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Harshal Patel's sister passed away

Harshal Patel's Sister Passed Away | Emotional Letter to his Late Sister

  • Apr 18, 2022
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  • Harshal Patel's sister passed away on Saturday, 10 April
  • Patel exited the bubble right away but came back after missing one game
  • Patel said in his letter that it was because of her words he took the field this season

Bangalore's royal defibrillator, Harshal Patel, wrote a touching letter to his late sister Archita Patel on Sunday. He posted an honest message on Instagram late Sunday, April 17, in which he said he was one of the kindest and happiest people in his life.

He revealed that his sister asked him not to worry about him and asked him to focus on his game.

"Those words were the only reason I was able to get back on the field last night," Harshalsaid on his Instagram. "Now that's all I can do to remember and honor you. I'll keep going until you're proud of me." ",

Harshalonly missed one match against Chennai Super Kings, which RCB lost by 23 throws to Robin Uthappa and Shivam Dubey. He returned in the next match against the Delhi Capitals after completing a three-day quarantine, a match which RCB won thanks to an impressive performance from Josh Hazlewood.

Patel further wrote in her letter that she will miss every moment of her life and will do anything to make her proud.

He concluded his message by saying: "..I will continue to do whatever makes you proud of me, and I will miss you in every moment of my life, good or bad. I love you so much. Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you." "

RCB faces the Lucknow Super Giants in its next game on Tuesday, April 19th, and is hoping to prevent KL Rahul from dominating the league table. 

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