World Rowing Championships 2019|Event information

World Rowing Championships 2019|Event information

  • Jul 18, 2019
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World Rowing Championship

Organized by FISA the World Rowing Championship 2019 is an international rowing regatta. A championship is a week-long event which is conducted at the end of the northern hemisphere summer, during non-Olympic years which is the highlight of the international rowing calendar

In 1962, the first event voice held in Lucerne, Switzerland. Until 1974 the event was held every 4 years. It was also during the year 1974 that mens lightweight and women's open wait events were added to the championship and in 1985 womens lightweight event was added. The World Rowing Junior Championship are also conducted at the same time Since 1966.

Venue- To meet the contemporary requirements for the staging water sports events Valentine Marinov with chief consultant Svetla Otzetova built the regatta course Plovdiv an artificial canal with a total length of 2300 meters.

Rowing Championship 2019

The world running championships 2019 will be held in Ottensheim, Austria which will be commenced on 25th August and will end on 1st September 2019. the majority of the qualifiers to the rowing competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan will be determined by this event. There will be fourteen medal events co-tested by 526 athletes.

 The world rowing Cup racing includes 14 Olympic board classes and a selection of international boat classes. Paste on the finishing order the Olympic boat classes earn points.

 The boat classes are awarded as

1st-8point.                     5th-3points 

2nd-6points.                  6th-2points 

3rd-5points                    7th-1point 


Only the first crew will earn the class points if a country has more than one crew in a boat. The yellow world Rowing Cup Leader Bib' is given to the crew with the highest point in each boat class and is declared the world Rowing Cup Leader. The country with the most points at the end of the Championship will be declared as the winner and will receive the Leading Nation Cup.


The tickets are available at local ticket outlet, online OC-office. There is free entry for children up to the age of 10 grandstands are allocated to the families and close friends of the participating rowers, offering them a prime position.

 The tickets are allocated on a First Come First serve basis as the number of space in the grandstand is limited. Tickets are available at a price of 180 for the full 8 days at 140 for the four days of finals.


The World Rowing Championships 2019 is open to all those competitors who are authorized to compete by their member federation and are eligible under the relevant rules.

    The competitor must be a citizen of the country he is representing.

    The competitor must be able to prove his nationality by showing an Official Document.

    Assigned commitment from the FISA must be submitted by each team before accreditation may be issued at the event.

    according to article 56 Rowers can only compete at the Championship if they have submitted a signed commitment form.

 The executive committee can make an exception in an exceptional case.


Though the Bridge to the South Shore and the South grandstand are not accessible the venue on the side of the finished Tower is fully accessible to the physically impaired.

Board Members

Honorary BOARD 

Eduard Muller, Minister of SportsThomas Stelzer, Governor of Upper Austria

Markus Achleitne, Minister of Economy and Sports of Upper Austria

Klaus Luger,

Mayor of Linz

Franz Freder, Mayor of Ottensheim

Executive BOARD

Gerhard Wildmoser, President

Karl Stoss, President National Olympic Committee

Leo Windtner, President Austrian Football Association

Horst Nussbaumer, President Austrian Rowing Federation

Horst Anselm, President Upper Austrian Rowing Federation

Bernd Schuhmacher, Managing Director 


Horst Anselm

Bernd Schuhmacher

Liliane Pretterhofer

Julia Anselm

Christian Affenzeller, Max Affenzeller, Wolfgang Pawlinetz

Joachim Deutschbauer

Andreas Kropf

Event Logistics, Eva Grohmann

Para-Rowing, Elisabeth Dittrich

Para-Rowing, Susanne Rossmann

Nora Zwilling


The minimum required to be a volunteer is 15 years. The volunteer will receive access to clothing and Daily Meal vouchers. Though accommodation is required to be organized and paid independently e. the volunteer can stay for free in the dormitory.


 The following events are offered at the world Rowing cup 1:

Men (M): 1x, 2x, 2-,4x, 4-,8+

Women(W): 1x, 2x, 2-,4x, 4-,8+

 Lightweight men (LM): 2X

 Lightweight women (WM): 2X

 International events:

 Lightweight men: 1X, 2-,4X

Lightweight women (WM): 1X, 2-,4X

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