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The 10 Best Sports For Girls

The 10 Best Sports For Girls | Good Sports for Young Girls

  • Nov 06, 2019
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Girls can play any sports just to stay fit throughout their lives and can do better in most activities at school. Getting your kids to participate in sports from an early age can help them to build good self-esteem and will also help them to increase their confidence. Sports help to learn new skills, keep their bodies fit, make friends for life in their teams.

Here we have a list of the top sports for young females:

1. Swimming

Playing with water is one of the most fun activities to do. Get your daughters out there into the pool and you can hire a swimming coach as well or teach her how to swim. Swimming is a fun activity as well as a serious sport. It is also one of the most versatile sports that can either be performed in a team or individually as per choice. Some of the most common swimming styles include breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly,  back swimming among many others. Equipment needed includes swimsuit, goggles, cap, earplugs, etc. Get your kids to get their exercise through swimming, which doesn't even feel like a sport but is indeed a real sport.

2. Gymnastics 

Learning Gymnastics should start at an early age. Although in Gymnastics, you perform individually you are ultimately a part of a team. Hence, gymnastics teaches you teamwork and the discipline required to achieve or win at something. It is a sport that looks graceful but requires a person to have an extremely fit and flexible body. Coordination is something that is vital in this sport. You should take your girls for their gymnastics class at an early age so that they grow up being physically fit and confident in their own bodies. 

3. Soccer

In India, you will not find much involvement of girls in playing soccer. But outside of India, the sport is played equally by boys and girls. Soccer is a sport that doesn't require any expensive types of equipment and hence it does not put a financial burden on the parents. Soccer is one of the world's most popular sports and females enjoy playing soccer. It helps to build good leg strength and an amazing team sport. The only necessary equipment includes cleats, shin guards and a soccer ball.

 4. Volleyball 

Volleyball is an interesting team sport for girls and boys. In this sport, there are two teams with a total of 6 players each on two opposite sides that are divided by a net. You are required to land the volleyball on the other side of the net. Volleyball requires good team coordination and helps to increase arm strength. Volleyball can either be played indoors or outdoors such as Beach Volleyball.  Equipment needed includes kneepads and a ball only.

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5.  Tennis

Tennis is a fun sport to play either by themselves along with a partner. It is a fast-paced game that doesn't involve much running. Tennis helps to increase mental strength as you have to determine where the ball is going. Other sports such as tennis is badminton which is also popularly played. The only equipment needed for tennis includes a tennis ball and a racquet.

 6. Basketball

Basketball is a great team sport, especially for girls. It is a fast-paced game. It involves a lot of running, good coordination with the other members of the team and upper body strength. It helps to inculcate good team spirit, body strength, discipline among other benefits. There is no such special equipment required for playing basketball. A hoop, a ball, and good athletic shoes are enough. Playing basketball is a good way to increase body height during the teenage years.

7. Field Hockey

Field Hockey is a sport similar to ice hockey, except that it is played with a ball on a field of grass and not on an ice rink. In this game, all you have to do is that with the help of your teammates, you have to put the ball into the goal using your hockey stick. It helps to learn how to work in a team with good coordination and amazing hand-eye coordination.

8. Handball

Handball is also a fast-paced sport like basketball. It is a team sport that has not been very popular but is becoming known gradually. The sport helps to develop a good level of fitness as you have to do a lot of throws and jumps. It is a team sport and a good way to become more social. The game is played on a 40mx20m court. The only equipment needed to play this sport is a ball.

9. Roller skating

Roller skating is a fun way to exercise the body and is a popular sport among young kids. You should encourage your kids to use the skates to go to places where they need to go either with friends or otherwise. It is better than running the same distance. Roller Skating provides a full body aerobic exercise using all of the body's main muscles. In terms of the health benefits, roller skating helps to keep the caloric consumption in control, body fat reduction, and amazing leg strength.

10. Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a very traditional team sport. This sport requires many essential types of equipment. These include the basic lacrosse stick, ball, specific helmets for the players along with specialized eye protection. In this fast-paced sport, a lot of running is required as well as the perfect amount of hand to eye coordination so as to get the small ball to pass the net of the goalkeepers.

Girls love to play sports and it is the parent's duty to introduce their girls to new sports. Playing sports helps young females to develop the life skills that are important and valuable. These skills include teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, time and emotional management. Sports help to develop a good looking physique and boost self-confidence in a person.

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