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IPL 2022, GT vs SRH: 'Will do it one day', says pace sensation Umran Malik on hitting 155 kmph

  • Apr 28, 2022
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MUMBAI: Young pacemaker Imran Malik says he would like to cross the speed of 155 km/h someday, but his main focus is on bowling in the right areas as he claimed his first pentathlon in the IPL.The 22-year-old put Jammu Sunrisers Hyderabad on the brink of winning by numbers 5/25 before Rahul Tewatiya and Rashid Khan smashed four sixes in the final as the Gujarat Titans won the match by five. shutter.Although his efforts were in vain, Imran was declared Man of the Match by one of the best bowlers in IPL history.Umran Malik with a casual 153 km/h yorker to send Wriddhiman Saha packing. Unreal. #GTvsSRH— Mike Stopforth (@mikestopforth) April 27, 2022Malik said after the match on Wednesday night, “The idea was to throw fast, maintain length, and plan wickets. I took out Hardik Bhai with a goalkeeper and mixed (Wridyman) Saha and took him out with Yorker.”"I tried to mix up my bowling and focus on the wicket because it's a small ground. Otherwise, our bowling would have been fine."Asked if he still wanted to touch 155 km/h, he said: "I just want to throw in the right areas and in good terrain and if I have to do it above 155 mph, God willing, I will one day."Malik has been consistently running at over 150 kilometers per hour throughout the season, taking 15 wickets in eight games for an average of 15.93.Malik went into attack late on the eighth day, delivering devastating fast delivers through the Gujarat Titans' top rankings, becoming the first IPL footballer to take the first five wickets of innings.He smashed Shubman Gill's torso on his first wicket, before sending out Hardik Pandya with a combination of speed and jump.Next, he produced a perfect speed of 153 km/h to break a wicket and Redman Saha, before David Miller and Abinav Manohar each signed five wickets.Also, Read - Who is the new God of cricket after Sachin Tendulkar?

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Kuldeep Yadav, Rovman Powell star as DC beat KKR by 4 wickets

  • Apr 29, 2022
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The story of Kuldeep Yadav's return is increasing day by day. He was only able to pick up five wickets in 14 games for the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2019 and 2020 before setting off the bench for good in 2021. In the two games he's played against KKR this season, Kuldeep now has eight wickets in his bag alone. On Thursday night, he took 4/14 reserve 4/35 in the previous game.When he broke the KKR draw for the second time this season, he offered Team Delhi Capitals a comeback in the competition by restricting KKR to 146/9. His spell set up the game for a tense assortment of hits in the capitals to chase the target with six balls and four wickets to spare.The undefeated Ruffman Powell 16-ball 33 calmed nerves on the Capitals bench when David Warner knocked off 26-ball 42 and captain Rishabh Pant 2 for 84/5 on 12. The KKR's freefall under new captain Shreyas Iyer isn't over.Kuldeep publicly expressed the confidence Rishabh Pant put in him during the tournament. He delivered it back at Wankhede Stadium. After Mustafa Rahman, Chetan Sakarya, Aksar Patel, and Chardol Thakur choked each other out in a power game, Kuldeep claimed a share of IPL starters Baba Inderjit and Sunil Naren in the second and third balls. Spell to reduce KKR to 4/35.Kuldeep Yadav has picked up his fourth wicket and Andre Russell goes for a duck.Just as Iyer seemed to gain some momentum with his 42 for 37, Pant miraculously caught a shot from Kuldeep. The dangerous Kuldeep tricked Andre Russell three balls later and stopped him for a duck. The pitch looked double-paced and Coldip's bluff was too much for the KKR's hitting lineup, which was 83/6 on the 14th.Despite all the talk about Pant's faith in Kuldeep, he hasn't let Kuldeep complete his full quota of four sums. Perhaps the KKR had a window to break out, and Nitish Rana replaced Lalit Yadav with an 18 in 17 runs to add some momentum to the roles. Rana seemed to be the only stable thing in the chaotic KKR arena that cut and replaced their eleventh game in a big way. The team does not match the team that started within the tournament.With his calm head and clear vision, he threatened to inflict great damage on the people of the capital with 57 out of 34 balls. During his 34-ball 62 trade partnership with Rinku Singh on the seventh wicket, Rana was exposing the weak points of the capitals. Bowling of Death Mustafizur played his magic in the final, conceding just two runs and catching three wickets, finishing four overs at 3/18 numbers, and making sure KKR didn't get away with the game.Read More - Who is Richest Cricketers in the World | PITCHHIGH

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Hardik Pandya-Led Gujarat Titans Storm Into Playoffs

  • May 11, 2022
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Hardik Pandya is a happy person. Without any leadership experience, he was named the captain of Gujarat Titans at the start of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022. Now, his team is the first to enter the IPL 2022 Qualifiers. They have cemented their place in the top four with two matches remaining. He scored nine wins and 18 points in 12 matches. Wins over LSG became even more endearing after GT suffered setbacks in their last two matches against Punjab Kings and Mumbai Indians.After winning the LSG, Pandya revealed the message he sent to the GT team during the match against LSG, which they won by 62 runs.“Really proud of the guys. When we started this journey together it was clear that we had confidence in ourselves, but it was a huge effort before we qualified for Match 14 and we were very proud of the last match On me, I spoke to the people (loss to MI) as we thought the match was over before it was over,” Hardik Pandya said after the match."It was a lesson we learned. I think we have always been under pressure because of the number of matches we have won. The last match was the only match we were ahead of the match and we knew how we had K hitters and we were leaving." She ended. But that was not the case. It was a collective thing. Even in this match (against LSG) when they were both eight, I said, "Let's be tough. This game is beautiful. If it's over it's not over, it's not over." So let's make sure we get over it. If they're disappointed, let them go, do it, and rest after the match.He also talked about the return of GT despite losing the last two games. "I always think that when you lose a game like we played the last game in a group, the important thing is that we win the match as a team and play the match as a team. We lose. We didn't do what we were supposed to do and we know we messed it up a little bit, but we're going to screw it up as a team." One. We say as a team 'we won.' Of course, if we lose we say 'we lost' instead of saying: this man, that man. We laughed too. It is important to ensure that we always maintain the atmosphere."Pandya paid tribute to left-hander Sai Kishore, who made two bets for seven runs in his first match in IPL 2022.“Sai, I rated him very highly as a left-arm bowler. He is a very professional bowler. Because of his length and speed, he gets more wickets. Because of their fast bowling attack, I am not. We don't have to. I haven't. But looking at these wickets, we thought if we added a right-hand axle, it would make a big difference.GT may have posted a total of 144/4, but Pandya was always confident of victory. "The way he hit everyone, especially Shopman, I thought at 145 we were in the game. I think his bowling was too short. The extra length was helpful." So it was also a group chat. If you throw really far or go too far then only two pieces can score a goal, or cover the lead. The bowlers did everything they had to do and we adjusted all the mattresses. ,Also Read, Who is the Best Yorker King? | PITCHHIGH