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Carrom Rules

Carrom Rules

  • Jan 15, 2021
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The Rules of Carrom or KaromCarrom or Karom is a game that has long been played in India and Southeast Asia, but the game has become increasingly popular in most parts of the world over the past century. There are a lot of differences in the carrom rules though there are an international regulatory body and several major national bodies, even these differences in the carrom rules depending on the situation. Masters Games build the following carrom rules on the UK Carrom Club rules(Carrom Rules), adapting them for simplicity whenever possible.EquipmentThe following dimensions vary greatly and are only presented as an example of a tournament board. Carrom Board is a flat, square, and smooth wooden board that can be 72 cm or 74 cm square and should be placed 60 to 70 cm above the ground(some of the carrom Rules). At each corner there is a circular hole that can be 51 mm in diameter and under each hole, there is a grid to catch billiard-like pieces. Two lines are drawn on the table along the diagonals. These are "fault lines". In the center, there are two concentric circles: the central circle is the size of one piece, and the main circle is about six times larger in diameter. Outside the circles and slightly inward on each side of the board, there are two straight lines parallel to the edge of the board. The distance between them should be approximately 3.8 cm and the long, thin space between them before the diagonal fault lines at each end ends with a red circle of 3.8 cm in diameter. This thin rectangle with circles at each end is called the "baseline", and the nearest baseline to a player in the area from which the player's striker should play.There are nine dark or black pieces and nine-light or white pieces plus a red piece called the "Queen". The smooth wood pieces are slightly smaller than the front piece, which is between 3.8 cm and 4.4 cm in diameter. People often have their own strikes which can also be bone or dentin and are usually somewhat heavier than the cut, although they may vary in weight from one-half to four times the weight of the piece. On some boards, potato starch, chalk powder, or other lubricant is used to make the pieces slide more easily over the surface of the plate; The most common lubricant is boric acid.PreparationTo decide who goes first, the player must hold a hidden piece with one hand. If the opponent correctly guesses which hand, the opponent chooses who goes first, otherwise, he chooses the player who hides the piece. The person who plays first aims to put the white pieces in a pocket.The game is played by two opponents seated opposite each other. To start, the queen is placed in the center of the board. Six pieces are placed directly around the queen in a circle, each touching the queen and her neighbors. The remaining twelve pieces are placed around the inner circle of six, with each outer piece touching the inner circle. Pieces must be switched in both circles. The two circles were oriented so that the queen, a white piece of the inner circle, and a white piece of the outer circle were in a straight line indicating the center of the side of the board where the player who would play first sits.ObjectivePlayers take turns playing. The turn consists of one or more hits. The player wins by putting all the pieces of the chosen color in their pockets first. However, no player can win until one player has "covered the Queen". To cover the queen, the player must place one of his pieces in his pocket right after the queen's pocket. If the queen is in her pockets but not covered, the queen is returned to the board. Both players usually try to cover the queen in addition to trying to win the game because the player who wins and covers the queen also gets extra points.StrikingFor each shot, the player must place the striker inside the baseline or in one of the two circles at each end of the baseline.The front inside the baseline should touch both the front line and the backline.An attacker cannot "cut the moon": must be placed partly inside the baseline and partly inside the circle.The player must hit the striker with his finger in order to cross the front end line; It is not allowed to do this horizontally or backward.The striker must not hit the piece on or behind the forward baseline until the attacker has crossed the forward baseline.When hitting, the player's hand or arm must not cross the diagonal lines of the bean at either end of the baseline.Basic rulesIn the first round, the player is allowed three attempts to "break", that is, disturb the central set of counters.It doesn't matter which piece the attacker hits first and it doesn't matter if the attacker doesn't hit any.If the attacker punches the queen and/or one or more pieces of his color, the player retrieves the attacking player and makes another hit.If the player does not pocket any piece or makes a mistake, the turn ends.Also Read: Pickleball RulesCovering the QueenA player can only put a pocket and cover the Queen if that player already has at least one piece of that player's color.If a player pockets the Queen before he is allowed to cover her, the role continues, but the Queen returns to the center at the end of the turn.If the player places the Queen and one of his private pieces in the same role, that is important and that player has covered the Queen. The said player must have already obtained at least 1 Piece to cover the Queen as usual.When a player places the Queen in the pockets but does not cover them, the opponent returns the Queen as close as possible to the central circle.Other RulesThe pieces that are returned to the center can be placed above the other pieces within the main circle.If the pieces stand on their edge or overlap with another piece, they are left as they are until they are moved again in the normal course of play.If the firing pin stops under another part, the firing pin should be removed with the least possible discomfort in the cover part.FoulsWhen a player commits a foul, the turn ends immediately and a penalty is imposed. The penalty is for the opponent to return a pocket piece to the board anywhere within the main circle. Any other pieces that must be returned to the board are also placed inside the main circle by the opponent. Naturally, pieces are placed to give the opponent an advantage.The error is recorded in the following situations:The striker is pocketed.Leave the racket or any other piece of the board.The player places the opponent's piece. If the queen is also hit by the pocket, the opponent returns her to the center with the penalty piece. Any other pieces that were placed in the pocket on the same hit remain in the pocket.The player places the opponent's last piece. Regardless of whether or not the Queen is covered, the opponent's piece is returned to the center in addition to the penalty piece.The player places the last piece before covering the queen. In this case, both the pocket piece and the penalty piece are returned to the center.The player breaks the carrom rules of hitting.The player touches any piece in play, except for the front.The first player to attack fails to break the meters with three attempts.Where a penalty is incurred but no pocketed pieces exist to return, the penalty is "owed" until a piece becomes available. If a penalty is owed, when a piece becomes available due to being pocketed, the piece is returned to the center by the opponent at the end of the turn. Should the opponent forget to do this before the start of the next turn, any owed penalties are lost.ScoringAt the end of the game, the winner scores 1 point for each opponent's piece remaining on the board. If the winner also installs the queen, an additional 5 points are scored. Thus the game's maximum score is 14 points.Usually, the match is played at 29 points and the match is played, if the winner's score reaches 24 points or more, 5 additional points are not added to cover the Queen.DoublesCarrom rules play four people at a rate of two. For the doubles game, the partners sit opposite each other and the turns continue in a clockwise direction. Other than that, the game is exactly the same as in the singles game. However, the game has a different character, because the pieces behind the baseline can be safely left for the partner to handle, unlike the singles game where the pieces located behind the baseline can only be. It moves by an opponent or bounces off the edges of the board.Also Read: TEQBALL: Teqball Rules | Teqball Challenges | Teqball players

