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Rohit Sharma can be relieved from T20I captaincy: Virender Sehwag

  • Jun 29, 2022
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Former India national team player Virender Sehwag believes captain Rohit Sharma could be relieved of his leadership duties in the T20I formula, allowing him to better manage his workload.

Rohit has not been able to appear in all India matches since taking over as captain due to injuries and workload management.

In an interview with PTI-language, Sehwag said, “If the Indian team management has someone else in mind as a leader in the T20 format, I think Rohit (Sharma) can feel comfortable and the following things can be fixed in the future.”.

“First, it would allow Rohit to deal with his workloads and mental fatigue given his age.

The official Indian broadcaster, he said, “Secondly, once someone new has been appointed as captain in T20I, it is time for Rohit to take a break and lead India in both Tests as in ODI.” renews itself.” - England Series.

However, Sehwag said that if the team's management sticks to its current policy of having a single leader to run India in all three formats, Sharma remains an ideal choice.

"If the Indian think tank still wants to go ahead with the same policy, which is to allow one person to run India in all three forms, I still think Rohit Sharma is the best person for that."

Sehwag raised a point pertinent to divided leadership in an age when the ever-bustling international calendar focuses more on managing injuries and mental fatigue.

The separate captain concept was first tested in June 1997 when England appointed Adam Holyoke as the ODI team captain and Alec Stewart was the test team captain at the time.

Over the years, it has been used by other teams including Australia, West Indies, and South Africa.

However, India's cricket ecosystem is slightly different from that of Australia or England, with multiple centers of power operating more seamlessly across all formats than in the Indian subcontinent.

Many captains have not been tested in Indian cricket for a long time. India's World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev has publicly stated that divided leadership cannot work in Indian cricket as it is not part of our 'culture'.

When Rohit was appointed as baseball captain last year, India could have divided the captain for a long time. However, Kohli soon abandoned the trial leader, promoting Rohit as the leader of all forms.

Combinations for T20 World Cup

While there are plenty of permutations and combinations ahead of the T20 World Cup in Australia later this year, the illustrious former India international said his top three picks among batsmen for the tournament would be Rohit Sharma, Ishaan Kishan, and KL. Rahul.

Star batsman Virat Kohli is currently the number three hitter in India.

Sehwag said: "India has options when it comes to heavy-hitting in the T20. However, I will personally accept Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan, and KL Rahul as the top three hitters at the World Cup in Australia. Me." He added, "The right combination of Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan, or for that matter, Ishan and KL Rahul, could be very interesting for World T20."

Sehwag, who was notorious for taking several intimidating bowlers to the cleaners in his heyday, has praised young fast-throwing player Imran Malik and believes the 22-year-old should be the better of Muhammad Shami and Jaspreet. cup of choice. Parah is a mainstay in Indian bowling.

Sehwag said, “If there is one fast player who has impressed me the most, it is definitely Imran Malik. He has definitely followed India’s plans to have one of the top bowlers like Jaspreet Bumrah and Mohamed El Shami. He should be a part.”,

"This IPL has given us many promising young bowlers, but Imran's skill and talent will definitely earn him a place in the Indian team in all three formats in the long run," he added.

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