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Top Opening Partnerships in Test Cricket

  • Dec 17, 2020
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Test Cricket

Top Opening Partnerships in Test Cricket

  • Dec 17, 2020
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In a five-day game in which both teams play twice, the rookies play an important role in laying the groundwork. For the first hit team, you want your players to get off to a great start so that the others can take advantage of that and put pressure on the opponent. One of the most important roles in converting a team's fortune to test cricket is the starting batsmen. No wonder why the teams with the best beginners at their disposal are so successful in the longer format.In Test Cricket, if a beginner falls early, it gets really hard on the mid-ranking to driveRecovery against the red ball. Beginners play against the opposing team's best shootersFace the toughest spells in Test Cricket. Test cricket has, over the years, witnessed many world-class beginners who become an inspiration for the younger generation.Gautam Gambhir and Virender SehwagGautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag have been hailed as one of Test Cricket's Best Indian Opening Pairs. It was super fun to watch the two hit together, regardless of the format. The two share a great bond and played for Delhi Ranji Team. Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir participated in several surprising opening partnerships during the period 2004-2012, where they wrestled together at the starting position in 87 events and scored 4,412 points with an average of 52.52. They participated in 11 federations of a hundred races in Test Cricket.Marvan Atapattu and Sanath JayasuriyaMarvan Atapattu and Sanath Jayasuriya ended their careers with a lot of jobs under their belt. Both scored numerous rounds in all formats and shared excellent Test Cricket partnerships. Together, they scored 4,469 points in 118 rounds when they began for Sri Lanka in the test. They scored matches with an average of 40.26 healthy and participated in 9 100 entries in the longest-running form of the game.Alastair Cook and Andrew StraussFrom 2006 to 2012, England was blessed with strong starting partner Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook. Both were prolific run-scorers for England. Alastair Cook is, in fact, England's number one run-scorer on auditions. Cook and Strauss scored many kicks together as beginners and contributed significantly to England's Test victories.They are currently the third-best starting pair on Test Cricket, having scored 4,771 passes together with an average of 40.96. Additionally, they shared 14 race partnerships when they opened for England in the test.Matthew Hayden and Justin LangerDuring the period 2000 and 2007, Australia was considered invisible. They boasted strong leadership, including a world-class starting pair of Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer. Langer and Haynes had the ability to build a great partnership and tire opposing bowlers.Both leftists have enjoyed an excellent cricket career. They formed many associations that helped the team win matches. Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer are currently the second-best starter duo on Test Cricket. The duo fought together in 113 rounds, scoring 5,655 rounds with an average of 51.88.Gordon Greenidge and Desmond HaynesThe West Indies staring couple Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes are still the best starting duo in Test cricket. Greenidge and Haynes love to work together and have come together in numerous partnerships. Greenidge and Haynes played one of the biggest roles in making the West Indies a formidable test unit during the 1990s, starting together in 148 rounds, scoring 6,482 points with an average of 47.31. Sew up to 16 assemblies for hundreds of executions.Also Read: India vs Australia 1st Test | IND vs AUS Probable XI | Fantasy Playing Tips | More

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Kieron Pollard hits Six 6s in an over against Sri Lanka

