Cricket Australia going to introduce multiple Super overs in Big Bash League | BBL 2019-20

Big Bash League

The most exciting final in the history of the Cricket World Cup is the 2019 finals.

This rule brought many disagreements from all major cricket boards and social media channels, so Cricket Australia proposed this new rule and will be implemented in the Big Bash League 2019 – 2020 finals.

Under the new W / BBL rules, if two teams are linked at the end of the final and then again after the Super Over, subsequent Super Overs will be played until there is a clear winner.

This new rule applies to all matches in the World Cup series, while the super points associated with a super-tie will be seen in the regular-season game. Regular season BBL games remain tied after Super Over has been pre-determined by the countdown limit.

The new game conditions allow for an “unlimited amount” of Super Overs at the finals, but if there is “unavoidable time constraints”, and site regulations and broadcast restrictions are supposed, CA will limit the number of Super Over’s availability.

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Cricket Australia broke the counting rule allowed in the men’s and women’s version of the Big Bash League (BBL) and several big contestants entered the winners’ report in case of a draw. The International Cricket Council (ICC) has received a lot of criticism from fans and critics after the hosts, England, crowned the 2019 World Cup. 

However, the dark rule is likely to remain in place for the upcoming ICC World Event: the T20 World Cup, to be held in Australia in 2020.

According to the new rules of BBL and BBL Women, if both the final and Super Over end in a draw, subsequent Super Overs will be played until one party has a clear majority.

Alistair Dobson, president of the Australian Cricket Association, said: “Super matches were a global discussion point after the Cricket World Cup final.

“The WBBL04 semi-final between Sydney Sixers and Melbourne Renegades gave us valuable insight into the feelings of teams and fans towards Super Overs.”

“We hope that allowing Super Overs at the WBBL and BBL finals will give the best possible experience for teams and fans.”

“We are looking forward to another competitive season for both leagues and we think we have a strong system in case a qualifying match emerges.”

In the case of inevitable time constraints, default site rules, and transport restrictions, Cricket Australia will determine the number of Super Overs. The team with the highest position will be crowned the winner in this case.

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