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KKR vs MI in IPL 2021: Can Eoin Morgans Kolkata solve the Mumbai Indians puzzle at Chepauk?

  • Apr 13, 2021
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After the clinical final against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), Eoin Morgan's Kolkata Knight Riders will look to solve the Mumbai mystery in their second IPL match at MA Chidambaram on Tuesday. The KKR was an entirely different unit, in the way they defeated David Warner's SRH by ten runs in their first match on Sunday.

Be it the aggression demonstrated by the top-ranked or the explosive ending of Dinesh Karthik, KKR demonstrated a fearless approach under the leadership of patron Eoin Morgan.

Morgan's intention was evident at the moment of the launch when he decided to abandon his most trusted Lieutenant, Sunil Naraine.

However, they now had routine duties. Mumbai remains the best team on paper. The five-time winning champions are packed with powerful hitters like Suryakumar Yadav, Hardik Pandya, and Kieron Pollard. Add a bowling lethal unit in IM for Jasprit Bumrah and Trent Bolt.

KKR vs MI in IPL 2021: Who has the edge?

If individual records and team strength are taken into account, the match between KKR and MI could seem tough. But this was not the case. In 28 matches so far in IPL, MI has always dominated KKR, winning 21 matches against KKR's 6 and the other without providing any results.

Matches Played


MI Won




No Result


KKR vs MI in IPL 2021: How will Kolkata try to get the better of Mumbai?

Nitesh Rana and Chubbman's opening generation mix started from left and right with the attack from the first ball, clearly indicating that the new approach has written the slogan of Morgan's success everywhere.

With a solid median ranking in Andre Russell, Karthik and Morgan, 2020 has been a promising season for KKR, but aimless planning hasn't helped their cause.

This time, KKR cemented their middle ranking by adding Bangladeshi superstar Shakeeb Al Hassan, while Morgan, in his full season as captain, is adding a new dimension to the team.

Rana's skilled work on his wrist and super strength was shown on Sunday and made sure they stayed ahead despite Rashid Khan's double whammy in the form of generation and messengers.

After 80 balls of 56 balls, it was Karthik Under Fire who hit an undefeated cameo of 22 nine-ball passes to propel KKR to a total of 187 from 6 wins.

KKR will be looking to shoot the defending champions five times on Tuesday. They have only won once in their last 12 matches against IM, and they have an overall record in head-to-head matches 6-21.

Ultimately, however, the whole affair will end in a battle of wits between Morgan and Rohit Sharma, who under MI won a record fifth Premier League title in the Premier League last season in the United Arab Emirates.

MI will be a real challenge for KKR as the defending champions will be desperate to secure their first win of the season after losing a Wicket to Royal Challengers Bangalore in an IPL opener on Friday.

KRR found it easy against SRH players, who lack firepower, but on Jasprit Bumrah and Trent Boult, MI attacking would be an entirely different proposition.

Jill's struggle to reach the T20 rate has been a concern for KKR and it will be interesting to see the young novice face the best in the business.

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