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Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar And Associate Ajay Remanded To 6-Days Police Custody In Sagar Rana Murder Case

  • May 24, 2021
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Double cross Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar and Ajay Kumar have been remanded to 6 days of police guardianship for their contribution in the Sagar Rana murder case. The Delhi Police had looked for 12 days of care for the grappler and his partner however the Rohini Court just conceded them half of what they wanted. The Special Cell of the Delhi Police captured Sushil Kumar and co-blamed Ajay from the Mundka region on Sunday morning, finishing their 19-day look for the hotshot competitor. The couple was given over to the examining official of the Model Town police headquarters after the court procedures.23-year-old grappler Sagar Rana was a previous junior public boss. He and two of his companions were severely attacked supposedly by Sushil and some different grapplers inside the arena complex on May 4.Sushil and his partners have been blamed for kidnapping Sagar from his home in Model Town to show him a thing or two for insulting him before different grapplers, police had said. Casualties for the situation affirmed that Sushil Kumar was available at the spot when the occurrence occurred. Sushil also conceded in court that he was available at where the fight occurred and later returned home to rest. The 37-year-old additionally asserted that he was running out of cash and was going to gather it from somebody when he and Ajay were grabbed by the cops.Sushil and Ajay tried not to use cell phones with the goal that their area can't be followed by the examiners while they were on the run. They are covered up in places like Haridwar, Meerut, Bahadurgarh, Chandigarh, and Bhatinda to avoid capture. Sushil Kumar is India's most-beautified grappler with 2 Olympic decorations, 3 Commonwealth Games gold awards, 1 big showdown gold, 1 bronze in the Asian Games, and 4 Asian Championship decorations.Also Read: BCCI Proposes To Launch England Tests In A Bid To Oblige The Rest Of IPL 2021

Sushil Kumar

Wrestler Sagar Dhankad's murder: Police probing Sushil Kumar's connections with gangster Neeraj Bawana

  • May 25, 2021
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With the investigation against captured grappler Olympian Sushil Kumar in the homicide of another grappler removing, the police are zeroing in on uncovering the wrongdoing network that Kumar was purportedly a piece of alongside imprisoned hoodlum Neeraj Bawana. Police are professing to have discovered more proof of Kumar's connections with Bawana as one of the vehicles, a Scorpio UV, which was seized from where grappler Sagar Dhankad was killed, has been found connected to a Bawana associate, Mohit.It has likewise arisen, as indicated by police sources, that numerous individuals going with Sushil Kumar the evening of the homicide were Bawana's associates. In any event, seven additional suspects are on the loose. Assaults are being led to seize them.The sources said on Monday that Kumar's impressions had likewise surfaced in a coercion case revealed from the Model Town territory half a month prior. Outlaw hoodlum Sandeep pseudonym Kala Jathedi had requested Rs 1 crore as insurance cash from a link financial specialist. The call was produced using a worldwide number. Nonetheless, examinations have recommended that Kumar was affirmed behind this interest. Jathedi was meaning to assume total responsibility for cost charge corners in Delhi, UP, and Haryana and needed Kumar's assistance in accomplishing this. Nonetheless, the two-headed out in different directions two months prior.The blackmail episode occurred before Jathedi and Kumar dropped out over their offer in the Model Town property. Before long, Kumar, supposedly held hands with imprisoned criminal Neeraj Bawana and Naveen Bali. The police are currently equipping to scrutinize the couple. Kumar, police said, was not just fleeing from them for more than about fourteen days yet additionally from Kala Jathedi, one of the most needed gangsters of north India, who is right now accepted to be in Dubai. The evening of May 4-5, Kumar had attacked grappler Sagar Dhankar as well as another man, Sonu, a famous criminal with 19 instances of homicide, blackmail, and theft.Jathedi, cops say, had been enjoying huge scope snatching of questioned properties in Delhi through Sonu and others. Kumar supposedly held hands with Jathedi some time back and handled property in M2 square of northwest Delhi's Model Town. This is the level at the focal point of the whole discussion. This level was being utilized to protect hoodlums having a place with the Jathedi-Lawrence Bishnoi posse and numerous wrongdoing plots were hatched there, said an official.Read More: Sushil Kumar And Associate Ajay Remanded To 6-Days Police Custody In Sagar Rana Murder Case

Sushil Kumar looks for high-protein diet and enhancements in prison: Files request in the midst of homicide allegation

  • Jun 11, 2021
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Blamed for homicide, Sushil Kumar requested 'grappler's eating regimen', burned through 39th birthday celebration in prison Accused of homicide, Sushil Kumar requested 'grappler's eating routine', burned through 39th birthday celebration in prison. Two-time Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar is right now in the authority of Delhi PoliceSushil Kumar and his partners have been blamed for killing 23-year-old grappler Sagar RanaSagar Rana was killed in a fight that occurred at Delhi's Chhatrasal Stadium Double cross Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar has been captured by the Delhi Police regarding the homicide of a 23-year-old grappler Sagar Rana. Rana was executed in a revolting fight that occurred at the Chhatrasal Stadium in Delhi on May 04. Sushil was slipping away for very nearly three weeks after the episode prior to being caught by Delhi Police's Special Cell on Sunday (May 23) from Delhi's Mundka region. Sushil has been taken into six-day authority with the Crime Branch researching the matter. The double cross Olympic medallist turned 39 on Wednesday (May 26). He praised his birthday alone in the lock-up and supposedly remained 'numb' all through. A senior official educated that Sushil's folks had stayed with him yet were denied consent. "His relatives moved toward us as they needed to meet him however, they were denied. We gave the birthday wishes to Mr. Kumar, nonetheless, he didn't respond. His non-verbal communication shows that he is lamenting his activity," the official was cited as saying by The Hindu. Sushil supposedly requested 'grappler's eating routine' in prison yet his solicitation was turned down and he was given the food accessible in the police wreck. According to The Hindu, Sushil is being checked consistently by the Delhi Police. He stays calm the entire day and has addressed a couple of inquiries. Also Read: Cricket Australia wants to host 2021 T20 World Cup; ICC says no decision takenOn Tuesday, Sushil was taken to the Chhatrasal Stadium by the Crime Branch to reproduce the crime location. He apparently likewise separated during cross examination and continued changing explanations while not coordinating in the examination. According to a report in India Today, a sum of 8 observers have affirmed against the grappler, who has been grabbed alongside four other people who are blamed in the homicide case for Harayana grappler Sagar Rana. The Delhi Police supposedly additionally utilized as mental master as a component of the cross-examination measure as Sushil was not collaborating in the examination. Perhaps the most enriched grapplers in the country, Sushil has had an incredible transgress.Also Read: IPL 2020 Seeks September-November Window After ICC T20 World Cup Is PostponedImage Credit: