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Premier League allows 5 substitutes when season restarts

  • Jun 05, 2020
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Premier League: The change was identified during the league's default contributor's/shareholder's meeting, where broadcast improvements were also discussed to make up for the game in absence of the fans.

It was announced on Thursday that the Premier League clubs would be able to use five alternatives/substitutes instead of the usual three when the season resumes on June 17.

The change was identified during the Premier League's default shareholder's meeting, where broadcast improvements were also discussed to make up for the game in absence of the fans.

The increase in subsitutes will be temporary to ease the crowded hours of work that clubs face after a three-month suspension of the season due to the epidemic of COVID-19.

There are 92 distinct matches, with most teams facing nine games over a six-week period.

The Premier League statement said after a shareholder meeting on Thursday that "During the remainder of the 2019/20 season, the number of alternatives/subsitutes that can be used during the match will increase from three to five players,"

“Previous month FIFA Council made amendment To the Provisional Law”

Clubs may have nine alternatives on the bench, compared to the usual seven.

Games are expected to take place at the regular "home and away" basis, with only a few accessories possible to move to neutral locations if authorities believe there is a danger of fans appearing outside the stadium.

Clubs also discussed potential "broadcast improvements" to allow the television to obtain additional footage to encourage game coverage without fans.

Reports indicated that cameras could be allowed on the seat, in the dressing room, and additional cameras in the tunnel along with the sound of coin throwing before the match.

The consultative group to improve transmission in the league was looking for ways to compensate for the lack of atmosphere.

The broadcasters themselves were studying possible changes that they could make, including a possible option for "enhanced audio" with group noise.

One of the options under consideration is that viewers have the option of choosing the natural sound in the stadium or, via a button, a copy with recorded group noise.

No decision has been made, and the league is working on the details of the first batch of match dates.

The matches are expected to be extended by two games available on Friday night, four games on Saturday, three games on Sunday, and the periodic table on Monday night. No games will be played simultaneously.