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Golfers and Rugby players

Golfers and Rugby players show cannabis is going mainstream in sports

  • Sep 30, 2019
  • pitchhigh
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Marijuana even the term makes people take a step back in discomfort. The history behind this stigmatic name is that it was classified under the forbidden drug list and was later changed to schedule 1 drug. A schedule 1 drug is something that is not classified as a drug that you get high but something that is understood.

Over the past few years, there have been incidents where this feared name of marijuana can back into play under the new name cannabis or CBD. As of now there are a minimum of 113 CBDs and not all of them are good for medical purposes of any sorts. This practice of using cannabis as a medical supplement for pain killers or prescribed medicines when athletes from various disciplines started to endorse this as they have seen positive results by the usage of CBD oil. The claim is that it helps calm ones mind and also help in the speedy recovery of chronic pain and other injuries that the player may suffer during their career.

Golfers are one of the first few to ever endorse the usage of CBD oil as a medical substitution. Charley Hoffman is not so popular golf player who never loses his temper even when he slipped in position from where he could have won the title. He came close a few times, but never seems to give away anything and managed to stay firm with his actions. He claims that the use of CBD oil has helped him a lot with the calmness he had on the field and stated that being calm is the biggest strength for any golfer. Later in 2018 one for golfer named Bubba Watson and Lucas Glover started promoting it as an organic solution by signing deals with CBS product companies.

The rugby player day found about the CBD oil and started using it after undergoing knee injuries. This spreads when Kruis, who went under surgery on his own and heard about his teammate using CBD oil to help recovery. They got enlightened by this product as they found this to be a natural and organic alternative to the countless number of painkillers that they had to take in order to continue playing. 

Everything fell into place when the World Anti-Doping Authority WADA took the ban off of CBD oil in 2018 and allowed them to be used as a medical drug for players. This lead to a lot of players in England to use CBD oil instead of prescribed medicines and other pain killers. Since they do not contain THC that caused a person to get high and lose consciousness, it can be used as a proper organic substitution for chemical medicines. Keep in mind that there are a lot of CBDs that still contain THC in them.

The impact of this has been so great that Rugby players Day and Krius have started their own CBD oil business and are looking to encourage more players to go organic. According to them it is not the product that causes people to avoid them it is the stigma that they have behind their name that is a barrier. Like all painkillers have side effects CBD oil has stigmatize one a player or a user is able to see past that they can actually enjoy the benefits of this product with no side effects is the claim of these two Rugby players.

Currently around 400 professional athletes endorse and use CBD oil and other CBD based products that are officially approved by WADA. Unfortunately, most of these Golfer players are from England and the USA is still against the use of CBD products without getting banned from the game even though WADA has approved of it. But it is not from becoming a legal product for athletes as it is what is best for them. The lack of awareness is what that stands in the way. The researches and other studies that are going on might help in improving the awareness for this product.