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Monster League

Monster League Studios launching NFT esports platform Mokens

  • Mar 14, 2022
  • pitchhigh
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Barcelona-based studio Monster League has revealed the launch of its NFT-based e-sports platform Mokens League.The platform includes games like soccer, tennis, baseball, hockey, and beach volleyball, with the gameplay environment to win focused on gameplay.From novice to expert, players will be able to earn in-game currency by playing and winning games, tournaments and leagues. This currency can be used to buy NFT characters for a player's team, or it can be traded, borrowed, or sold.The same currency will also be used to purchase consumables and upgrade the display capabilities of NFT characters, which are unique and are randomly generated. Upgrading it should increase its market value.The coming launchIn the coming months, there are plans to sell public and private $MOKA, the Mokens League token, and launch in-game NFTs through its marketplace.Martin Repetto and Maximo Redis, founders of the Mokens League, have decades of experience building start-ups like cryptocurrency firm Voxelas and game builder Atmosfire.“NFTs and tokens can entice players to play our games, but as always, players will need to keep up with the great esports mechanics and gameplay,” said Martin Repetto, CEO of Monster League Studios."Right now, the most played game in the world is competitive esports. So our top priority at the moment is to create a game that is fun to play, easy to advance in, but difficult to master."“Just like chess or poker, there will be different levels that people can compete at without being outdone by professional or expert players. These games should be just as fun as you should watch them, because the streaming community is the main driver.” of game adoption. . He's the driver now."Ignite Tournaments, the organizer of the Play-to-win contest, recently raised $10 million to create an online gaming tournament and mobile streaming platform.Also Read - Top 10 Fantasy Cricket Websites in India