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  • Sep 19, 2019
  • pitchhigh
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Sport is an athletic activity for which skill and physical powers are required. Basically this is all forms of physical activity which recognized as activities based in physical athleticism or physical dexterity. Now here in this page we will discuss about what type of sports can boost your intelligence. Research indicates that there have some activities and sports which can increase your level of intelligence and all those sports have some special appeal of their own. There have some features and characteristics of all those sports as well. These sports stimulate our brains in various ways which make us more intelligent. Some of the sports are there which can accomplish the same. So now how you can predict that all these sports can boost your intelligence? For playing these sports, you require advance eye hand coordination, visual tracking and lightening fast which reflexes stimulate the brain and increase our intelligence. 

Here are some top sports which can boost our intelligence. Like-

  1. Solving puzzles- Like Sudoku to newspaper crossword- these are the finest sport which can increase your brain power and helps to solve several problems using creative solutions. Besides these, for solving puzzles, you require multiple shifts in perspective which make you smarter.
  2. Participating actively in sports- Nowadays, we are participating in different types of games in schools and colleges and every sport has some learning thing which can help you to become smart. By this, you can make your thought processes faster and can improve your body coordination and can boost your confidence. Even if you watch these sports, these will increase your cognitive function as well.
  3. Cooking- culinary art is the famous art which has some special procedure and style and manner. For these, you require decision making capability, technical knowledge and manipulative skills. Not only but also, you should have some creativity for cooking any food and all these help you to make smart and can increase your concentration towards your work as well as it also increase your patience which will very much helpful in your working sector.
  4. Cricket or Football or Hockey- These three are the well known and very famous sports played globally. Now the question is that what are the fruitful results we can get from these three sports? These three games will help to increase your leadership quality, patience, decision making quality etc. so it means these sports will help you to do pre plan, make decisions and solve problems in smarter way.
  5. Group discursion, Extempore- These are also one type of sports which basically played in schools and colleges and by this you can able to gain more and more knowledge and will help teach you how to handle any situation or any circumstance. So, these are also very fine sports which will help you to boost your intelligence.
  6. Physical exercise- Regular exercise is very much important for our health and this is good for your brain and your body and it also promotes the flow of blood to the brain. In this way, the neutral cells are kept alive and working at maximum capability which effectively makes you smarter. Apart from these, it will also help you to relieve stress and tension.
  7. Tennis- This sport requires you to be alert and constantly strategize how to win which puts pressure on your brain forcing it to grow and by this way this will help you to make many new neutral connections and makes you smarter.
  8. Body building- Body building improves your health and promotes the formation of new neutron cells and the overall brain power is increased for that reason. Apart from these, it makes your body and your brain much stronger.
  9. Martial arts- There are different types of martial arts which are famous in the world like judo, kung fu, maga etc. this will surely increase your intelligence and optimize your awareness. Actually this will help you to see, hear, feel and observe everything in your environment which will improve the cognitive areas of your brain that deal with geometry and calculation.
  10. Chess- Chess will increase your memory capacity and develop intellectual capability which effectively makes you smarter.

So, these are the various sports which will surely increase your intelligence and you will surely get some fruitful result if you are there in favor of these sports.

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