ATP Cup 2021,ATP Cup

ATP Cup 2021: When and Where Is It, Teams, Schedule, Format, Prize Money

  • Jan 14, 2021
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The ATP Cup 2021 will officially announce the start of the Australian tennis season. Most of the world's best players will compete in the ATP Cup, which starts a week before the Australian Open.When and Where Will It Be Played?The ATP Cup 2021 will be played entirely in Melbourne Park from February 1-5. The five-day tournament (Monday to Friday) will take place alongside two other ATP 250 events, occupying the fifth week of the ATP calendar.How does the tournament work?The tournament consists of 12 teams, divided into four groups of three for the group stage, and it is a free game for all. The winners from each team advance to the knockout stages, with the remaining four teams competing in the semi-finals.Which teams will compete?Here are the 12 teams competing in the 2021 ATP Cup. Each team consists of four players. Meanwhile, Nick Kyrgios withdrew from this year's ATP Cup and decided to compete in the ATP 250 event instead.Serbia: Novak Djokovic, Dusan Lajovic, Filip Krajinovic, Nikola CacicSpain: Rafael Nadal, Roberto Bautista Agut, Marcel Granollers, Pablo Carreno BustaAustria: Dominic Thiem, Dennis Novak, Philipp Oswald, Tristan-Samuel WeissbornRussia: Daniil Medvedev, Andrey Rublev, Aslan Karatsev, Evgeny DonskoyGreece: Stefanos Tsitsipas, Michail Pervolarakis, Markos Kalovelonis, Petros TsitsipasGermany: Alexander Zverev, Jan-Lennard Struff, Kevin Krawietz, Andreas MiesArgentina: Diego Schwartzman, Guido Pella, Horacio Zeballos, Maximo GonzalezItaly: Matteo Berrettini, Fabio Fognini, Simone Bolelli, Andrea VavassoriJapan: Kei Nishikori, Yoshihito Nishioka, Ben McLachlan, Toshihide MatsuiFrance: Gael Monfils, Benoit Paire, Nicolas Mahut, Edouard Roger-VasselinCanada: Denis Shapovalov, Milos Raonic, Peter Polansky, Steven DiezAustralia: Alex de Minaur, John Millman, John Peers, Luke SavilleWhat is the format?Each tie consists of two singles matches and one doubling. The country that wins two matches will win a draw. Each country will play two qualifying matches in the group stage. The singles match will be the best of the three sets of tiebreakers, while the doubles match will feature an ad-free scoring and tiebreaker match instead of the third set.How Much Is the Prize Money?The ATP Cup 2021 prize is $ 7.5 million. The total prize money awarded to players consists of three components, including entrance fees, the prize money for individually won matches, and the prize money for relationships.Also read: Australian Open 2021 organizers forced to cancel the quarantine stay plan for international players

