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Michael Jordan Rings

Michael Jordan Rings: How Many & How Much Do They Cost

  • Feb 03, 2021
  • pitchhigh
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Legendary Michael Jordan has won 6 NBA Championships throughout his career. He dominated the 1990s and earned a pair of three crowds to bring his name to life in history.The crew and players of the winning team receive the Championship Rings after winning the title, and it's surprising to learn that Michael Jordan has 6 epic episodes! So what's its value?Each NBA tournament is crafted to perfection with a unique design, depending on which team wins it in a particular year. The cost of the ring depends on the work being done; For example, the premium version of the 2019 Toronto Raptors Championship Ring is encrusted with 640 gemstones and has a value of $ 100,000.Here is the value of the six episodes of Michael Jordan's EraChampionship rings have been a part of culture since the NBA Finals in 1947. Rings have always been invaluable to those who receive them, as they are a souvenir for all those who worked to win the championship.Surprisingly, Michael Jordan won six of those rings. He ruled as the league's best player for several years when the Chicago Bulls won six championships in 8 seasons!Now, the thing about the championship ring is that it would have cost anywhere between $ 15,000 and $ 150,000, but the resale value is always higher, mainly depending on who owns it.In 2020, all six of the Chicago Bulls were sold at auction with a total price of $ 255,840. The rings belong to former Bulls security guard John Capps, who has worked with the organization for 52 years.The episodes went up for auction after the death of the Capps in 2018, and each championship episode was priced differently, with the 1997 and 1998 episodes selling for $ 40,000 per episode.So what is the value of Michael Jordan rings?Each episode awarded to a member of the Bulls organization will have a different market rate. If the original Michael Jordan rings were auctioned off, they would attract a lot of buyers and the bidding would be crazy.One of the closest, if not accurate, examples is the price at which Karim Abdul-Jabbar's rings were sold. The Hall of Famer put up 4 out of 6 championship episodes for a charity auction and sold them at unbelievable prices.Here's an ESPN report on the same thing, "Abdul-Jabbar's ring sold for the highest price in 1987, at $ 398,937.50, followed by his 1985 ring ($ 343,700). His 1980 and 1988 rings sold for $ 245,500 each."Each year’s championship ring is unique. The Michael Jordan rings have diamonds along with the gemstones but the finger they belong to definitely adds more value to the rings.There is no fixed price for the six Michael Jordan rings, but a rough estimate can always be made. Many souvenir collectors would easily be willing to pay at least $ 500,000 to own one of the Jordan rings, and the entire collection would undoubtedly sell for millions of dollars.Also Read: RONNIE O'SULLIVAN | EVERYTHING TO KNOW ABOUT HIM