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new hope for struggling Virat Kohli

IND VS SA, 2nd Test: New year, new hope for struggling Virat Kohli

  • Jan 03, 2022
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Virat Kohli is in a strange place. He has proven to be India's most successful test captain, but the centuries that once made him a contender for the 100-tonne Sachin Tendulkar have dried up. Two years in a cricketer's life is like an eternity and when the number 4 does not reach a century for that long, there will definitely be some rumors. Even if you are Virat Kohli.

Add to this also his confrontation with the management of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry after his decision to resign as T20 captain, thus dismissing him as ODI captain. After Kohli led India to an unforgettable test win at the Centurion, head coach Chetan Sharma took it upon himself to tell the world that Kohli was not telling the truth that the board had heard his decision to step down from the leadership. from T20. reconsidering. Right before the T20 World Cup. The indications are pretty clear: Kohli has suddenly gone from being a favorite of the Indian cricket department to the crown of thorns.

In such a situation, it is necessary for the player to have someone who can exert a calming effect around him. And no one is better than coach Rahul Dravid, who can defuse the tension and steer Kohli in the right direction amid a tough and storied run.

"I know up until this particular test match, there was a lot of hype around other issues outside the group. But honestly, in terms of keeping morale high, it's not very difficult as the captain himself is driving it," Dravid said. He produced one of his best forward defenses on the eve of the second Test against South Africa.

Kohli came to South Africa for the first time in his career after being removed from the position of power. Letting go of driving might be a huge blow to someone who is used to caring about where he is in his career, but one understands that he has handled it very well, at least for the outside world. Whether he's getting back into his former fickle self with his teammates, and training as hard as he can, Virat has been his best.

Dravid also praised the captain for the way he has delivered on the tour so far.

Dravid said: "Verrat has been so amazing the last 20 days we were here, the way he trained and connected with the group... I couldn't talk about him more."

Dravid didn't fall into his inner star turmoil when he didn't score a century, saying "it probably happens to all cricketers." But the task that the owner of 36 centuries of experiments insisted on was her captain in the net. "Big results can happen at any time because he's doing all the right things."

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