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Bossaball Rules

Bossaball Rules: How To Play Bossaball | Players and Equipment

  • Aug 27, 2019
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How To Play Bossaball

Bossaball is a team sport Ball game which is played between two teams and combines elements of volleyball, football and gymnastics with music into a sport. The sport is played on an inflatable court featuring a trampoline of each side of the net. This allows the players to bounce hi and to spike the ball over the net and scored direct points. 

The name itself of the sport expresses the aim of combined sports, music and positive vibration. 

The objective of the game 

The sport is slightly different from that of volleyball and it requires the player to hit a ball over a net to win points. The players are allowed to use any part of the body to get the ball over the net and into your opponent section. The game is played on a massive inflatable with a trampoline found on each side for more bounce. The team with the highest points at the end of the game is declared as the winner of the game.

 Players and equipment 

 A team has often two to five players. The team can have both males and females with no restriction on gender per team. One player will remain on the trampoline section of the arena at all times with other players rotating after every point. 

 The bossaball court can be of any size, but it is usually of around 50 yards in length and 30 yards in width. A three-meter-high net must be present in the middle of the court. Both sides of the court must have a trampoline section, and inflatable scoring and an inflatable out of bounce section. 

 When a team scores and secure next point, the game continues with the first team to score 21 points and be two points ahead. There are a total of three sets played in one match. 


A team can score a point by other scoring or by an opponents error. If the ball touches the floor, i.e. the bottom of the trampoline or inflatable within the court boundaries, then the team on the opposite side of the net is awarded a point. Around the trampoline is a safety border, which is a free zone. In this game, the ball may bounce or roll, but if it lies still on the bossaball, the point goes to the opponents' team. 

 Scoring with volley touch 

  One point is awarded to the team when the ball hits the opponent playing area. 

  Three points are awarded to the team when the ball is played directly in the opponents trampoline area.

 Scoring with soccer touch 

  Three points are awarded when the ball hits the opponent playing area 

  5 points are awarded the ball is played directly in the opponents' trampoline area. 

 Winning the game 

 For winning a game of bossaball, a team needs to reach 25 points first. The game is generally played over the best of 3 or best of 5 sets. 

 How to play 

 The game is usually played between two teams of four players. Each team aims to take round the ball on the opponents' field. The height of the net in the center of the field can be adjusted for different levels, such as professional, intermediate, beginners or children. The players cannot touch the net and always have to remain with at least one body part on their side. 

 The attacker who is one of the players is positioned on the trampoline and the others are around him on the inflatables. A player from the opposing team throws or kicks the ball into the air and tries to hit the ball in a way that it can pass over the net on a course such as that it will land in the opposing team's court. While the opposing team must not use more than five contacts with the ball to return it to the other side of the net. These contacts can be done using any part of the body. 

  Volley touch 

 It is to touch the ball one single time, just like that additional volleyball rule. The ball must be thrown back within one second. 

  Soccer touch 

 It is to touch the ball up to two times with any body part except the hands or arms. 

 In the five maximum contacts, the ball has to be played at least once with the soccer, touch technique, once the second pass has been played. During the game, the ball is tossed around and the attacker to gain high jumps on the trampoline. The opposing team tries to prevent the attacker from directing the ball into their court. For doing this their jump and reach above the top of the net to block the attack the ball. The opposing players try to control the ball with a dig. The game continued in the way, and moves back and forth until the ball touches the court within the scoring zone or a mistake is committed. 

 There are three referees in the competition games. One primary and two assistants. The referees are responsible for the final decision and especially focuses on the net. 

 Rules of bossaball 

  A team has 3-5 players and is a mixture of male and female players are permitted. 

  The throw can be made using any part of the body as long as they are creative. 

  A player can hit the ball once using his hands and twice using his feet or head. 

  A team can use v 50 before they try to get the ball into their opponents half. 

  There is no time limit for the game and can only be won by reaching 25 points and by two clear games. The game is generally played over best of 3 or best of 5 sets.

  The players rotate their positions clockwise after each point so that a different person is on the trampoline section each time.

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