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UFC 249

UFC 249 still on, with Tony Ferguson fighting Justin Gaethje on April 18

UFC 249 still on, with Tony Ferguson fighting Justin Gaethje on April 18

  • Apr 07, 2020
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The promotion of mixed martial arts announced the move to UFC 249 main event on Monday. Gaethje replaces expert light hero Nurmagomedov, who appears to be unable to leave Russia amid epidemic.UFC 249 is still slated for April 18, with Tony Ferguson fighting Justin Gaethje for a lightweight temporary title in the main event.Although UFC President Dana White has yet to announce the venue for the largest pay-per-view in his spring show, he is still determined to hold an event in less than two weeks amid coronavirus pandemic.The promotion of mixed martial arts announced the move to UFC 249 main event on Monday. Gaethje replaces expert lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov, who appears to be unable to leave Russia amid the epidemic."The battle is 100% signed directly on ESPN somewhere on Earth!" White tweeted Monday.White remained steadfast in his UFC fight plan while almost all top-level sporting competitions stopped.White is reported to be trying to secure a place on the west coast for the show, possibly on tribal land. Most states of the United States of America have restrictions that make it impossible to make an offer even without an audience.White's research faced another obstacle later on Monday when the Ringside Physicians released a statement calling for the suspension of all combat sport events indefinitely.The ARP statement said: "Any combat sport occurring during this global epidemic places athletes, officials and anyone else involved in the event at an unnecessary risk of infection and transmission of COVID-19." "Moreover, combat athletes often need medical attention after the fight, and we don't want to see any additional pressure on a really stressful medical system."To host an event, White will have to find first-class doctors willing to work against the ARP recommendation. UFC is likely to actually have to employ its own judges and governors while it serves as its own regulatory body, as most state sports committees will not currently allow an event to occur in their jurisdictions.White has tried to tackle the rest of the team's sporting plot to deal with the epidemic in the past five weeks. UFC had a full combat card in an empty square in Brazil last month, but had to cancel its next three scheduled offers when even the original Nevada did not allow the promotion of fighting in an empty square.Most UFC fighters have expressed their desire to fight during the epidemic. Mixed martial artists are generally paid only if they fought, although Bellator and other promotions have paid to fighters whose seizures were canceled due to the epidemic in recent weeks.Ferguson (25-3) is a longtime lightweight competitor who has been booked to fight Nurmagomedov five times. Every seizure failed due to injury or other conditions.Gaethje  (20-2) is among the most exciting UFC fighters, with a mind-free combat mindset indicating an exciting confrontation with reckless Ferguson.I'm terrified and ... I love it, "Gaytigi tweeted after the announcement.Nurmagomedov announced last week that he had no intention of leaving his homeland of Dagestan, noting that travel restrictions in Russia had made this impossible. The undefeated hero later claimed that he would be willing to go into combat, but was unable to plan because he did not know where and when it would happen.UFC 249 was originally based at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.Read More: Coronavirus: ATP, WTA Seasons Suspended Until June 7

