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AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships

AIBA Women's World Boxing Championships 2019

  • Aug 02, 2019
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The city of Ulan-Ude, Russia, is proud to host the AIBA Womens World Boxing Championships 2019.   Starting on October 3rd, the best female boxers in the world will compete for the 11th edition of these championships for the most prestigious boxing titles in the world. The 2019 AIBA World Boxing Championships will be held in Yekaterinburg, Russia from September 7 to September 21, 2019. Weight classes have been adjusted to match those confirmed for the 2020 Olympic boxing tournament. The development of Womens boxing has been one of the central policies of AIBA, and the quality of the boxing, its profile and its popularity have all been given considerable growth over the last decade. In addition to the possibility to earn qualification quotas for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the new format of the competition will add value to the event by bringing only the best boxers to your city and will make the 2019 Edition the most attractive Womens World Boxing Championships ever. Hosting the 11th edition of the tournament is a fantastic opportunity for your country to promote its city and its culture, traditionally attracting some 60 delegations from all over the world along with the accompanying international media, providing a significant boost to the local economy and tourism through increased visitor numbers. That exposure and the association with AIBA and the IOCs targets for gender equality represent an excellent opportunity to create an important legacy for the sport in your country. HISTORY OF AIBA WORLD BOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS The world championships are organized in order to showcase the presence of the sport and it serves as an important tool to promote the sport to unpopular areas of the world. Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur decided to conduct the AIBA World Boxing Championships for both men and women in 1974 and the inaugural edition of the world championships was held at Havana Cuba in 1974. It was held only for mens and first-ever womens world championships were introduced in the year 2001. Since then both men and women categories were held together until 2006. After that AIBA decided to conduct the events separately in alternate years. The mens world championship will be held under 11 different categories over the years. Like other competitions, AIBA world champions are also undergone major changes according to the demands of the modern era. The participation lists are also gone through several heights and it reached the new heights recently. Boxing has made deep in roots in many countries over the years and it clearly impacted the number of nations participating in the event. Cuba, Russia and the United States are the most successful nations in the tournament but India and China are emerging as the new superpowers in recent years. Cuban boxing legend Felix Savon is the most successful boxer in world boxing championships by winning 6 gold medals Almost 19 editions of the AIBA World Boxing Championships have been completed over the years. At first, there were 12 different categories. In 2003 the light-middleweight division (~71 kg) was eliminated. In 2011, the featherweight division (~57 kg) was removed. The remaining categories are flyweight (~49 kg), bantamweight, lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, heavyweight, and super heavyweight. This boxing match is scored round by round. The fighter with the most points wins. Each time an opponent is knocked down, they lose a point. Immediate victories are determined by a complete knockout. The competition uses medals to award participants. Currently, Russia has dominated this competition by winning the most medals, their women are ranked first while the men are ranked second.  NEWS REGARDING HOST COUNTRY The amateur boxing association has picked Russia to host the 2019 Women's World Championships -- the country's first worlds event since the national anti-doping agency was reinstated in September. AIBA says it will confirm Ulan Ude in eastern Siberia after the city has filed additional documents. The World Anti-Doping Agency ended a three-year suspension for the agency known as RUSADA following doping scandals. The AIBA executive committee met in Moscow before a presidential election Saturday. AIBA's interim president, Gafur Rakhimov of Uzbekistan, is standing against former Olympic silver medalist Serik Konakbayev of Kazakhstan. Rakhimov is on a U.S. Treasury Department sanctions list for alleged ties to organized crime and international drug trafficking. He denies wrongdoing. AIBA CONGRESS The AIBA Congress is an assembly to which all National Federations members are convened every two years. The Ordinary Congress with elections shall be held every four years. The AIBA Congress is the supreme legislative body of AIBA and has the following powers: votes to adopt and amend these Statutes;elects the President, each Vice President and EC Members every four years, and may, in an Ordinary or Extraordinary Congress, convened in accordance with these Statutes, remove any such person from office by a two-thirds vote of no-confidence;appoints, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, a person as an Honorary President, Honorary Vice President or Honorary Member of AIBA;approves the minutes of the preceding Congress;approves the consolidated and audited financial report;decides the level of the Annual Affiliation Fee;ratifies the admission or exclusion of National Federations following the decision of the Executive Committee;disbands or dissolves AIBA. 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