  • Mar 04, 2021
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Kieron Pollard hits Six Sixes in an over – Pollard Joins Yuvraj Singh: Multilevel West Indies and Mumbai Indians, Kieron Pollard has become the second man in T20 cricket history to reach 6 stats in one game. Bullard crushed Sri Lankan Akila Danangaya with six women in his sixth domestic hunt.The Mumbai Indians player smashed Dananjaya after hitting the West Indies with a hat-trick in the fourth game, including Chris Gayle's comeback for a duck. Bullard became the eighth batsman in cricket history, smashing six sixes in one game.5.1 Dananjaya to Pollard, Six times, Bullard drops to one knee and hits that long ball on the long one. There was a cry to catch him, but Pollard cleared the boundaries at some distance. 5.2 Dananjaya to Pollard, Six races this time puts it on the viewscreen. So full of Dananjaya this time and Pollard stuck with this 5.3 Dananjaya to Pollard, The SIX runs a hat-trick with six more. A little thicker and wider, but that doesn't matter for Pollard, who crushes it from a distance. Bullard is not worried about those popups 5.4 Dananjaya to Pollard, Six races make it four races in a row! What a strange day for Akila Danangaya, who was beaten for four, six, and six in a row after a hat-trick in the last round. It was a long ball and Pollard pulled it down the middle of the middle. Hit it by rolling and keep sailing 5.5 Dananjaya to Pollard, Six run stops! Five Six on Five Balls by Kron Pollard. This is a butcher shop. Bullard swings back and uses all of his power to fire it directly over the player's head. 5.6 Dananjaya to Pollard, SIX does not work, no. Kieron Pollard has smashed six stats in one here. Yuvraj Singh finally has a company. Shot on pillows and slide, just a simple slide as it flies over the deep edge of the middle deal. Arch from Pollard to admit his teammates' breakdownPollard does Yuvraj: Former Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh is the only batsman before Bullard to achieve this feat in T20 International. Yuvraj defeated Stuart Broad in the 2007 T20 World Cup match in Durban.Pollard, who was sent off for 38 of 11 balls, burst at six by hitting the first ball down the field and then putting Dananjaya on display from the second ball. Dananjaya drifted off the trunk of the third ball, but Pollard slapped it carelessly, as the fourth ball was deposited over the middle of the deep wicket while the fifth ball crashed over the archer's head. Dananjaya came around the wicket, but Pollard pulled him off his stands to set the record six and six and bowed to celebrate the occasion in front of the Coolidge crowd.It was a rapid turnover of fortune for the Sri Lankan worker, who had just scored a hat-trick in the previous round, sacking starter Evin Lewis, Gayle, and wicketkeeper Nicholas Boran in the fourth game.Pollard joined Yuvraj and Herschel Gibbs from South Africa as the only batsmen to achieve this feat in an international match under the Gibbs brand in the 2007 World Cup Finals against the Netherlands. 

Most sixes in international cricket

Whose Player Hits Most Sixes in International & Test Cricket

  • Apr 19, 2022
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Cricket has evolved over the years and so is batting. Only Test cricket existed before the 70’s when batters were required to show reliance and stay at the crease for long. However, the introduction of limited-overs cricket enhanced the significance of the run rate. With a certain limit in the number of deliveries, batters started focusing on scoring runs at a brisk pace alongside keeping their wickets safe.The need to run fast also motivated hitters to play big shots and hit sixes in international cricket. Hitting the ball on the strings is definitely not bread and butter, because hitting the ball with a six takes strength and timing. In the old days, players didn't really insist on taking the regional path. However, modern cricket is fast approaching and the sixth play is becoming mainstream.It wouldn't be wrong to say that the introduction of the T20 format made six hits popular. However, there were players who did not mind sending the ball over the ropes even in the longest form. In particular, the red ball speaks more than the white ball. However, in the midst of any challenge, a certain breed of hitter would support his impressive hitting skills. As of now, former New Zealand captain Brendon McCollum (107) and former Australian goalkeeper Adam Gilchrist (100) are the only two players to hit the 100 Six in Test format.Most sixes in Test matches:NameTeamSixesMatchesRunsBrendon McCullumNew Zealand1071016453Adam GilchristAustralia100965570Chris GayleWest Indies981037214Jacques KallisSouth Africa9716613289Virender SehwagIndia911048586Big hits and smashing sixes have definitely become an important aspect of batting in today's cricket. However, one must not forget that the international bowlers' confrontation with the cleaners requires batting. Therefore, taking six races out of one go requires some skill and skill. However, current players like Rohit Sharma, David Warner, and Ben Stokes have tasted success in all forms with their aggressive approach.Most sixes in international cricket:NameTeamSixesMatchesRunsChris GayleWest Indies55047819548Shahid AfridiPakistan47652411196Rohit SharmaIndia43837914900Brendon McCullumNew Zealand39843214676MS DhoniIndia35953817266Speaking of the most sixes in international cricket, universe chief Chris Gayle tops the list with 550 six across all three formats. Notably, this West Indies player is still an active cricketer and has all the potential to increase his numbers. Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi (476) and Indian opener Rohit Sharma (436) are the only other two players to hit the 400+ sixes in international cricket.Also, Read - Who are The Best Cricketers in the World | Pitch High

