Pickleball Rules

  • Nov 11, 2020
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Basic Pickleball Rules


The score must be mentioned out loud before each service with the result of the teams serving first, in both pairs of players in the team service, so the last number must be identifying which server is sending.


The serve must be hit in a rocking motion under the hand and the ball must be in contact below the hips. When sending, the server must be behind the baseline and operate in the adjacent service box as in tennis. You only get one serve, if the ball is hit outside the court, in the net, or in the non-air shot zone (the kitchen), it is side-out. The midfield, sidelines and finish lines are in service, but if the ball lands on the no-shot line, it is sideways out. If the ball hits the net and enters the sending zone, it permits and the server maintains the service. You get points only during service.

In doubles, each player serves until a point is lost and then the other team receives the service. At the start of the game, the team that sends the first service gets only one player per server, so the score starts from 0 - 0 - 2. The number 2 means that it is actually the second server.

Double recoil base

When the ball is sent, the player on the receiving end must let the ball bounce one time before hitting it. When the ball returns to the serving side, it must bounce the ball once before it can hit. After the ball bounces once on each side, it can hit the ball without bouncing as long as it is not in the ball's restriction zone within 7 feet of the net.

There is no shot area

The non-hit area is 7 feet from the net on each side. A player may not hit the ball if he is inside the no-fly zone unless the ball rebounds first. If the ball hits a player in the clear area of the plane before it rebounds, the point is lost. Once the ball bounces, the player can hit the ball while in the area. If a player hits a ball while outside the non-shooting area, momentum moves him to the area where the point was lost. If your foot touches any part of the line that is in the area, you can skip the line and hit the ball as long as your foot is behind the line. If the transmission hits the No-Volley line, the transmission team loses the point.