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The UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2020 | Pitchhigh

The UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2020 | Pitchhigh

  • Jan 28, 2020
  • Aditi Verma
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Cycling World Championships 2020The UCI Track Cycling World Championships includes a set of world championship events. These events take place for many disciplines as well as various distances in track cycling. These events are regulated by the UCI (the Union Internationale). Before the year 1900, the Championship events used to be administered by the predecessor of the UCI, the International Cycling Association (ICA).The 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championships by Tissot will be taking place in Berlin, Germany starting from 26th February 2020 till 1st March 2020. The venue for the event is the Velodrom Berlin.The current events that will take place include the time trial, keirin, individual pursuit, team pursuit, points race, scratch race, sprint, team sprint, omnium and madison. The events that take place for Women are shorter than the men's events. Also, motor-paced events and tandem events are not held anymore.The World Championships were held for the first time in the year 1893 in Chicago, under the ICA (International Cycling Association). They were held for the amateurs. The Championships are open to the riders who have been selected by their respective national cycling association. They will be competing in the honour of their country.The ICA championship winners were awarded a gold medal. While the UCI Championship awards their winner with a gold medal as well as a rainbow jersey. The participants who came at the second and third place are awarded the silver and bronze medals respectively. The World champions wear this rainbow jersey until the coming year's championship. However, the winners may wear the jersey only in the same type of event in which they had won it. At the same time, the Former champions can also wear rainbow cuffs to their everyday jerseys.Each year, the World track championships are by tradition allocated to a different country. The championship is then run by that country's national cycling association. However, the top referees including the President of the Commissaire's panel: PCP, Secretary, Starter, and Judge Referee are the International Commissaires who have been appointed by the UCI.The competition will be held over a period of 5 days and will be fought over 20 different titles. A total of two sessions will be held each day of the Championship. The tickets are starting from 7€ (reduced 5€) per head.The five days of competition will take place on the 250-meter wooden track that will host the best athletes in the world. They will be fighting over 20 coveted titles as well as the rainbow jerseys. After 1999, the Berlin Track will be hosting a World Championship for the second time. The competitors from Berlin are Theo Reinhardt and Roger Kluge.When it comes to the events, following is a  list of the events of the UCI World Track Championships: SPRINT EVENTS Individual sprint After the knockout heats of 3 laps, the Qualification 200 m time trials happen to select the two best riders who will line up against each other in the final of the championship.  Team Sprint In this race, teams of three contestants will race over three laps of the track. For women, two riders will race over two laps. Two teams will be starting on opposite sides of the track. The final remaining rider for each team will sprint to the finish line to establish the team’s time. Kilometre (or 500 m race for women)Two athletes will be riding simultaneously during the qualifications. The fastest 8 athletes will go to the finals. The finals will be raced as an individual time trial from a standing start. The competitor who has the fastest time will be declared the winner. KeirinThe Riders are going to follow in the slipstream of a pacing motorbike for 750 m before undertaking a three-lap sprint to the end. The motorbike will gradually increase the speed from 30 to 50 km/h before pulling off the track so as to begin the sprint. ENDURANCE EVENTS Individual PursuitTwo riders will be starting on the opposite sides of the track and race over 4 km (3km for women's race). The rider who will manage to catch his/her opponent or the one who gets the fastest time will be declared as the winner. Team Pursuit Two teams consisting of four riders each will be starting on the opposite sides of the track and race over a distance of 4 km. The team that wins is the one that will catch its opponents or the one that records the fastest time. Points RaceThis is a race of about 25 km for women and 40 km for men. The Riders will earn points during the sprints (one point for every 10 laps on a 250m track) and more than 20 points for lapping the rest of the field. By calculating all the points won, they will derive the final result of the race. Also, the points that are gained during the last sprint after the full distance will be doubled (10 points, 6 points, 4 points, 2 points). MadisonThis relay race will be fought between the teams of two riders contested through the intermediary sprints (for every 10 laps). When one team member races, the other one will slow down and rest before racing fast again with a hand sling from his/her teammate. By calculating all the points won, they will derive the final classification. In the points race, any team that will gain a lap on the main bunch will earn 20 points, and any team that is lapped by the bunch will be deducted 20 points.  Also, the points that are gained during the last sprint after the full distance will be doubled (10 points, 6 points, 4 points, 2 points). Scratch RaceThe Scratch Race is a mass-start race for the individual riders who will race for 15 km for men and 10 km for women. The first lap will be neutralized. COMBINED EVENT Omnium The Omnium will consist of four endurance events that will take place on the same day. These are Scratch race, tempo race, elimination and points race. Previously, the Omnium used to consist of 6 events held over two days consecutively. If the riders wish to top the final classification, they must be consistent throughout all the events.Read More: Cycling Races: Top 5 Great Cycling Races eventsThe tempo race has been newly added to the Omnium. The rules of the tempo race are similar to the rules of the points race. After the first five laps, intermediate sprints will occur every lap with one point being given to the first rider. The Riders will also gain points for lapping the main bunch. But, the riders that are caught by the main peloton will have to leave the track and will lose all the points.Cycling world championships 2020 streamingThe Track fans can easily live stream the UCI Track Cycling World Championships 20200 online on their devices whether it is a Pad, Mac, PC or any Android device. The fans can even watch and look at the examinations at whichever point or place on the planet. The UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2020 Live can be watched on various channels including ESPN, DAZN, Hulu TV, Fubo TV, Direct TV, Sling TV and some others.The tickets for the UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2020 are available at the Ticketmaster. 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championships presented to you by TISSOT.26th February 2020, WednesdayTime: 13:00Venue: Velodrom - Berlin27th February 2020, Thursday Time: 14:30Venue: Velodrom - Berlin28th February 2020, Friday Time: 15:00Venue: Velodrom - Berlin29th February 2020, Saturday Time: 11:00Venue: Velodrom - Berlin1st March 2020, Sunday Time: 11:00Venue: Velodrom - Berlin