longest six in cricket

Top 10 Longest Six in Cricket History | Pitchhigh

  • Jun 21, 2022
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Shahid Afridi (Pakistani cricketer) unofficially set the record for the longest six in cricket history when he walked 158 meters, although the distance was later recorded in the ICC Book of Records as 120 meters (God knows why!) and Afridi The. The record received an "unofficial" designation. However, he is considered the record holder for hitting the longest six in cricket.What Are The Top 8 Longest Ever Sixes in any Form Of Cricket?Sr.NoPlayerTeamDistance(Meter)Year1 (Unofficial)Shahid AfridiPakistan15820132Bret LeeAustralia13520053Martin GuptillNew Zealand12720124Corey AndersonNew Zealand12220145Yuvraj SinghIndia12020076Chris GayleWest Indies11620107Ijaz AhmedPakistan11519998MS DhoniIndia1122012They say cricket is ruled by batsmen. After the advent of limited cricket like ODI and T20, it became the batsman's game. A thrilling cricket match means some exciting roles. An exciting entry means entering the largest number of limits and exceeding the limits.Some rounds of international cricket have become immortal and go down in history. I mean, who could forget the last six of MS Dhoni at the 2011 World Cup, or the complete Monty of Yuvraj Singh at the 2007 T20 World Cup?And what made these entries so great? yes! Those sixes! All cricket lovers love to see the ball fly in the gallery. And the batsman who sends the ball farthest into the fair always becomes a cricket sensation!But do you know who beat the longest six in cricket history? How long did it last hit? What is the longest six in the world? Hold your breath! I will tell you the fairy tale of this wonderful game!1. Zard Ali Hits The Longest Six in CricketHave you ever wondered who holds the record for hitting the Longest six players in any form of cricket, be it an international or a domestic league?Zara Ali is a cricket star in the Australian Big Bash Cricket League and holds the record for the longest six years in any form of cricket worldwide.Ali was playing for the Victorian cricket team in the Australian National Cricket League when he hit 173 meters with a six-foot length. This blow immediately put him in the spotlight.2. Albert Trott Hits The Longest Six  In CricketBut, if you want to know who hit the longest six in cricket history, the name comes from the 19th century. Of course, there is no record of him playing for obvious reasons, but the more I talk about the longest six years in the world, this guy will be on the list!The year was 1899 when Albert Trott hit six goals at Lords Cricket Ground, the mecca of cricket. It is said that he hit the ball with such force that the famous stadium building was completely flattened.Nobody can show such great talent yet! Although there was no such technique to measure the distance of a shot at the time, and there is no official entry for the malicious six as to how long the ball lasted, still if you are interested in the stats I can give you an idea!You can get an idea of the distance by looking at the size of Lord's Cricket Ground. The pitch is approximately 230 meters northwest of the midfield position, and a running hit shoots the ball out of this stadium's iconic building. It's clear now, isn't it?Trott was a player who played Test Cricket for both England and Australia.3. Shahid Afridi - 120m Six vs South Africa, 2013Pakistan faced South Africa in Johannesburg on March 17, 2013. South Africa set a big goal with 344 runs for Pakistan. Then Afridi showed what he's capable of! He scored 88 passes with only 48 balls.The SA captain gave the ball to Ryan McClaren for 35 minutes. McLaren gave up 12 runs on the first four balls, plus two more runs.This was the moment when everyone present felt the mood of the match. Both teams were under pressure, and the match was in a 50-50 mode when Afridi did something that became history. McLaren hit straight in the fair on the fifth ball.yes! He was six feet tall and 158 meters tall! Although the distance was later recorded in the ICC's 120-meter book of records (God knows why!) and Afridi's record was given the "unofficial" designation, he is still considered the record holder for the strokes longest six in cricket.4. Bret Lee - 135m Six vs West Indies, 2005The question then arises, who holds the official record for hitting the Longest six in cricket history on the counters list? The answer is that the official record for hitting the biggest six players in cricket history is held by Brett Lee.Australia was facing a West Indies