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IPL 2020

Brijesh Patel: IPL 2020 will start on September 19 in the United Arab Emirates

  • Jul 24, 2020
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IPL 2020: This means that after the T20 World Cup in Australia was postponed, the Board of Control for Cricket in India set a 51-day window for IPL, the same as last year, ruling out more double addresses.The deferred version of the Indian Premier League (IPL) to be played in the United Arab Emirates will begin on September 19, and the final will be played on November 8. Brijesh Patel, Chairman of the IPL, confirmed the schedule on Friday, although the Indian board is still waiting for a green signal from the government to take out IPL from India."We have written to the Indian government. We hope to get a response very soon. Once it arrives, a meeting of the IPL Board of Directors will be held next week to finalize all other details."This means that after the T20 World Cup in Australia was postponed, the BCCI set a 51-day window for the IPL, like last year, ruling out more double addresses. Having two games on the same day has become a conflict with broadcasters, who cannot take advantage of afternoon games in the same way as night games. Even when double heads are scheduled, they are booked on weekends. The same formula will be applied when the program is finally formed.When the board meets next week, it will have to make other decisions, whether it is possible to maintain home and visitor coordination this year or not. There are three locations in the United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai, where matches can be organized. Dubai itself has two reasons; In addition to the main stadium, there is also the ICC Academy ground where T20 International Associated Nations was organized. In addition, the spending modalities must be completed, the amount the concessions will incur, and the board. Patel said, "All these matters will be decided by the Governing Council."The meeting will also decide whether IPL-13 may have limited crowds, now that the COVID-19 situation has become better there. "We will seek advice from the UAE government if we can have crowds," he said.With each team needing at least a month to train, the franchise is expected to leave the base before August 20, giving them exactly four weeks to prepare.Also Read: The NFLPA tells players that there will be no Preseason matches in 2020

IPL 2020

BCCI shares detailed plan for IPL 2020 in UAE

  • Jul 29, 2020
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The Indian Premier League (IPL) Governing Council will meet over the weekend in a conference call, followed by a meeting with key stakeholders: franchisees, broadcasters, and central sponsors.The meetings will chart out the "final plan" for the tournament, which will take place in the UAE from September 19.This comes after reported on concerns raised by the dealership about the arrangements being made for the 13th edition of the IPL. "In all these years of the IPL, the responsibility for accommodation, hospitality, travel, etc., during the IPL, was with the owners of the team. Nothing will change this year. The only change will be in the POEs regarding COVID "President Brijesh Patel said, also confirming the dates for the Meetings.BCCI decided to share its plans with UAE on MondayBio-secure bubble: Strict protocols being put in place. Each franchise agency will create its own bubble in which the team only interacts with the limited number of people in its ecosystem or assigned to them by the BCCI. A similar bubble will be created for employees of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, broadcasters, etc. Only through pre-designated coordinators will anyone be allowed to interact with people outside of their bubble.Revenue pools: Since the 60 IPL matches were played in 51 days, there will be no change in the distribution of the CBI's central income group.Gate money: If IPL were not to happen, franchises would not have sought any income. Letting go of gate money, the board says, is "pittance".Travel & accommodation: The franchise must specify its own travel and residence arrangements in the United Arab Emirates. Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry will coordinate with UAE authorities to guarantee "discounted hotel rates" and share them with concessions. Thereafter, the franchise would have the right to compromise on the options available to BCCI or to make its own arrangements. The franchise will take its players to the Emirates and vice versa, as is the case during the IPL in India each year.Medical assistance: Franchises will organize their own medical teams and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will organize a central medical team. Once the players and support staff arrive in the UAE, the burden of proof will fall on the dealer, who in turn will coordinate with the BCCI medical team 24/7. The medical team of each franchise will remain with their teams in the security bubble.Player replacement & loaning: There will be no change in player policy and franchises will be free to travel with additional players to avoid last-minute travel.The Board and the Board are working in fine detail to prepare a draft of these policies to be discussed at Saturday's meeting and then shared with the concessions. "Once we share what we do with the benefits, we know there will be questions. We need to be fully prepared," says Patel.Source: Times of IndiaAlso Read:Brijesh Patel: IPL 2020 will start on September 19 in the United Arab Emirates