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F1 Predictions: Top 5 things likely to happen at the Canadian Grand Prix

F1 Predictions: Top 5 things likely to happen at the Canadian Grand Prix

  • Jun 11, 2019
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The winter season is over, and there will be the launch season of F1 cars. Millions of people are waiting to see some surprises with a lot of excitement. The Silver Arrows have won a total of three Canadian Grand Prix while Ferrari has been able to win the only single contest in the year 2018. Sebastian Vettel, a drive of Ferrari won the 70 lap contest. Hamilton is in impressive form this year, but surprises can be there till the end of the season. Here are some F1 Predictions: 1.Raikkonen will deliver better performance One can predict that Raikkonen is going to be in the 7th place in the drivers position in this world championship. Kimi Raikkonen is going to trade Ferrari for Sauber in the next term, and this can change a lot of things for the tournament. In 2001, he was given his F1 debut and felt like family. The Iceman is going to haul this team, and you can expect him that he will also be better than his teammate in the Formula 1 season 2019. One might see the magic of Kimi in this tournament as he wants to deliver better driving performance this year. 2.Williams is going  to improve in this season There are chances that Williams might develop in this season and this is one of the most natural F1 Predictions. It is one of the best teams, but the team went on a lower level in last years tournament. To get to the top, the team needs to perform well by delivering the best job. The team has also done this before, and they can do this once again.   3.First Podium of Renault in last eight years by Ricciardo There have been two podiums in 41 races which are taken by the single driver outside from top teams like Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes. Renault hasn't been able to score in any of the tournaments. Daniel Ricciardo can only be overtaken in this tournament. He needs to use every skill he has got to get ahead of the other competitors. They arrived on the 4th place last year, and thats the proof that they are becoming better and are in the right direction. Ricciardo is a fantastic winner in racing championships, and he has always delivered his best. The Formula 1 Schedule season 2019 can be checked online. 4.Leclerc will make  hat trick this season This is one of the robust F1 predictions that Leclerc is going to make a hat trick in this season as he would win three races. He is driving in his second season of F1 championship and waiting for his 1st podium. Only single would also be useful for him, but he has fantastic determination and speed. His abilities as a young player are amazing. He can deal with Ferrari driving pressure, and he is capable of doing his best. The scarlet ride of Leclerc will make him win at least three races in this tournament. 5.Nico Hulkenberg will return to score some points One of the best F1 Predictions is that he will score some points this year. He hasnt scored much in the last five races. This year, Canadian GP might see that Nico can become one of the best drivers in this championship. There might be an end of draught for his career as he will score better and there will be a drastic improvement from last years performance. So, these are the some of the F1 predictions which might come true in this championship. Almost every prediction is made according to the performances of the players in previous years, and these can come true. So, if you have one of the favorite players among these, you can keep your fingers crossed about their performance. No matter who wins the tournament, but the championship is going to be exciting and full of surprises.

Ferrari Unveil SF1000 Car For 2020 Formula One Season

Ferrari Unveil SF1000 Car For 2020 Formula One Season

  • Feb 12, 2020
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Narrower than last season's SF90, with a deeper red coloring the body, Ferrari is pinning its hopes on the SF1000 car earning them drivers and constructors titles that have eluded them for 12 and 11 years respectively.Ferrari presented its new SF1000 for the 2020 Formula One season, which they hope will achieve its first drivers' world title since 2007, during a fabulous celebration on Tuesday. The car's name is aware of the fact that the Italian team will start the 1000th World Championship race during the next campaign, which starts with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 15. Narrower than SF90 last season, with a more intense red. As for the body, Ferrari is confident that the SF1000 will win the title of drivers and builders who have evaded it for 12 and 11 years, respectively."I really love her," said German pilot Sebastian Vettel."It's much narrower in the back compared to last year and it's redder, even better. I'm impatient to drive it, and that will be more exciting than looking at it."Scuderia shattered with tradition and made a new race car outside stronghold of Maranello, and discovered it instead of the Red Sea on stage at the Romulo Valley Theater in the nearby city of Reggio Emilia."This is a very important place for our country," said John Alcan, president of Ferrari."It was in this city where the three-color flag was created, which became the flag of Italy. Ferrari is proud of Italy and of representing Italy.""This is a very special year," said Mattia Pinotto, Ferrari team manager."It has been 70 years since Formula One, we've got there from the start and we'll get to 1,000 Grand Prix numbers, and that's unbelievable."With the exception of the mandatory change in the calendar due to the deadly crown virus in Asia, the teacher must be reached in June during the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal."It might look like an SF90, but I can assure you it's totally different," Pinuto continued."We still have to go ahead, especially in reliability," he added, recalling that Ferrari, like other teams, had to face the "double challenge" of preparing for the next season in parallel with the next season, when new rules came into effect.Equal footingBinotto stressed that Vettel's veteran this season and 22-year-old Charles Leclerc, who first impressed him last season, will start on equal footing."We have seen that both can fight to achieve the best results. Both are at the same level. It is up to them to compete."Vettel, the four-time world champion with Red Bull and a final two times with Ferrari, insisted it was not a difficult decision to accept.The 32-year-old said, "I don't see it that way.""I don't see Charles getting up and down. We have the same car, and for me, it doesn't change anything. This was the case also last season."Last season, the relationship between the experienced Vettel and Leclerc turned into a duel, reaching a critical point when the two drivers clashed during the Brazilian Grand Prix.But Leclerc, 22, who won two races and finished fourth in the world championships, said the lessons had been learned."We learned the lesson from Brazil. We are free to compete, but we are teammates," he said."There are a lot of people working behind us as a team, and things like Brazil shouldn't happen."Both drivers said they were keen to test the new car, which will be on its way next week for pre-season tests in Barcelona."I felt excited when I saw her," said Monaco's Leclerc."Now I can't wait to get on the right track, try it out and show all the work done in this car.""It will be a huge challenge. I am ready to learn from my mistakes and become a better leader.""What we all want at Ferrari is to be the world champion."Read More: David Warner takes step to cricket redemption with top Australia honour

