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Formula 1 Schedule Season 2019

Formula 1 Schedule Season 2019

  • Jun 10, 2019
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The Formula One World Championship is the highest level of competition for the open-wheel racing cars. The championship is recognized by the FIA (Federation of International Automobile). It begins in March and ends in December. The top drivers compete with each other to get the World Drivers Champion, and the teams fight to get the title of World Constructors Champion. In the year 2019, the 1000th World Championship race was held in China. In the year 2019, Lewis Hamilton became the World drivers champion, and Mercedes became the defending World Constructors Champion. Do you want to know about the Formula 1 Schedule 2019? Of course!  If you are a fan of this championship, you want to know all about the racing competition and the winner afterward.

The calendar of Formula 1 2019

There will be total 21 Grand Prix, which will run the World Championship 2019, and each race exceeds a distance of 189 miles except Monaco Grand Prix. Here is the time table of Formula 2019.

RoundGrand Prix Held in Date of Race

Australian GP Melbourne GP Circuit, Melbourne 17th March

Bahrain GP  Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir 31st March

Chinese GPShanghai 14th April

Azerbaijan GPBaku28th April

Spanish GPMontmelo12th May

Monaco GPMonte Carlo26th May

Canadian GPMontreal9th June

French GPLe Castellet23rd June

Austrian GP Red Bull Ring Circuit, Spielberg30th June

British GP Silverstone14th July

German GPHockenheim28th July

Hungarian GPMogyorod 4th August

Belgian GPStavelot1st  September

Italian GPMonza8th September

Singapore GPSingapore22nd September

Russian GPSochi29th September

Japanese GPSuzuka13th October

Mexican GPMexico City27th October

United States  GPAustin, Texas3rd November

Brazilian GP Sao Paulo17th November

Abu Dhabi GP Abu Dhabi 1st December

So, this is the Formula 1 Schedule season 2019 and you can keep an eye on the winners online. There are some matches which are already held, but there are many matches left, which will decide the ultimate winner of the game at the end.

Results of Grand Prix till now

Till now, there are six rounds of Formula 2019 which is completed. In the first Australian Grand Prix round, Lewis Hamilton came in pole position while Valtteri Bottas was the winning driver with the fastest lap. In the second round, Bahrain GP, Charles Leclerc came to the pole position and fastest lap, but the winning driver is Lewis Hamilton.

In the third round of the Chinese GP, Valtteri Bottas came on the pole position, Pierre Gasly acquired the fastest lap, and Lewis Hamilton became the winner again. In the 4th round, Azerbaijan GP, Valtteri Bottas was on pole position, and Charles Leclerc was on the fastest lap while winning driver was Lewis Hamilton.  In the 5th round, Lewis Hamilton became the winner.

Changes in the tournament

The US GP and Mexican GP have swapped places, and there isnt any other change in the calendar. There are some sporting regulations which include the bonus point for the driver which get the fastest lap in this race. The point will be awarded only if the driver can classify as the top ten drivers in the end. So, one can say that 2019 is the year when the bonus point is awarded to the winning driver. To enhance the safety of drivers in Formula 2019 championship, high quality of driver helmets is introduced.

These helmets were subjected to several crash tests to enhance deflection and energy absorption. Only certified helmets will be worn by the drivers who will take part in the Formula 1 Schedule 2019 championship.

Till now, Lewis Hamilton has been able to win most of the races, and fastest lap has been won by Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Pierre Gasty (two times) and Charles Leclerc (two times). With these results, one can say that there is fierce competition between the drivers, but Mercedes has been able to win all the races as the constructor, and there are lesser chances that any other company would win the same title other than Mercedes. The winner might be among Lewis Hamilton, or Valtteri Bottas and rest will be found out after the results come up in December.