UFC returns as more real… behind closed doors- Pitchhigh

UFC returns as more real behind closed doors- Pitchhigh

  • May 11, 2020
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As one of the first sporting contests to come back live amid the vocal clamor for normalcy, UFC 249 event presented the gritty aspect of fighting often lost in the spectacle.Live sports returned with UFC 249 on Sunday, leading what was the best fight in the short closed-doors MMA history. Justin Gaethje pummeled Tony Ferguson to win the lightweight championship and set up a date with the unbeatable Dagestani champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.US President Donald Trump congratulated his "great" friend and UFC Chief Dana White on ending two months of waiting for major sports work in the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic. "We want our sport back," Trump said in a video message outside the Oval Office.In turn, White supported the hosts in Florida and shared that he was already swamped with calls from "other states and sports leagues". “You can learn a lot from what we do there. White told reporters after that, not only for professional sports but also to get people back to work ...”There were also other meals. Someone recorded (pun intended in some way) during the aforementioned 24 min-slugfest Gaethje-Ferguson. Upon hearing the bone-crunching sound of bone-on-bone collision and hitting the high-speed strikes meeting flesh, one realized what "POWs" and "BLAMs" were trying to convey in those comic panels.In professional sports, the noise is good and commotion even better. However, there was always room for silence.Among the points, "calm" is not only welcome on tennis courts but is mandatory. Golfers complain about the conversations in the background. The NFL rule book contains a 900-word section to handle crowd noise. Any cricket fan watching the Ranji match knows that the sound of leather and wood is enough to play.But has the sports viewing experience been boosted before due to the lack of an audience like UFC on Sunday?One of the last major professional sports to pause after mounting criticism, and her first resumption amid equal natural hype, UFC held its first major pay-per-action event for an empty stadium in Jacksonville. The closure means that the program has been stripped of the thousands of blood-causing viewers and the accompanying exhibition.As a result, the work was much stronger.First, Disclaimer: Nothing can replace the roar of jumping from crowd seats after knockout or submission. While presenting a brilliant event, a closed UFC event presented the brave side of the fighting that is often lost in the show.Watching the telecast on Sunday, it was difficult to separate the fighters from the punishment they exchanged. Once “human cockfighting” mocked her, UFC looked like a sport, and odd wrestlers looked human. Nothing more than Ferguson and Gaethjhe, cult favorites and two of the most violent competitors.Each exhales and exhale out loud as they land or shoot heavily. The sounds of spitting blood or expelling it from its increasingly disfigured nose. Sweaty feet creaking on the carpet. The sounds you might hear at a boxing gym or jiu-jitsu gym have made them all surprisingly intimate.There was no crowd that also meant that there was no booing or low hummus, generally reserved for inaction periods or non-advertising stars.There was also talk of garbage that was generally missed in tone. Keep it away from this stool. You suck the wind, boy. ”Ferguson shouted at the end of the second round when Gaethje collapsed in his corner.Training can also be heard in real-time from both angles, although the advice of the broadcasters' office is what helped most of the fighters.Daniel Cormier, Joe Rogan, and John Anik sit separately around the appraiser, and soon they learn at work not to talk to each other and make a coherent transition. But Cormier, a former hero in two parts, was the fighters themselves could easily pick up their loud and loud calls.Straw contestant Carla Esparza said her criticism of Cormier for not mixing strikes and fighting helped her change the game plan in the middle of the round. Heavyweight Greg Hardy admitted he started controlling upcoming kicks with his leg after hearing Cormer's talk about it. Calvin Kattar featherweight also referred to as the DC line."We have to whisper a little bit, people can hear everything," medieval world wrestler Cormier realized at the main event.Henry Segudo, the Cormier American teammate at the Sydney Olympics and a 55 kg gold medal, defended his title and announced a sudden withdrawal. Ceiling champion bantamweight and flyweight Cejudo decided to go out on top. The 33-year-old's speech was surprisingly sharp. Cejudo, also called the "Sugar King" of his heroine, spoke without interruption in the absence of the usual mix of cheering and clamor.Read UFC cut the match after positive fighter tests for coronavirusThe interviews that followed the fighting in all areas were less provocative, trained, and more gloomy and influential. Most fighters noticed the unrealistic situation and wanted everyone safe.The bigger picture is still full of bad optics. First, it is difficult for the UFC to get rid of the usual filth associated with combat sports. White's proximity to Trump and the duo's rush to get things back on track have long been criticized.Brazilian wrestler Jacquard Souza and his appearances in the corner were positive the day before the event and the fighting had to be eliminated. UFC looks at the positives, and White said the positive case was only talking about strict “1100+ tests” they would do for their three events in eight days. However, it was still uncomfortable to see broadcaster Joe Rogan shake hands and be around the fighters during the interviews.The size of the maneuver at UFC will be evident in the coming days. On Sunday at least, the Symphony of Violence played all the right notes.Read More: WWE Money In The Bank 2020 results: Otis, Asuka climb the corporate ladderArticle Source:

I will bless him for 24 minutes.- Kamaru Usman warns Jorge Masvidal before UFC 251

  • Jul 09, 2020
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UFC heavyweight champion Kamaru Usman had choice words for his rival UFC 251 Jorge Masvidal ahead of their scheduled fight. The two elites will preside over the main card on Yas Island fighter island in Abu Dhabi. The fight was embodied in a notice just 6 days after Gilbert Burns was denied of his title after a positive test for COVID-19.UFC 251's new highlights never lost love with each other as they entered the World Title Battle. Although the fighting started on short notice, the fighting was accumulating for most of the year. Since Masvidal has emerged as a prominent competitor three times in a row, he has quarreled with the "Nigerian Nightmare".Kamaru Usman: "I will bless him with these hands."Amid a tense back and forth in the media, tenacious resentment was created between 170 pounders. Kamaru Usman went after Jorge Masvidal during a recent interview with ESPN's Brett Okamoto."All I will say is that I will bless him with these hands in any way I can. Whether on his back, I will bless him with these fists. Whether he is standing, I will bless him with these fists."Bad blood reached a boiling point on more than one occasion, as almost all fighters exited the cage. Earlier this year, an unpleasant interaction took place between Uthman and Masvidal at a Super Bowl show. Clearly, both athletes are seeking to solve the result.It is up to him how to deal with that. Either you allow me to bless you in the first round where there is no more suffering, or you can endure it like Covington and I will bless you for 24 minutes until I get you out of there. "Fight fans are brimming with excitement as the historic Fight Island card is ready to start. The MMA community has been calling for a fight between the two because it offers a compelling narration. Not to mention that the stylistic depth of the match-up is another element to behold.Read More: Conor McGregor reveals a new Reebok tracksuitArticle