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Perform a Successful Shakedown of the 2020

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Perform a Successful Shakedown of the 2020 Car Despite Troubling Rumours

  • Feb 19, 2020
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Scuderia Ferrari F1 Perform a Successful Shakedown of 2020 The Scuderia Ferrari team used a day of photography to test the SF1000. At the moment, the signals are very positive, as there were no unexpected problems and the conditions were completely favorable.However, Wednesday's test will see how the car stacks up with its competitors. After its big appearance at the Romolo Valli theater in Reggio Emilia, the car collected the first kilometers at the Montmelo circuit.Sebastian Vettel got the first shouts in the car in the landing session, before Charles Leclerc took over his training later in the day. Apparently, in this way, Ferrari has used hundreds of kilometers permitted by the FIA, which requires the use of Pirelli demonstration tires.To make matters even better, there were no unexpected gremlins that caused the team's headache. In addition, Vettel and Leclerc enjoy excellent climatic conditions, with ideal temperatures.What's next for Scuderia Ferrari after shakedown?After the successful completion of their removal, the SF1000 will be transferred to Spain. From there, the SF1000 will face its rivals in the first two pre-season test sessions.Sebastian Vettel will get its first crack at the Circuit de Catalunya on Wednesday. After one day, four-time world champion and Charles Leclerc will participate in the driving tasks. Finally, Leclerc will only have the car for him on the last day of the first test.It is true that the Scuderia Ferrari was created as threats last year in the tests. However, the 2019 season itself was a different story. Therefore, Maranello's clothes cannot be complacent this time.It is safe to say that fans will only have a real idea of what to expect when the season already begins in Australia. At this time, all Scuderia Ferrari can do now is sit back and wait for everything to play and see where it stands, compared to Mercedes and Red Bull.Read More: Ferrari Unveil SF1000 Car For 2020 Formula One Season

French Grand Prix cancelled

Formula One: French Grand Prix cancelled due to COVID- 19

  • Apr 27, 2020
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French Grand Prix cancelled The race in Le Castellet becomes the tenth stage of the Formula One championship that was destroyed in 2020 and that has been canceled or postponed.French Grand Prix organizers announced on Monday the cancellation of the race scheduled for June 28 due to the coronary virus pandemic."Given the evolving situation related to the spread of the COVID 19 virus, the French Grand Prix takes note of the decisions announced by the French state, which makes it impossible to maintain our event," said the race director-general. Eric Bouillier.The race in Le Castellet becomes the tenth stage of the Formula One championship that was destroyed in 2020 and that has been canceled or postponed.The French Open at Roland Garros has already moved to September as a result of the epidemic with the Tour de France race also postponed.The next race on the calendar is the Austrian GP (July 5), which could be the opening season July.Formula One: French Grand Prix DateRaceStatusMarch 15Australian GPCancelledMarch 22Bahrain GPPostponedApril 3Vietnam GPPostponedApril 19Chinese GPPostponedMay 3Dutch GPPostponedMay 10Spanish GPPostponedMay 24Monaco GPCancelledJune 7Azerbaijan GPPostponedJune 14Canadian GPPostponedJune 28French GPCancelled

F1 Gets Two-Race Silverstone Go-Ahead Despite Quarantine Rules

F1 Gets Two-Race Silverstone Go-Ahead Despite Quarantine Rules

  • Jun 01, 2020
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The F1 Championship will kick off with back-to-races in Austria on July 5 and 12, and the next round is expected to be in Hungary on July 19.Silverstone will be able to stage straight races at the Formula 1 World Championships later this summer despite the British government's plans to introduce a quarantine period for the Coronavirus, according to reports on Sunday. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said the government would exempt people involved in elite sport from the requirement to isolate all international travelers for 14 days upon their arrival in the United Kingdom. This is supposed to allow Silverstone, the long-standing British Grand Prix home to host two races, and is believed to have been held on August 2 and 9."We welcome the government's efforts to ensure the sport of the elite continues to function and support our return to the race," a spokesman for Formula 1 told the BBC."We will continue a close dialogue with them in the coming weeks as we prepare to start our season in the first week of July," he added.The Formula 1 season didn't start in 2020 after 10 races were canceled or postponed.The tournament will start with a return to the race in Austria on 5 and 12 July, and the next round is expected to be in Hungary on July 19.Read More: Serie A gets green light for June 20 restartSource:

