfect rhythm under the water while doing this swimming style. If you are getting coaching for swimming, then it will become elementary for you to learn the butterfly stroke as the coach can help you to understand the process correctly and you will be able to do it smoothly afterward. 


There are several swimming styles among which sidestroke are also crucial. This stroke isnt much used in the competitions, but this also holds some importance for you and the swimmers. It can be best when someone is stuck in a dangerous situation. Only one arm is required to do this swimming style and it looks like as if you are picking up apples from the water and you will keep floating in the water on a particular side of your body. You are allowed to glide between the strokes with which you will be allowed to move through the water. The beginners would take time to learn this method because it is done mostly after learning the front stroke. There is also combat sidestroke which required more force by the swimmer. So, these are the main types of swimming methods which you can learn by joining an institute. If you learn swimming with the help of a coach, then it will be better for you as you can be able to learn all the techniques faster and accurately. When you are trying to swim on your own, then freestyle would seem easier but the rest of the techniques might be difficult for you. Thats why you should focus on learning the best swimming styles with the help of a professional coach.