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Who is the Father of Cricket | PITCHHIGH

  • Jun 28, 2022
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Today, more than 150 countries play cricket. Most of the current generation fans think that the father of cricket is Don Bradman or Sachin Tendulkar or any other famous cricketer of the past decades. However, everyone is wrong to expect the godfather of cricket. We tell you about the man who was responsible for taking this sport to the international level.

The Board of Directors of Cricket, the International Criminal Court, is doing its best to take the game to another level and ensure the development of the game in its partner countries. However, before the ICC took control of the game, it was mostly played in an English language school at leisure. Nowadays young people choose this sport as a career option and want to represent their country at the international level.

Who is the father of cricket in the world?

William Gilbert Grace has been called the godfather of cricket in the world. William Gilbert Grace, better known as W.G. Grace, contributed to the development of cricket. When WG Grace started playing cricket, the game was not very popular. At that time, it was very difficult to organize a suitable game as it was difficult to find suitable sponsors.

Why is WG Grace called the father of cricket?

William Gilbert Grace helps reach a wider range of people by not only simplifying it but also by providing government approval and allowing fans to become an integral part of cricket. Another factor that made W.G. Grace the godfather of cricket in the world due to his batting, fielding, and bowling skills. He was one of the best cricketers in all three aspects at the time. WG Grace played 22 test matches. However, when he wasn't taking the game too seriously, he played forty-four outstanding seasons, scoring 126 FC centuries and 254 half-centuries.

WG Grace was one of the most admired cricketers of his era. He made his Test debut against Australia in 1880. He played for County London, Gloucestershire, and MCC. W.G. Grace was a full-time physician by profession. His brothers Fred and Edward also played Test matches for England.

Who is the father of cricket in India?

Ranjit Sinji is called the father of Indian cricket. It is often referred to as Ranji. Ranjit Singh played at Cambridge University for the remainder of his first division career and also played for Sussex County. In his county-run, he scored 7200,109 half-centuries. (Line)

Ranjit Singh became the first Indian to play for England in test matches. He made his Test debut in 1896. He scored 62 points in the first rounds and 154 points in the second rounds against Australia. Ranjit Sinji, nicknamed the father of Indian cricket, was also the governor of the Indian state of Navanagar. The Indian domestic Ranji Cup tournament is named after him. He also helped his nephew Dolip in playing cricket. In 1961-1962, the Dolep Cup was named after Dollop.

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