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Joseph Benavidez

UFC News: Joseph Benavidez issues a severe warning to Deiveson Figueiredo

  • Jul 17, 2020
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Joseph Benavidez revealed his plans to harm Deiveson Figueiredo in the rematch for the flyweight title.

After Henry Cejudo relinquished the flyweight title, Joseph Benavidez and Deiveson Figueiredo competed for the vacant belt. Figueiredo toppled Benavidez after he accidentally shook his head. However, the Brazilian could not get the belt because he did not weigh 125 lbs.

In less than 3 days from now, Figueiredo and Benavidez will go for it again. This time it will be more personal. Benavidez wants to hit Figueiredo because he feels his opponent was having an unfair advantage the last time.

“After what I have felt after that fight. And the way it went about, not necessarily in the most fair way. It just makes me actually wanna hurt him. Like when you talk about an ill will or whatever. That’s not the illest of wills cuz we’re fighting anyway but… like I just said, fighting is hurting people. But it makes me wanna hurt him like, I want you to hurt.

The rematch was about to be canceled when the Figueiredo COVID-19 test came out to be positive. However, it was later revealed that the test was a false positive. To date, he is 32 years old and in good health and preparing for his battle on the fighting island.

Unlike the last time, Figueiredo wanted it to be with the right weight balance. He even hired a nutritionist. Moreover, he wants to make history by knocking Joseph in the rematch.

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