Australian Open 2021,Roger Federer

Will Roger Federer play Australian Open 2021?

  • Jan 12, 2021
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Every fan is desperate for the Australian Open 2021 for one reason only. It is believed that the great Roger Federer will be back on the field after a year at Grand Slam. The excitement in the tennis world is at an all-time high and they want to welcome the Swiss master with open hands.Roger Federer suffered a knee injury at the Australian Open last year. The semi-final match against Novak Djokovic was the last professional tennis match he had ever played. Then he underwent two knee operations during the long period of rest due to the Coronavirus epidemic. The injury did not allow the legend to go out on the field all season.However, just a month after the Australian Open 2021, Roger Federer delivered some unfortunate news. The winner of the 20 Grand Slam decided to withdraw from the Grand Slam. It is definitely a heartbreaking moment for fans. However, they do realize Roger Federer may be back soon.Why is Roger Federer not playing the Australian Open 2021?Roger Federer's withdrawal from the Australian Open 2021 surprised fans. According to Craig Tilly, CEO of Tennis Australia, Roger Federer couldn't recover in time. The Swiss were definitely not feeling well and so he decided to retire. However, there were also some other claims.According to an Australian Open 2021 official, Roger Federer's decision was not to withdraw from the Grand Slam, but rather to the influence of his wife Mirka. The official further claimed that Roger Federer withdrew due to his family and quarantine issues, not due to injury.Roger Federer biographer Simon Graf described all of these claims as false and unfounded. It was believed Roger Federer would definitely have played in Grand Slam if he were completely fit.Whatever the reason, it is clear that world number five Roger Federer will not be playing in Melbourne now. It looks like the fans will have to wait a little longer to see the legend on the field again.When will Roger Federer return to the court?There is no official confirmation of Roger Federer's return at this time. However, Graf believes Roger Federer will definitely play the Dubai Tennis Championships in March 2021.Roger Federer certainly hasn't had an impressive record at the US Open or the French Open in the past decade. Since he's not playing in the Australian Open 2021 now, he's sure to be aiming for Wimbledon 2021 now.Also Read: Novak Djokovic is rejuvenating with his family before the Australian Open 2021

Novak Djokovic,Australian Open 2021

Novak Djokovic is rejuvenating with his family before the Australian Open 2021

  • Jan 11, 2021
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One of the most brutal players on this tour was world number 1, Novak Djokovic. Over the years, he has built a reputation for not matching his opponents like no other. The way the Serbian player covers the tennis courts makes it almost as if there are two players on his side of the court.The results obtained and the success of Novak Djokovic has been phenomenal in the last decade. It turns out that he is the only player in the modern era to have won four major tournaments in a row (Wimbledon 2015, US Open 2015, Australian Open 2016, French Open 2016).Novak Djokovic is spending quality time with his family in MarbellaAs the world enters the new year, the Grand Slam champion has traveled 17 times to Marbella, Spain. Serbs trained in the warmer climates rather than the snowy regions of Serbia.Since the much-needed break was fine after a somewhat erratic season, Djokovic decided to travel to the seaside location to relax. Even the world's No. 1 has bought properties in the area.After a disappointing season last year, the Serbian ace will surely look to bounce back next Australian Open season. He will also want to forget some of the episodes he played in the previous season, such as being disqualified for accidentally hitting a woman with the ball at the US Open.Also Read: Australia Open 2021 Champions to See a Drastic Change in Prize MoneyNovak Djokovic is the favorite at the Australian Open 2021It won't be long before the eight-time Australian Open champion leaves for Australia. Ahead of the Australian Open 2021, the Serbian will be leading the event in Adelaide. He will also lead Serbia in the ATP Cup, the defending champion.With the Serbian player having enjoyed one of the most successful periods of his career in Melbourne, he will definitely be the favorite at the Australian Open 2021.Also Read: Australian Open 2021 to Issue Hefty Fine for Protocols Breach

