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Italian Football Federation considers allowing fans into stadiums in July

Italian Football Federation considers allowing fans into stadiums in July

  • Jun 02, 2020
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The revised Italian Serie A calendar is expected to be announced Monday night There are 124 games remaining, to be played in 43 days, starting June 20.Italian soccer is considering allowing fans to enter stadiums next month.The Italian Federation issued a 40-page document on Monday outlining strict new rules for the resumption of Series A on June 20.The document specifies that teams must enter and leave the stadium at different times and limit the number of people on stadiums to 300, including players, staff,and journalists.However, Italian media have reported that the Football Association may discuss in its next meeting a very small number of fans who are allowed to attend."It is something that I really want with all my heart," said union president Gabriele Gravina. "It cannot be thought that in a stadium that can accommodate 60,000 spectators, there is no room for a small percentage of fans with the necessary precautions."The revised Italian league schedule is expected to be announced Monday evening. It was decided last week to resume the four-game deferred games when Italian sports were closed in March due to the Coronavirus.There are 124 games in Serie A, which will take place in 43 days. Most of it will be held at night, the first of which will start at 5:15 pm due to the heat in the country, especially in July and August.Juventus, bidding on the ninth consecutive record for the title, has a point ahead of Lazio. Inter Milan are third, nine points behind the leader, with a postponed match.The Italian Cup will be finished a week before the Serie A resumes. The first stages of the semi-finals have already been played: Milan tied Juventus 1-1 and Napoli beat Inter Milan 1-0.A strict medical protocol that includes a controversial and potentially problematic regulation was developed that if a person were in a club, player or team positive test of COVID-19, the entire group should go to a 14-day training camp.The federation hopes to shorten this if the number of new cases in Italy continues to decline."Football has never asked for shortcuts," said Gravina. There are clear rules that allow you to continue the activity, isolate an athlete or employee, and continue the training."We hope the reassessment will take place soon, a week before the tournaments start. We will send a new offer, hoping to find room in the grammar review, which today creates anxiety and anxiety in our sport."Article Source: More: Serie A gets green light for June 20 restart