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Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Test Events for Hockey (Sr. Men) in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

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The Olympics are just around the next year which is going to be in Tokyo. The official brand name of the Olympic 2020 events is Ready Steady Tokyo. It is believed that the brand name of the Olympics will bring more excitement towards the game. Almost every country has completed its primary preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. You might not know this but there are some test events which are going to be held at these Olympic events. These events will help in improving the competition amongst the players and team. These test events will help in completing all the necessary preparation for the game. It will also ensure that there are no issues during the actual game. During the Olympic and Paralympic games, every country is hoping to win and no one wants anything to go wrong which is why these test events are necessary. Under the supervision of International and national federations for Olympic, everything will be done properly. Schedule of Hockey Test Event in the OlympicIn the test events of Tokyo Olympics 2020, the hockey events are always special. Every team competes with each other for the first place so that they can score the gold medal for their country. The events for the hockey will be held from 17 to 21 August 2019. It is going to be played in Oi Hockey Stadium which is organized by the Tokyo Organising Committee of Olympic. So if you are also excited for the event then make sure that you are ready. All the timings for the game will be according to the standard timing of Japan.Preparation for the Tokyo Olympics 2020The logo of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is designed by using the strokes of the brush which also symbolize the calligraphy performed in Japan. The logo of this years Olympic is also amazing and you can check it on the Internet. According to the official of Japan this logo is created in such a way that it will motivate the participants to perform their best. The blue color symbolizes the sweat of the participants which shows the appreciation for their hard work.Details about the Olympic 2020In Tokyo 2020 Olympics, a total of 56 events will be taking place which will continue till May 2020. There are various types of sporting events which are going to be held at various places in Tokyo. If you love sports then this is the perfect event for you so make sure that you do not miss anything. The brand name of this years Olympic will only feature in these events. Where can you watch these Olympic eventsIf you are planning to watch the Tokyo 2020 Olympics then you can either go to Japan or you can watch them online. There are various television companies which have already taken the rights of the premiere of the Olympic games. So you can get the subscription of these channels and enjoy watching various sports events. Interesting facts about Olympics and hockeyThere are various reasons why Hockey is one of the most loved sports in the Olympics. Do you know that in the 2012 Olympics in London, Hockey was the 3rd most watched sports of the events? In the hockey mens event, the swing speed is about 103 miles which is the highest in any sports. Hockey is the 2nd most popular sports in the world only behind Soccer. Hockey is also the oldest team sports which were first played around 1700. So make sure that you do not miss any events of the 2020 Summer Olympics.Hockey is played in more than 100 countries and over three million people play this amazing sport. Women hockey was first introduced in the 1980 Olympics and since then it is quite popular. This year is also going to be amazing so make sure that you do not miss Tokyo 2020 Olympics.Which country has won the most medals for Mens Hockey in Olympic?Every game has a champion country which always performs best in it. The hockey event is always most watched by countries like India which is most successful in this game. In the history of hockey, Olympics India has won 8 gold medals and has an undefeated 6 streaks from 1928-1956. That is why the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will have the most audience for Hockey from India. If you also love this amazing sport then you should consider watching it from an official online source. You can also visit Japan to show support for the players in your country.

Did You Know About Underwater Hockey

Did You Know About Underwater Hockey

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All about underwater hockey game! Famous as the name of Octopus in the UK, Underwater hockey is a game which is played at the global level. The two teams compete with each other to maneuver the puck to make goals by using Pusher. This game was invented in England in the year 1954, and now it is played all over the world. In the year 1980, the first underwater hockey world championship was held in Canada. If someone wants to play this game, then that person should know swimming accurately because this game requires swimming as the necessary skill.Gameplay In the underwater hockey world, two teams compete with each other, and puck is placed in the middle of the swimming pool. The players wait with touching defending goal till the buzzer signals to begin the game. The teams can swim from any direction to score the goal. The players have to hold their breath when they dive in the pool bottom. The primary team formation is three-three players, among which three are defensive while three are offensive players. There might be three forward players, a back and two midfielders in the team. If there are too many hockey players in the area, then it can result in a foul. If someone tries to use a hockey stick to hit another player, then it is known as blocking, and then the penalty is charged on the player. If the penalty case is minor, then the advantage puck is provided on the team when he committed foul team is pushed three meters back. When the significant penalties take place, then the referee can also remove the player for a limited period from the game. The players who become successful in the game have an amazing ability to recover and hold their breath along with strong swimming skills. The players who can swim with higher pace underwater are more likely to get control of the puck in the water hockey world. Injuries in the game The spectators might not be aware of the injuries which can be caused under the water during game play. There are huge risks of injury for the players who play this sport. Torn muscles, light scratches, and sprains are some common injuries while major injuries include broken fingers, deeper cuts, and life-threatening risks. There are chances of the drowning of a player if he gets unconscious under the water. The personal protective equipment is provided to the players to avoid injuries during the game, but some injuries are unpredictable and unavoidable. There are mouth guards, ear guards and gloves which are mandatory for every player who plays this game. This is a huge risk of hemoptysis in the players while they stay underwater for a long time. There is no doubt that the game is quite interesting and it will be loved by every swimmer.Scoring of underwater hockey In Underwater hockey, the goal is scored by a team when the puck is sent in the opponent goal with the use of a stick. No body part of another instrument can be used to make goals. The game is won when time finishes. The team which has scored the most goals in the match will be the winner. In case there is a draw, then the teams would get fifteen minutes more to score. What are the rules of Underwater hockey?The teams have ten players each but there will be six players in the pool all the time during the game. The rest of the four players are just substitutes for the team in this hockey world. This game is played in two halves and every half is of 15 minutes with five minutes of resting period in between those halves. The team can be divided into defense and attacking mode. The midfield players play with variation always. The players are allowed to score by using hockey stick and other body parts can never be used to move the puck in the pool. The players can make contact with other team players unless they have puck possession. What are the advantages of playing Underwater hockey?This game is a great option to say in perfect body shape. The swimming can improve stamina and cardio during the game. The core muscles of a human can be developed while playing the game. It is an entertaining and fun game which is unique as compared to the other games played on the field. Before beginning to play the game, you need to get proper coaching for underwater hockey so that you dont have to face many injuries.