Australian Open 2021

Australian Open 2021 to Issue Hefty Fine for Protocols Breach

  • Jan 08, 2021
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We are just a month away from the start of the Australian Open 2021. But while the excitement is at its peak, the situation surrounding the outbreak cannot be taken lightly. As a result, the championship decided to impose heavy fines on anyone who did not follow the protocols.It is an attempt to inculcate the importance of safety regulations in all Melbourne Park attendees. Therefore, not only will the actions be limited to the culprit, but they will also affect your team members equally.Organizers have already agreed to bring all players and team members via charter flights on January 15 and 16.Fines and fees at the Australian Open 2021If someone leaves without permission from a licensed Victorian government official, the person faces a tour fine of up to $ 20,000.However, a fine will not be the only way to resolve the issue. The Australian Open 2021 has listed the number of strict measures one could face in the event of a violation.Initially, to maintain tournament fitness, the perpetrator may face disqualification. Moreover, the loss of prize money is possible.Apart from that, prolonged quarantine and isolation in a hotel room ordered by the government are also listed as measures.In particular, the Australian Open 2021 is the first tournament to allow time out of hotel rooms during the quarantine. Accordingly, the organizers expect players to follow the rules if they want to enjoy the benefits.Finally, the guilty person may also face arrest and deportation from Australia. Players are also advised that a violation of their team members will be considered a violation by them.Given the circumstances, players hope that no restrictions will be taken lightly. When it comes to tennis, everyone works hard to win their first major tournament of the year.Hopefully, there isn't a single instance of default and Happy Slam will happily start.Also Read: Australian Open 2021 delayed,will be playing in Melbourne from February 8 to 21

Australian Open 2021

Is the elimination of Line officials at the 2021 Australian Open a smart move?

  • Jan 06, 2021
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With the advent of technology, tennis is doing its part to incorporate it. But this has a price. It seems likely that the linemen will be eliminated from the sports day in and day out as the falcon's eye is gaining prominence. The Australian Open 2021 has taken the step to implement the Hawk's Eye as the lead legal brand sponsor judge. But was the decision a preview of the future, or was it a precaution due to COVID-19?Why were the strip men eliminated from the Australian Open 2021?It was recently announced that the Australian Open 2021 would wear Hawk's eye in place of stadium officials. Hawkeye calls or the electronic line will be used throughout the tournament, but not in the qualifying event.This decision can be seen in two ways. First, the COVID-19 model. With the emergence of the new strain of Coronavirus, Australia has taken vigorous measures to control it. There is a facility limit and players must be quarantined for a period of 14 days. So it stands to reason that there will be fewer people in the stadiums, and getting rid of the line guards is one way to do that.Novak Djokovic sees no reason to have line judges The second is the transition to technology. Over the years, Hawk-eye has become more accurate and faster. Hence, the call for the dismissal of line officials gained momentum. The main defender of this was world number one Novak Djokovic. The Serbian was firmly against the use of guards in tournaments. His statement coincided with an incident with the assistant referee at the 2020 US Open, but the player said his statement was not due to his exclusion.“The technology is so advanced right now, there is absolutely no reason why you should keep line umpires on the Court. That’s my opinion” Djokovic said.Rafael Nadal opposes the dismissal of the linesmenBut wearing a falcon's eye eliminates the human element in tennis. World number two Rafael Nadal opposed Djokovic's idea of a non-linear judge.“Personally, I prefer the line umpires to what we have here… If you ask me what I would like to see in the future… Well, I believe we have room for evolution as a sport as tennis has not changed a lot in the last fifty years, compared to other sports, that is a reality, but at the same time I do not believe that this is the way to improve the “show.” Nadal said.Why eliminating service lines causes problems in the Australian Open 2021?Nadal can get it here. The sport will evolve over time, but eliminating the referees is not the way. The correct way is to merge both of them together. As in football, there are referees and technology working simultaneously so that all decisions are correct. Likewise, tennis can have a line and technique experts to oversee legal signs.Excluding line, officials would mean the loss of livelihoods for thousands of people. Many people trust him, and that's hard and skillful work. Eliminating them will leave them without their main source of income.Also Read: Australia Open 2021 Champions to See a Drastic Change in Prize MoneyHow will we get the new referees' chair without assistants?Moreover, the tennis match culture will change with the elimination of the umpires. Tennis hasn't changed much in years and has had a specific way of playing. Moreover, another interesting argument is that the rulers of the See are no longer rulers. So, tennis would need a way to find new referees if the linemen were removed.“Another way to think about it is that tennis is an industry and [automation is] a significant change. How are we going to create a new generation of umpires? I started as a line judge; how will young umpires get their chance?” ATP umpire Ali Nili said.Currently, electronic line calls have been used in the US Open Finals and the 2020 ATP Finals. The Australian Open 2021 is also on the train. It is meant to be a precaution, given COVID-19, but what could be an uncertainty could become a habit in the future.Also Read: Australian Open 2021 organizers forced to cancel the quarantine stay plan for international players