Tokyo Olympics: Norway's Kristian Blummenfelt Floods Past 'Youngsters' For Triathlon Gold

  • Jul 26, 2021
  • pitchhigh
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Norway's Kristian Blummenfelt sponsored his perseverance to assuage two youthful superstar rivals as he conveyed a staggering late flood to break clear on a boiling run leg and take gold in an exciting men's Olympic marathon on Monday. Blummenfelt was important for an enormous gathering of just about 40 that fell off the 40km bicycle leg together however looked everything except a top pick among some youthful speedsters. Notwithstanding, he burrowed profound to continue to drive at the front as the gathering was trimmed down to three, preceding flooding clear in the last kilometre to complete in 60 minutes, 45 minutes and 04 seconds to take Norway's first award in the game. Also Read: ICC Announced New Points System For Next World Test Championship CycleAlex Yee's silver made Britain the best country in the Olympic marathon, which joined the program in 2000. Individual 23-year-old Hayden Wilde of New Zealand additionally ran unequivocally to take bronze, while Briton Jonny Brownlee, who won silver in 2016 and bronze in 2012 and was expecting to finish the set without his twofold top dog sibling Alistair, couldn't exactly hold tight and completed fifth. Blummenfelt said he realized he needed to "break" his speedier opponents to win gold. "I don't actually have the leg speed if it descended the floor covering against these folks, so I realized I needed to drag it out from around five minutes away and go super hard and full scale and ideally it is sufficient to break them," he said. "It was an extraordinary inclination to acknowledge I'd got a little hole." Humiliating FALSE START:The race started with an extraordinary and humiliating bogus beginning as a media boat floated before the barge at simply some unacceptable second hindering the course to the water of around 33% of the 56-man field as the rest made a plunge. Jetski riders, in the long run, pulled twelve back after they hammered out around 200 meters, unaware of the caution horns and whistles. The field moved away neatly at the subsequent endeavour and every one of the primary expectations was in touch emerging from the water after the 1,500m swim. A gathering of 10 split away for the initial not many laps of the 40km bicycle leg however the pursuing pack, in the end, brought them in to shape a goliath gathering of 37 before the finish of the fifth of eight laps. Every one of the primary competitors was in there and without any slopes of note to split things up, the race, as was generally anticipated, boiled down to one major run standoff. Yee was the British 10,000m hero on the track in 2018 and after he conveyed a devastating run leg to win the last ITU race before the Games in June he looked top pick as he ran emphatically at the front. Pushing the speed in the warmth the gathering thinned down to three however it was the immensely experienced 27-year-old Blummenfelt, who is the world record holder for the half-Ironman marathon distance, who had the solidarity to break clear. Acknowledging he was unable to be gotten he practically moved his direction down the completing straight, before imploding, completely spent. "It's the second I've been dreaming about for such countless years and seeing the end goal and the blue rug and contacting that tape - to be really ready to assemble it on the day - is something I'm truly glad for," he said. Yee was correspondingly pleased and said: "I'm right ecstatic. I was at that point somewhere down in the well and delved that smidgen in my spirit. It wasn't sufficient to get Kristian however it was sufficient to get silver." Also Read: ICC ODI Rankings: Shikhar Dhawan Bounces 2 Spots To Sixteenth Virat Kohli Static At The Second SpotWilde typified the incredible soul among the competitors, setting aside the effort to assist with dragging Blummenfelt away the floor and the two depleted competitors staggered away from the completion.