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IPL 2021 New Rules: BCCI confirms 90-minute time restriction and no soft signal

  • Mar 30, 2021
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IPL 2021 New Rules: The BCCI said, in its revised IPL 2021 playing terms, which have been traded among franchisees, that 20 must be completed within 90 minutes. Previously, you should have started the 22nd in the 90th minute.

According to Cricbuzz, the BCCI said: "As a match control measure, the number 20 has been included in each half now at 90 minutes, and the 22nd previously had to start at the 90th minute or earlier."

In developing this point, the BCCI said: “The minimum bonus rate to be achieved in IPL matches would be 14.11 hourly bonuses (ignoring the time-out required).

In non-stop matches, this means that the 20th Final must end within 90 minutes (85 minutes of playing time plus 5 minutes of time-out) from the start of the innings. For late-stage or intermittent matches in which the turn is scheduled to be less than 20 bonuses, the maximum time of 90 minutes will be reduced by 4 minutes and 15 seconds for each time the innings are reduced. "

By thinking more about timing, the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry entrusted him with the responsibility of ensuring the verdict of the fourth referee and giving him the power to warn the hitter if he indulged in time-wasting tactics. "In the event that time allocations are given to the field team under clause above (loss of time by the hitting team), this time will be deducted from the allocations granted to the hitting team mentioned in determining your surplus rate. The fourth referee must ensure that the leader of the hitting (if not He is not at the gate) and the team manager is aware of any warnings. "

IPL 2021 New Rules: 90-minute time restriction and no soft signal

BCCI removed the soft signal base in the IPL. According to the new rule, the soft signal from the court ruling will not affect the third ruling. The BCCI stated that “a field judgment that gives a soft signal when the decision is referred to the third referee will not be applicable”.

Reflecting on this, the BCCI said: “If both officials in the field need the help of the third referee to make a decision, the final referee of the shooter will first make a decision on the field after consulting with the referee's final referee. Forward, before consulting with a two-way radio with The third verdict

Such consultation will be initiated by the final referee of the player aiming for the third referee by making the shape of the TV screen with his own hands. The third referee will determine whether the hitter has been caught, whether the pitch is a hit, or whether the hitter has intentionally obstructed the field. In the event of a fair reception, the third referee will use all available technical support. The third referee will inform his decision. "

IPL 2021 New Rules: 90-minute time restriction and no soft signal

There was a clamor to abolish the soft signal in the cricket world and it was India's patron Virat Kohli who spoke out the most against Al Qaeda. He was also against the ruling on LBW's decisions, but BCCI decided to go ahead. "The referee's call is the concept within the DRS according to which the final referee's decision will remain on the field, and which will be applied under the specified circumstances where the ball-tracking technology indicates a marginal decision regarding the area of influence or the wicket zone (sic)."

The BCCI also revised the short-term decision of the arbitrators. The third referee is authorized to override the outside referee's decision to reduce one set of the hitting team's total. There were a lot of controversies last year during the Kings XI Punjab (now Punjab Kings) and Delhi Capitals match where a short-term decision proved incorrect by the square match referee was costly to the Punjab team.

New IPL 2021 Rules: BCCI emphasizes a 90-minute time restriction and no weak signal. The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry said the changes will take effect on April 1.