Australian Open 2021

Australian Open 2021 organizers forced to cancel the quarantine stay plan for international players

  • Jan 05, 2021
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The Australian Open 2021 organizers have to find new accommodations in quarantine for international players after apartment owners at the completed hotel in Melbourne threatened legal action.The Australian Open 2021 has been postponed for three weeks while plans are in place for quarantine arrangements.Australian tennis and government authorities have arranged for the players a mandatory 14-day quarantine service in the Westin Melbourne ahead of the Australian Open 2021 on February 8-21.The international players are expected to arrive in Melbourne from mid-January and will be allowed to train a maximum of 5 hours per day in Melbourne Park during the quarantine period.Look what was said at Australian Open 2021On Tuesday, the plan was scrapped after Westin apartment owners complained that they had not been properly consulted and would seek a court order against them.“After consultation between Westin Melbourne's owners, current hotel residents, and COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria, the decision has been made to accommodate the players and their support teams arriving in Melbourne for the next ATP Championship at an alternate location. From the hotel,” Westin said. in SENTENCE.Victoria State Police Secretary Lisa Neville told reporters on Tuesday that an alternative quarantine hotel had been secured for the players, which "will be suspended today or tomorrow."Several of the world's best players plan to compete in tournaments in Melbourne Park a week before the Grand Slam season opens. The ATP Cup, two ATP events, and two WTA tournaments will be held in Melbourne a week before the Australian Open 2021Also Read: Australia Open 2021 Champions to See a Drastic Change in Prize Money

IHF World Men’s Handball Championship 2021

World Mens Handball Championship 2021 Schedule, Groups & Everything You Must Know

