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Dhanush Srikanth

Hearing-impaired shooter Dhanush Srikanth wins double Asian gold

  • Nov 13, 2019
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While sharing his joy with his parents in Secunderabad, the 17-year-oldused some English and sign language in the video call.

Dhanush Srikanth won individual and group gold medals at the 10-meterJunior Air Rifle Championship at the Asian Shooting Championship in Doha.

While sharing his joy with his parents in Secunderabad, the 17-year-oldused some English and sign language in the video call.

Dhanush was born with hearing impairment, but we never saw it as somethingthat could hinder his ability and talent. He received his first cochlearimplant at the age of one year but was replaced at the age of nine, because itdoes not work properly. His father Srikanth, who is the project manager inBangalore, said my wife and I wanted him to believe that he could achieveanything in life.

On Monday, Dhanush joined Shriya Agrawal to win the gold medal in the 10-meter mixed World Cup by beating China 16-16, and a day later he won an individual honor with a score of 248.2 in the final, beating Jiang China Xuanle for 2.5 points. Dhanush had a 625.3 shot in the playoffs.

Danush's greatest strength was the ability to handle the situation well and he could take shots as he liked and practiced. In the final, he received a yellow card after being charged early but recovered. "I hope this first international medal will lead him to more glory," says Suma Shiror, high-performance director of the Indian Junior Team.

The bronze medalist at the London Olympics, Gajan Narang, played a key rolein Dhanush's lead in being a shooter. It was an ad from Narang's Gun for GloryAcademy in 2015 that helped him make a big leap in the sport. He won juniors,youth and senior titles at last year's Telangana Shooting Championship andcontinued to win the U-21 gold medal at the 2019 Khelo Indian Games in Pune.

I am happy with the way Danush is advancing. He is very consistent in histraining and continues to do the things as he is told. His trainer was lookingto train a shooter like him, and when he came to train, his parents' firstquestion was whether he could shoot? And I certainly said yes, because he canshoot better than most of us, as his other senses are stronger. "Wedeveloped a sign language with shots and I'm glad he was able to turn hisdisability into his greatest strength," Narang says.

Ahead of the Asian Championship, Dhanush had scored 252.5 at the NationalYouth Event in June, a better result than the world record of 251.2. Hefollowed up with 252.1 in the men's senior final in national tests in Septemberand won the gold medal. Dhanush got 626.9 in the playoffs, better than Naranghimself, who scored 623.4.

When he joined the academy, he posed a challenge at first. At first, werelied on the movement of his lips and sign language, regardless of making himunderstand the technical points of sports on paper and drawing. Over time, weboth understood each other, "recalls the Academy instructor, Neha Chavan.

"This year, when he won the gold medal in the Khelo India Games, it motivated him a lot. His score of 629.7 was as good as great shooters and gave him great confidence."

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