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The Reason behind banning Refueling In F1

  • Dec 21, 2020
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F1 has banned refueling of tanks since 2010. Then, to reduce the cost as well as increase safety, the FIA decided to ban it. Therefore, F1 On racing cars will follow the latest regulations that will improve racing with a full fuel tank.According to Haas F1 Team driver Romain Grosjean, a restoration of the refueling system can be very beneficial for an F1. You will have the opportunity to solve and troubleshoot GPDA.He said, "Yes, we want it." "Not because we think it's great for racing, but because we need to reduce the weight of the car to help Pirelli." It is a temporary solution to make the car 70kg lighter or 60kg lighter. It is one of the reasons why we can feel excessive car fever like crazy. "Additionally, he highlighted the benefits of reintroducing the base. He said, "Yes. The tire will help, which is a big weakness."Also, there are many other theories for different drivers. Most of them saw the era of refueling and subsidizing automobile refueling.According to runners' opinions, running with a light car is safer and more convenient. Thus, it makes racing more comfortable, while also reducing the risk factor, in one aspect of the tire dramas.What stopped the F1 refueling decision?Many suggested a meeting on the F1 strategy group. Also, in 2017, in order to ensure the display is optimized and rendered. After that, not all of the ideas reached the desired destination.In the debate over ethnic refueling, the positives and negatives have arisen. The argument in favor of refueling did not outnumber those who opposed it.It would be impossible to dispute the fact that the cost and the safety of faults. However, it would be very difficult to say that refueling is not going to make the cars faster either. The lighter car is faster to start the race. Cabins with 50kg of fuel will be faster than those with starting at 100kg.Based on the current maximum allowed. It wouldn't make much of a difference if the lighter load allowed the driver to push their tires a little harder to set half a second per lap.From a driver's point of view, they would like a faster speed, but they are not the ones who watch the races, so there is not much difference between those who watch. It would be incredibly unfair to attribute the recent spike in movements solely to the refueling ban. The arrival of three new teams in 2010 took a toll on the numbers, while the Pirelli designed to smash tires and DRS (Traction Reduction System) arrived in 2011 and turned the whole sport around.But it would also be wrong to say that refueling did not have a negative effect on overtaking. Statistics can paint a misleading picture, but it is rare that such a large amount of data does not provide a true overall trend, and the view that refueling hurts bypassing is supported by a number of highly experienced VIPs. Inside F1.Formula One needs to attract new fans and from now on the focus is on making a bigger impact in closed-circuit racing with more competition across the field and pockets of action. This idea of banning refueling was also to create opportunities for teams in difficulty. Also, to avoid danger to the pit crew members and the passengers in the cockpit as well.Also Read: Top Opening Partnerships in Test Cricket

F1 2021 Rules & Regulations

F1 2021: How The Rules And Regulations Are Changing Compared To 2020

  • May 20, 2021
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The 2020 F1 season resembled no other lately. The COVID-19-initiated schedule brought quite a lot of difficulties with decreased pay. Thus, the vigorously expected 2021 guidelines were pushed back to 2022, and the groups are confronting a novel circumstance of extending their 2020 vehicles to 2021.Even though the vehicles will continue as before, there are some minor changes here and there. The zenith of these progressions is the notable spending cap. Here we have a recap of the rules.2021 F1 budget changesFIA presented a spending cap of $175 Million for the first 2021 guidelines in a bid to reduce expenses. Although numerous guidelines were pushed back to 2022, the spending cap will in any case be carried out next season.This implies that groups should foster another vehicle out and out under the spending cap itself. The standard is useful for minnows like Haas and Alfa Romeo.F1 car changesOnce more, to save costs, groups have collectively consented to freeze the improvement of their vehicles, adhering to their present case. Be that as it may, a 'Token' framework has been presented which the groups can trade out to change a couple of parts of their vehicles. This is to help any semblance of Mclaren who needs to fuse another motor into their vehicles after changing from Renault to Mercedes.Two or three changes that will be basic to all groups are floor and weight changes. The FIA is expanding the base load of the vehicle by 3kg, which implies it is presently up to 749 kg.Vehicles of today are weighty on downforce, causing problems for the Pirelli Compounds. Along these lines, groups will make changes to the floor of each vehicle to diminish downforce by 10%.Engine changesThe FIA has likewise expanded the base load of the force units to 150kg. This permits the groups to reduce expenses by not putting resources into procedures to discover costly lighter material for motors. Other than that, there is no stop on the motor turn of events.Envision Ferrari tolerating to drive in 2021 with their frail current force units!In this way, these are generally the progressions that we will find in the 2021 vehicles. Cost-saving is a good help, with groups and F1 overall faltering from the pandemic. After the occasions of 2020, this was most likely the correct call.Read More: The Reason behind banning Refueling In F1