Barcelona end title-winning season with a draw and Messi hits the 50th goal

Barcelona end title-winning season with a draw and Messi hits the 50th goal

  • May 31, 2019
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This year Lionel Messi has scored twice to hit 50th goal mark for the 6th time in his career on Sunday. Real Madrid puts out a poor ending in this season after losing a round in the Spanish League.  Messi has been able to score 49th & 50th goal in all of the competitions which were held in this season and gave 2-2 draw to Barcelona at Eibara and then the league was finished as the top scorer who made 36 goals for the team Spanish Champions.  

This is great news and happiness for the fans of football as Messi hits the 50th goal in this tournament and she showed his full potential by doing his best. Almost everyone waits for the magic of Messi on the field and this time he proved himself once again as always. Barcelona became the team, which has been able to clinch this league title by playing three rounds and then they will try to get the Copa del Rey title this weekend during the face off with Valencia. It is just a chance of treble in major titles which was ended by a team of Liverpool in semi-finals of the Champions League.

Barcelona was able to win the league with a total of 11 extra points than Atletico Madrid, which was in the second position and it is a great victory for Barcelona team. Not only this, but it also gets nineteen points extra than Madrid, which is the fiercest rival of Barcelona. The coach of Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde told, We were very consistent all season long and thats why allowed us to win the league by such a comfortable margin. The comment made by him wasnt wrong at all and Barcelona Messi has done a lot for the team.  

Madrid team bad outcomes

The team Madrid loses a match to the team Real Betis in Santiago Bernabeu. Most of the supporters of the Madrid team really hoped that the team will do well in the summer. The coach of the team, Zinedine Zidane wasnt able to save the grace of the campaign. As per Zidane, It isnt that we dont want to, we are able to. The best thing is for this to be over. We are already thinking about the future and next season. This was a title-winning season just for Barcelona, but for Madrid, it was a really disappointing time of the tournament.

Madrid has entered this match with a goal of not playing anything as they were locked in 3rd place for the 2nd consecutive season after 1974. The defender of Madrid, Marcelo said that this was only their fault as they didnt begin the match in a good manner and they werent even able to finish it well.

Messis Double

Messi was able to move four goals just ahead of Kylian Mbappe who is the forward player and has 32 with a round left in Friend league being the top scorer in domestic leagues of Europe major. The young player of Barcelona, Marc Cucurella opened score even before Messi when he got a pass for a goal from Arturo Vidal. Barcelona Messi spreads magic whenever he arrives on the football field and he has been very well-known for his amazing playing skills for a long time.  

Messi came just over a minute when he broke the line behind Eibars high defense and he received this ball from Ivan Rakitic and then chipped it through Marco Dmitrovic goalkeeper. Messi hits the 50th goal in this game and he has been able to win the hearts of his fans. In the end, Atletico, Champion Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid qualified for the Champions League. Rayo Vallecano, Huesca, and Girona were actually relegated.  All in all, this tournament ended on a good note for the Barcelona team due to the amazing gaming of the whole team and especially Barcelona Messi who is the super footballer.