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How to Bowl a Yorker

  • Feb 12, 2024
  • pitchhigh
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Do you want to master the yorker? That’s great, because this cricket throw might be your saving grace, especially toward the end of close games. Regular practice is a must since it can actually be pretty easy to botch a yorker. With the right form and enough training, you could soon be able to pull off a yorker when you need it the most.

Method1) Performing the Yorker

1) Hold the ball as you would a fast ball.
 Take your normal stance and prepare for your run-up. Position your index and middle fingers to either side of the middle seam. Your thumb should be to the inside of the same side of the seam as your pointer finger.
  • When gripping the ball to throw a fast ball, the joints of your fingers should wrap around the contour of the ball to hold it away from the palm of your hand.
  • Don’t let the yorker’s reputation as a difficult throw put you on edge. Relax. Take a few breaths. A smooth, consistent throw will improve accuracy.