Summer X Games 2019

Summer X Games 2019: Date, Eligibility, List of Invited Athletes

  • Jul 15, 2019
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This summer X Game is an annual sport hosted, produced and broadcast by ESPN. First Providence and Newport, Rhode Island. The game is held annually since 1998. The participants compete in the event to win bronze, silver and gold medals as well as prize money. The 'X Fest' sports and music festival offers live music athlete autograph seasons and interactive elements.

Due to their big sponsor's name, top tier athletes and consistent fan attendance the X Games gained media exposure. Both the X Games and Winter X Games continues to grow with the popularity of action sports and the athletes who compete in them. The X Games has seen performances by various Rock bands over the years, as well as a DJ on site at all events.

Every year since its commencement it in 1995 athletes from around The World arrives at the X Games to show off their latest moves and tricks as they compete for medals and prize money in sports like skateboarding, rally car racing, motocross, and BMX. The fans of the X Games get treated by an annual entertainment extravaganza featuring a rocking music festival and in-your-face meetings with famous athletes, games, Demos and other special events. It's time that you forget those reality TV competitions like the X Games is the real deal as more than 200 top young athletes compete for 4 days of extreme hair- raising maneuvers.

X Games is one of the most breathtaking sports competition in the world.

All about X Games 2019

This year, this summer X Games has been scheduled from Thursday, August 1 to Sunday, August 4, 2019, and is returned to downtown Minneapolis at US bank stadium, home of NFL Minnesota Vikings.


Tickets are traditionally available online at,at all the ticket counters and also at the box office at the US Bank center in Minneapolis. The tickets of X Games tickets are snatched up at lightning speed, so better you be fast or else ticket resellers pick up the vendor for many. The tickets for X Games 2019 offers fans a unique opportunity to experience top-level action sports competitions all day and a world-class musical offering at night. The admission ticket for the game starts from dollar 20 with XIC 1day and 3 days of music experiences. The game also offers a special children ticket price in 2019 which makes the event even more family friendly. The Anthony travel has teamed up with ESPN to offer one-stop shopping for tickets and lodging packages

the television audiences can enjoy most 20 hours of live television programming on network ABC, and cable channel ESPN with additional live streaming X Games YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

The summer X Games 2019 music lineup includes Wu-Tang Clan, Diplo, Incubus and the blind shake with live performances at Minneapolis iconic view, The Armory.


In order to be eligible for the qualifiers, you need to consider a couple of things.

1)  You need to be at least 16 years old as on June 28, 2019, and must have required is to have a full EA account in your residing country. If underage and have qualified for the life event your legal guardian or parent must accompany e you to the event and must agree to the rules on your behalf. 

2) Make sure you are eligible to participate according to the official regional qualifiers country list.

3) You need to have an EA origin account and download Apex and also make sure that your Apex is at least level 50. You also need to register an ESL account, if you dont have one.

List of Invited Athletes

1)    All skateboard athletes

2)    All BMX freestyle athletes

3)    Men's skateboard park

4)    Men's Skateboard Street

5)    Park adoptive

6)    Skateboard Big Air

7)    Skateboard Vert 

8)    Women's skateboard park

9)    Women skateboard Street

10)    Dave Mirra's BMX 

11)    Best Trick

12)    BMX age Air

13)    BMX big air

14)    BMX Dirt

15)    BMX Vert

16)    Men's BMX Park

17)    Men's BMX Street

18)    Moto X Best Trick

19)    Moto X Best Whip

20)    Moto X free Style

21)    Moto X Step Up

22)    Moto X quarter Pipe

23) High Aix