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What are the top English Premier League clubs and their respective earnings?

  • Sep 09, 2019
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The English Premier League is one of the top football leagues in the world. It is also the most popular and difficult football league in the history of football. Undoubtedly the league has some of the richest football clubs in the world and thanks to the high amount of broadcast revenues and increasing English Premier League sponsorships, the clubs are earning quite a fortune of money. Higher the clubs finish in the League table, the more money they receive every year. So have a look at our article and get to know how much the clubs have earned in the previous season.

English Clubs and 2018-2019 earnings

English Premier League has more than 4 billion audiences around the world, including England. So you can understand how prosperous the league is and that is the reason why all the teams participating in the league is able to maintain strong competition and efficiency in the league.

Liverpool 152,425,146

After having won the UEFA Champions League, Liverpool has been crowned the champions of Europe. So they have earned the lion's share among all the other clubs in the league. They finished 2nd in the league which gained them a lot of valuable broadcasting revenue as well. The club has had a really expensive transfer window last season but with all the earnings, they will have no worries to improve the team even more.

  • Live games: 29
  • League position: 2nd
  • Facility fees: 33,461,785
  • Merit payment: 36,451,842

Manchester City 150,986,355

One of the richest clubs in the EPL right now, Manchester City won the Barclays Premier League in the 2018-19 season which has allowed them to come up on the second position on the earnings is due to massive earnings. Their broadcast revenue is one of the highest in the league and has significantly allowed the management to get hold of good players.

  • Live games: 26
  • League position: 1st
  • Facility fees: 30,104,476
  • Merit payment: 38,370,360

Chelsea 146,030,216

Chelsea played phenomenally well in the 2018-19 season which placed them on the 3rd position in the league. Also the winner of the UEFA Europa League in the 2018-19 season, Chelsea has gathered a significant amount of revenue last season. Winning the UEFA Europa League has provided them with a huge amount of profit last year.

  • Live games: 25
  • League position: 3rd
  • Facility fees: 28,985,373
  • Merit payment: 34,533,324

Tottenham Hotspur 145,230,801

Tottenham had a dream run in the 2018-19 season which lead them to the UEFA Champions League final and they also finished fourth in the EPL. So with such excellent showing of football, the club got rewarded highly as well.

  • Live games: 26
  • League position: 4th
  • Facility fees: 30,104,476
  • Merit payment: 32,614,806

Everton - 128,603,905

Everton had a fairly nice season last year which has allowed them to earn over 125+ million. Considering that they have finished the league in 8th position with 15 wins, Everton did really well in the last season. They will be looking forward to bolstering their team for the next league title.

  • Live games: 18
  • League position: 8th
  • Facility fees: 21,151,652
  • Merit payment: 24,940,734

Arsenal 142,193,180

Runners up in the UEFA Europa League, only to be beaten by Chelsea, Arsenal had a fantastic season. They earned more than 140 million in revenue in a single season and also stood 5th in the league with significant growth.

  • Live games: 25
  • League position: 5th
  • Facility fees: 28,985,373
  • Merit payment: 30,396,288

Manchester United 142,512,868

Manchester United is a big name in the English Premier League and last season their performance was mediocre which lead the team to finish sixth in the league. However, they generated a significant amount of revenue that led them to replenish their treasury once again.

  • Live games: 27
  • League position: 6th
  • Facility fees: 31,223,579
  • Merit payment: 28,777,770

So here are the respective revenue for the top teams in the English Premier League which you should know about. All these teams have shown exceptional football talent last year and provided friendly competition in the league last season. All of them will be ready to compete against each other once again and they will be ready to earn even more in the 2019-2020 season as well.

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