bowling attack in a Test match in Gabba in 2005 when Lee pulled the ball out of the bounds. It took off in the air, crossed the entire stadium, and landed in the parking lot. She measured 135 meters and was recorded as the tallest six feet tall in international cricket.5. Martin Guptill – 127m six vs South Africa, 2012New Zealand was chasing South Africa's goal of 147 races in the T20I Series. Lonwabo Tsotsobe was the bowler, and he was sixth when Guptill hit the most limit on the fifth ball. He covered a distance of 127 meters, crashed into the stands, and fell to the ground.6. Corey Anderson – 122m vs India, 2014India was in the middle of their New Zealand tour and was playing for the home team at Napier Cricket Ground. Mohamed Shami was ranking 44th for his team when Anderson fired from 122 meters.Corey Anderson is the man who scored his first century with just 36 balls on New Years' Day 2014 against the West Indies and broke the record set by 18-year-old Shahid Afridi with the fastest 100 balls.7. Yuvraj Singh - 120m vs Australia 2007Yuvraj Singh is definitely one of the greatest personalities in India. He was known for his destructive striking style. In 2007, he made his name on the list of cricket history among the world’s biggest six in the cricket history list.8. Chris Gale Hits the Longest Six in CricketHave you ever heard the term king of elixir? Have you ever wondered who is known as the King of Sixer? Well, there is no official name for this crown, but Chris Gayle is probably the best name for it!Gayle holds the record for hitting the most sixes in all forms of cricket. He has made a total of 534 sixes in international cricket (Test matches, ODI, and T20 matches in the West Indies).In Bridgetown, India was facing the West Indies in the T20 World Championships in May 2010. Gayle was in disarray in that match as he shot 116m off Yusuf Pathan.9. Ijaz Ahmed - 115m Six vs India 19991999 was the year when the India-Pakistan High Voltage match was taking place at Mohali. The stalking team was Pakistan.Only two out of six were injured in that entire match and both got off Ijaz Ahmed's racket. One of them hit the delivery of Virender Sehwag, who traveled 115 meters.10. MS Dhoni - 112m Six vs New Zealand, 2009It is quite unusual that we are talking about sixes, and the name MS Dhoni will be excluded from the list. This former Indian captain is famous for his helicopter shot and is considered one of the greatest game finishers of all time.India was playing Australia in the 2011-12 Commonwealth Bank Series at the Adelaide Oval. It was a high-effort match with Clint Mackay delivering last time and India still 12 passes behind the goal, with only 4 balls to keep.Under this intense pressure, MS Dhoni swings his racket on the third ball and the ball flies into the gallery. It was recorded with a length of 112 meters. Dhoni finished the match brilliantly and led India to victory.Most sixes in cricket history 250mWell, it is practically not possible for anyone to hit the 250m hex. I mean, there is such a thing as physics, right? No wonder there is no official record of reaching the 250-meter height of a six, although you will find articles and videos online claiming that some batsmen hit this impossible shot and the names vary from site to site. But these are all unofficial videos and records without certification.If you are wondering how long is 250m and why is it impossible to reach, I can give you an idea. The Taj Mahal in Agra is only 73 meters tall! Now you have the idea, right?Who hit the shortest six?Well, there is also a record for hitting the shortest six! Pakistani wicket-taker Rashid Latif holds the record, but he did not go too far!It looks interesting? Let me tell you the story. He is at the same time funny, and goofy too.In the opening match of the Cricket Champions Cup 2002, Pakistan was facing 26th place with a score of 91/4. Upal Chandana was bowling for his team in Sri Lanka. Play a nice sweeping shot on the first ball. Unfortunately, the ball hit the helmet of former Sri Lankan wicketkeeper Kumara Sangakkara, who was behind him. Latif completes a run before the player takes the ball and returns it to Sangakara.Steve Bucknor was the match referee. He gave six runs to the batting team and declared the ball dead!mysterious? Well, the ICC rules that if a batsman hits the ball, and the ball hits the helmet placed behind the goalkeeper, five runs will be awarded to the batting team. Cute takes one song. So 5 + 1 = 6 runs!The rules are fun sometimes, right?Also, Read - Who is the Best Yorker King?