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Europa League 2: Savior of European Football

Europa League 2: Savior of European Football

  • May 27, 2019
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On 2nd December 2018, UEFA is going to have 3rd club competition under the UCL and UEL. There are many who came out to criticize the decision of UEFA. No matter what some people will say, this league is going to bring a huge change and improvisation in the performance of European national teams. There are several reasons due to which Europa League 2 is called the Saviour of European Football. UEFA did very well by making the announcement of this league. This is a great decision for the players as they can learn to play better during the qualification rounds of the FIFA World Cup. How this strategy will work? The European Football competition will have total two tournaments and in the qualification procedure, a total of 32 teams will be divided into eight groups of 4 teams each. The top 2 teams will go in the final round of the tournament. There wont be any demotion for the 3rd ranked team in this league. The winner would easily get an entry in the next season of the Europa League. It is just similar to European League winners who are able to get an entry in the next season of the Champions League.  The footballers will get the motivation to play well in the Europa League 2. Qualification for Europa League 2 This new competition is going to change the format of existing 2 tournaments as  Europa League 2 is going to be shortened from present 48 team structure in the group will stage down to total 32 teams similarly like the Champions League. When the group stage will be finished, then the top 2 teams will enter in knockout rounds, and there is a slight alteration done to the knockout structure of the tournament. The topmost 2 teams will go in knockout rounds, but the first placed football teams are able to get an automatic bye in the 16th round. The 2nd placed teams will have preliminary knockout competition, which will take place just before the 16th round. The qualification procedure is quite complicated and it is based on UEFA criteria which are set in the Champions League and Europa League. This competition is basically meant for the lesser European nations and teams. The individual associations will have only a limited amount of clubs which will get qualified for the tournament of European League Football.   The 2nd placed group team from Europa League 2 will face off the 3rd place team in the Europa League. When the preliminary round will be finished, the winners of the round will face off each other in Europa league groups in the 16th round. The high-quality football teams and clubs will compete with each other to prolong the campaigns of the European League. How does it benefit the Football game? Does all of this really matter? More deserving football teams are able to stay in Europe for a long time due to bigger clubs and more competition. European football is really hard to arrive for the teams which are in mid-rank associations. This competition allows the clubs to get a chance to get European football, which doesnt have the chance to get this.  The domestic competitions in Europe are refreshed with Europe League 2. There are many associations which have single domestic competition and the winner gets the opportunity to qualify for the European team. In some countries, two domestic cup competitions are organized to choose one team for the international football championship. This competition can fix nation coefficients and club. The Nations League Overtime keeps organizing the association ranking. The nation coefficients and clubs can get adjusted in a more accurate manner. It also spreads the total wealth of European football into clubs and leagues which dont get income from the European campaign normally. When more and more teams will get involved in Europa League 2, then there will be a better representation of the team strengths. The clubs will be allowed to get in group stages and they would be able to show their strength. Credit:

UEFA Championship

UEFA Champions League: FC Porto stun Juventus to advance to the Quarter-Finals on away goals

  • Mar 10, 2021
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UEFA Champions League Live: Juventus FC vs Porto: After a head-to-head match, the 10-man Porto advanced to the next round of the UEFA Champions League despite losing 3-2 at Allianz Stadium.After beating Lazio 2 goals, Pirlo made 3 changes to the starting line-up. Leonardo Bonucci entered the defense to replace Bernadcci, Arthur replaced the suspended Danilo, and Cristiano Ronaldo was chosen before Dejan Kulusevski.Porto stuns Juventus: visitors take the initiativeIt took the Portuguese team just 19 minutes to top the lead in the draw. It was Corona who pushed the ball to Marija's right side, who quickly directed it at Taremi.Tarimi protected him from a Demiral who caught him from behind trying to catch the ball, but the referee, after consulting with the VAR, pointed the point in the 17th minute. It was Sergio Oliveira who placed the penalty kick in the lower-left corner to send it. Chase the wrong way in the 19th minute.Juventus vs Porto: Federico Chiesa's magic gives Juventus a tie and the main goalThe teams entered the first half and Juventus lost in the second half. However, it didn't take long in the second half to find the equalizer when Federico Chiesa hit a sudden forehand past Marchesen in the upper right corner.Within his two goals with an advanced goal for the Italian national team. In the grand scheme of things, Juventus equalized in the 63rd minute when Cuadrado moved one meter of space to the right side of the field to direct a dramatic cross to the far post.It was Kiza who got the ball header. The video assistant referee confirmed the Italian player's exit and stopping the goal.Juventus x Porto: The match went into extra timePorto score the equalizerRabiot sarcastically dropped Diaz for a yellow card and took a silly free-kick. It was Sergio Oliveira who completed his brace by finishing a low free-kick under the wall. Szczesny managed to get it but couldn't help himself as Porto scored his second away goal in the 115th minute.Juventus' counterattackIt only took another two minutes for Andrea Pirlo's men to lead the game. They were still losing their equalizing goals, but Adrien Rabiot rose high in the center of the area to header past Marchesen in the upper left corner.Porto fired a possible penalty in the 120th minute, but the VAR referee denied this.FC Porto is advancing in the Champions League quarter-finals.Also Read: FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP 2020-21