  • Jan 04, 2021
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Handball governed by the International Handball Federation (IHF) is gaining popularity across continents and here it is with another tournament. Yes, it is the Men's Handball World Championship 2021. The tournament will be held in Egypt from January 13, 2021, to January 31, 2021. Before the event, here is the schedule of matches of the World Handball Championship for Men 2021, matches, groups, and ranked teams.World Men’s Handball Championship 20212021 Men’s Handball ChampionshipDetailsDate13th January 2021- 31st January 2021HostEgyptTeams32Venues5 venues across 5 citiesThe IHF 2021 World Handball Championship will be the 27th event organized by the International Handball Federation to be held in Egypt from January 13 to 31, 2021.It will be the first handball tournament that includes 32 teams instead of 24. This will be the third tournament organized in Africa, the second in Egypt and the first outside Europe since 2015. Denmark is the title holder.FormatThe 32 teams from the 2021 World Handball Championship for Men will be divided into 8 groups and the top three teams from each group will qualify for the following rounds. Then the remaining 24 teams will be divided into 4 groups of 6 teams each, and the two best teams from each group will advance to the quarter-finals.Qualified TeamsCompetitionQualified TeamsHostEgypt2019 World ChampionshipDenmark2019 European ChampionshipCroatia Norway Spain2020 African ChampionshipAlgeria Angola Cape Verde DR Congo Morocco Tunisia2020 Asian ChampionshipBahrain Japan Qatar South Korea2020 South and Central American ChampionshipArgentina Brazil Uruguay2020 Nor.Ca.Championship (Cancelled)United States2020 South and Central American Last Chance Qualification Tournament (cancelled)ChileEuropean qualificationAustria Belarus Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Iceland Portugal Slovenia SwedenWild CardPoland RussiaWorld Men’s Handball Championship 2021 Schedule & GroupsGroup AGermanyHungaryUruguayCape Verde DateMatchTime (Egypt Time)Venue15th January 2021Germany vs Uruguay7 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City15th January 2021Hungary vs Cape Verde9: 30 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City17th January 2021Cape Verde vs Germany7 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City17th January 2021Hungary vs Uruguay9: 30 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City19th January 2021Uruguay vs Cape Verde7 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City19th January 2021Germany vs Hungary9: 30 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City Group BSpainTunisiaBrazilPoland DateMatchTime (Egypt)Venue15th January 2021Spain vs Brazil7 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital15th January 2021Tunisia vs Poland9:30 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital17th January 2021Tunisia vs Brazil7 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital17th January 2021Poland vs Spain9:30 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital19th January 2021Spain vs Tunisia7 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital19th January 2021Brazil vs Poland9:30 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital Group CCroatiaQatarJapanAngola DateMatchTime (Egypt)Venue15th January 2021Qatar vs Angola4:30 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab15th January 2021Croatia vs Japan7 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab17th January 2021Qatar vs Japan4:30 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab17th January 2021Angola vs Croatia7 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab19th January 2021Japan vs Angola4:30 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab19th January 2021Croatia vs Qatar7 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab Group DDenmarkArgentinaBahrainDR Congo DateMatchTime (Egypt Time)Venue15th January 2021Argentina vs DR Congo7 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo15th January 2021Denmark vs Bahrain9: 30 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo17th January 2021Argentina vs Bahrain7 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo17th January 2021DR Congo vs Denmark9: 30 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo19th January 2021Bahrain vs DR Congo7 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo19th January 2021Denmark vs Argentina9: 30 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo Group ENorwayAustriaFranceUnited States DateMatchTime (Egypt Time)Venue14th January 2021Austria vs United States7 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City14th January 2021Norway vs France9: 30 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City16th January 2021Austria vs France7 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City16th January 2021United States vs Norway9: 30 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City18th January 2021France vs United States7 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City18th January 2021Norway vs Austria9: 30 pm6th of October Sports Hall, 6th of October City Group FPortugalAlgeriaIcelandMorocco DateMatchTime (Egypt)Venue14th January 2021Algeria vs Morocco7 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital14th January 2021Portugal vs Iceland9:30 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital16th January 2021Morocco vs Portugal7 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital16th January 2021Algeria vs Iceland9:30 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital18th January 2021Portugal vs Algeria7 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital18th January 2021Iceland vs Morocco9:30 pmNew Capital Sports Hall, New Administrative Capital Group GSwedenEgyptCzech RepublicChile DateMatchTime (Egypt Time)Venue13th January 2021Egypt vs Chile7 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo14th January 2021Sweden vs Czech Republic9: 30 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo16th January 2021Egypt vs Czech Republic7 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo16th January 2021Chile vs Sweden9: 30 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo18th January 2021Cxech Republic vs Chile7 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo18th January 2021Sweden vs Egypt9: 30 pmCairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex, Cairo Group HSloveniaBelarusSouth KoreaRussia DateMatchTime (Egypt)Venue14th January 2021Belarus vs Russia4:30 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab14th January 2021Slovenia vs South Korea7 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab16th January 2021Belarus vs South Korea4:30 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab16th January 2021Russia vs Slovenia7 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab18th January 2021South Korea vs Russia4:30 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El Arab18th January 2021Slovenia vs Belarus7 pmBorg El Arab Sports Hall, Borg El ArabNote: World Men’s Handball Championship 2021 Schedule, Fixtures and Timings are subject to change as per the International Handball Federation.Also Read: International Hockey Federation unveils new match-based world ranking system for 2020