Women Hockey team to enter the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Struggling period for Indian Women Hockey team to enter the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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From the start of 2019, the hockey coaches are obsessed with Commonwealth Games which are going to hold this year. Harendra Singh and Sjoerd Marijne have placed Asian Games on top because Gold medal won in Jakarta helped in confirming their place in the Tokyo Olympics. The Indian girls have made to the London World Cup as they won Asia Cup Womens tournament in the year 2018. The womens hockey team wasnt able to win Asian games; else, they might have got a direct entry for Tokyo Olympics 2020.Other than the host (Japan), there are 11 teams which are eligible to be qualified in Tokyo Olympics 2020. The Indian women became runner ups in the Asian games, and thats why they would find it difficult to get direct entry into the Olympics. The team will have to play in the Olympics Qualification Events. Continental Championships for women to qualify for Olympics 2020. The womens hockey team has to win the continental championships to get a direct qualification in Olympics 2020. Here are the continental championships for women:14th European Nations Championship for Women Africa Womens Olympic Qualification Tournament 201918th Pan American Games 201918th Asian Games 201811th Womens Oceania Cup 2019The teams which arent able to get into the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics directly via continental qualifiers, then they have to play in the elaborate round held by the Olympics. India hasnt qualified directly for the Olympics, but this tournament for qualification might help them to enter in the Olympics 2020. Qualify for the Hockey Series International Hockey Federation teams can play Hockey series open till they arent part of Hockey Pro League. In the next few years, Hockey Series Open will become a qualifying round for the World Cup also. This tournament is played in two parts: One is Hockey Series Open and the second one is Hockey Series Finals. The Hockey Series Open can be played by India as well as Vilnius, Wattignes, Port Vila and Singapore. Hockey series finals There will be a total of 24 teams which will participate in the Finals of the tournament. The three events will take place for eight teams each. The top two teams from the Finals are going to qualify for the Olympic qualification events, and they can join the Hockey Pro League. According to the FIH World rankings, the two teams who will get high ranks will have to place against each other. The top six teams from the qualification event would join other five teams who have already secured their places in the Olympics through continental championships. The Indian womens hockey team would have a busy year as they have to prepare for the qualification events in the best manner to enter in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Know about Hockey Pro League tournament Earlier, Hockey World League is now named as Hockey Pro league, and there will be nine teams which will play against each other, and only four teams will be qualified for the final round. Great Britain, Belgium, Argentina, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, and the Netherlands would be part of the Pro League. India is also a major hockey team in the world, but it wont be participating in HPL, but have to qualify through Hockey series to get into the Olympics 2020. The FIH has announced the significant criteria for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 for hockey teams, and this means that India has to appear in two rounds to get qualified for the Olympics 2020. One is the series finals and the second is Olympic qualifiers. The Indian womens hockey team wont be able to participate in the Pro League, and thats why it will become more difficult for them to score high in the qualifier round. The nine teams which are already in the Pro League would earn ranking points when they will play every single game at Pro League, and they would also be able to play at least 16 games. Whats more for Indian women hockey team?India might slide down in the world rankings if they don't come up in the top two teams of Hockey Series finals. The final qualifier round of Indian team will come against a highly ranked team. A lot of pressure is building on the players, but 2018 has been a good year for the Indian hockey team. The team would try to enter the Tokyo Olympics 2020 as they are hungry to get more. They arent satisfied with their performances till now, and they believe that better performance could be done by them to improve the ranking and win a place in the Olympics 2020. Read More Articles :Yuvraj Singh has signed with Toronto Nationals to play in Global T20 Canada