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best cricket player in the world

Best cricket players in the world in terms of batting average in T20Is

  • Jan 20, 2022
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Best cricket player in the world in terms of batting average in T20Is

Get to know the top three cricketers best cricket player in the world with the highest average T20Is.
Average determines the success of a batsman. It is measured by dividing the number of runs a player scored by the number of innings played less. Therefore, if the player does not exist more than once, his hit rate will show a greater value.

Therefore, a playmaker who is still not around to see the team across the finish line will demand a higher hitting average despite playing fewer matches. And although the opening goal scored more runs than the final hits, the average hitting would be a little lower because he rarely hits during innings.

So, who is the best cricket player in the world in terms of hitting averages in the T20Is?

CricChronicle picks up the top three players in this category.

Best cricket players in the world with the top average in T20Is

Virat Kohli (India)52.6531592890
Dawid Malan (England)50.15100311024
Babar Azam (Pakistan)47.32203511854

Virat Kohli

Kohli is the best cricket player in the world to have an average of over 50 in all three formats. Since he loves to chase the team and watch them cross the finish line, he remains undefeated most of the time and this increases his batting rate in limited cricket. For the record, he is unbeaten 24 times in the T20Is, and is the second-best player among Indian players after MS Dhoni's 42.

But that doesn't justify Kohli's dominance in this way. In fact, it was very consistent in the shortest form. He has a score of 28 out of fifty or more, and over 3,000 points in the T20Is - currently the only player with such a record. However, he is yet to hit a ton in this format while his teammates like Rohit Sharma (4) and KL Rahul (2) have good numbers to show in the hundred columns.

David Malana

best cricket players in the world

He's the new rising star of the T20Is. The English cricketer is the fastest in innings to reach 1,000 T20I rounds, breaking the previous 26-round best record set by Pakistani cricketer Babar Azam, and reaching the milestone in just 24 rounds. Malan also has a century to his name in this form and has been at his best in the T20Is as of late. However, he only has 24 T20Is and has a long way to go to justify his place in a rare group of batsmen who average over 50 in T20Is. But for now, Malan is the flavor of the season, and he will be crucial to England's chances at the T20 World Championship this year.

Babar Azam

best cricket players in the world

The Pakistani cricketer is often compared to the Indian Kohli across formats. In fact, social media is always trying to find out who is the better batsman out of the two.

Recently, Azam broke Kohli's record for fastest 2000 T20I. Azam Al Muallem achieved in 52 rounds, while Kohli achieved in 56 rounds. Azam is indeed a talented batsman but again longevity will be the key. Will Azzam be able to maintain consistency like Kohli?

2021 World T20 As the two teams will meet for the first time since the 2017 Champions Cup final, it remains to be seen if Kohli or Azam will win the battle for the best cricketer in the world like this.

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