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Darts Rules

Darts Rules: How To Play Darts | Players and equipment | Scoring

  • Aug 26, 2019
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Dart which is mainly played in pubs and required little or no physical fitness. It is a sport in which small missiles are thrown at a dashboard which is fixed to a wall. the game of darts is competitive and is played commonly in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, across the Netherland, the commonwealth, Belgium, the Scandinavian, Germany, The United States, Australia and elsewhere. 

The two professional governing bodies of the game are PDC and BDO. It is one of the largest participatory sports in the world due to the presence of sport in pubs and bars. 

The Object of the Game

The standard version of the game in the competition is 501 and the object of the game is to 'check out' by getting your scores down to 50 before the game and by reaching zero by either throwing a double or a bullseye with your final dart. 

 Players and equipment

 The game of darts requires a dashboard and the darts only. The limited list of equipment is one of the reasons for its success. The board which is used now was created in 1896 by a Lancashire Carpenter. The boardwalk created to penalise inaccurate throwing by keeping large numbers apart and bordering it with small numbers. 

 The dashboard is made from compressed sisal fibres and despite model electronic version it is still the accepted norm. The standard dashboard is generally 17 inches (451mm) in diameter and is divided into 20 radical sections of thin metal wire. These radical sections are numbered from 1 to 20 and contain a thin section at the outer edge and a slightly smaller area midway towards the centre. At the centre of the board is bullseye or a bull which is a usually small red circle and remains surrounded by the larger green outer bull. 

 The dart used for the game are usually made using a combination of metal, nylon and plastic for the points, barrels, Fletching and shafts. The style and makeup of the dart vary according to the player's style and ability, but the weight of it must not be more than 50 grams and must not be longer than 300 mm. 


The points can be earned by a player by throwing darts at the board. The players are allowed to throw 3 darts on their turn with the maximum score beings 180 which can be achieved by hitting free treble 20s. The bull will beings, one 50 points, the outer bull 25 points and the various numbers score their value unless they are doubled or trebled. 

 Winning the game 

 To win the game, a player must reach zero by hitting a double of a bull having first got their score down from the 501starting point. If one achieve this they win the leg and the first of three legs wins the set. 

 Rules of Darts 

 The game of darts has very simple rules, which are discussed below. 

  • For deciding who takes the first turn in the game, the players throw a single dart each, who throws it near to the Bull takes the first chance. 
  • Fee darts are thrown unless the game is won. 
  • At the end of only the darts stuck in, the board are counted and the one that bounces or fall out cannot be thrown again. 
  • If more than total remaining points are scored by a player that there throw ends and scored zero. 
  • The dashboards centre or the centre of the Bull should be exactly 5 feet 8 inch high. 
  • Darts are to be thrown from a toeline marked clearly which is generally called the oche which must be at least 7 feet 9 inches from the board when measured horizontally. 

 How to play 

 There are various ways in which darts are played. Given below is all the detailed description of how to play them. 

 1.501 and 301 

 501 up is considered as the most professional match and is the simplest of game. The players start with a score of 501 and take his turn to throw three darts. The score for each turn is calculated and deducted from the players total. Bullseye brings the player 50 scores, the outer ring 25 and a dart in the double or trebles the segment score. While playing, the objective is to be the first player to reduce the score to exactly zero, the only way this can happen bring that the last dart thrown must land in a double or the bullseye. 

 301 game is played exactly in the same manner, but here the players start the game with 301. Some of the games require a double to start scoring as well as to finish the game. 

 2.Around the clock 

 It is a popular game played for fun. In this game, each player takes a turn to throw three darts and must throw a dart in every segment starting from 1 up to 20 and then to finish with the 25 and bullseye. A player cannot shift to another number until he/she has been successful in throwing at the centre target segment. The player who first hit all the target and then finish with the bullseye wins. 


 In this game, for starting the players toss a coin to decide who bats first. The player starts and during his every turn, he attempts to score as many points as possible using the usual 501 scoring system. When in our turn the batting player scores more than 40 points, the number of points above 40 is added to that player's score. 

 The opponent player who is bowling AIIMS only at the bullseye, where we can score two wickets for the bullseye and one wicket for the 25 rings. The batting player takes turns until the bowling player throws a dart that scores the 10th wicket. The game ends when both players have played two innings each at which point the players with the highest score has won the match. 

 If the batting player lands a dart in the bullseye or 25 rings, he loses a cricket or two. If the bowling players message the throw and the dart does not land on the board 20 extra points are awarded to the batting side. 


 It is the most popular game for large groups and is good swift fun. To start, an order of play is decided and each player gets two through one dart 'bad handed' at the board to decide their number. If the throne dart hit or miss an already allocated number the player losses. The players are allocated a set of life (usually 5) is required to put a small stake into a pot. 

 The game starts with players taking turns to aim at their allocated number, and score a life for each dart that hits it, two lives are given for double and 3 for treble. As the player has scored 5 lives, the player is a killer until somebody else deducts one or more lives from his score. The killer player in at any of the other players numbers. As they do the appropriate number of lives is deducted from the victimised player score. Once a player is reduced to below zero, then the player is out of the game. 

The final player who is left in the game is the winner and collect the pot.

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