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Ravi Shastri's Stunning Comment On Whether Virat Kohli

  • Jan 24, 2022
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As test captain for Team India, Virat Kohli's reign came to an end earlier this month when he decided to step down after the team lost in three matches (1-2) to South Africa. As a test captain, he won 60 matches out of 68 as the most successful captain in Kohli's longest-running formula. Under Kohli's leadership, India dashed its hopes of winning the Australian Test series and has been at the top of the Test rankings for a long time. India coach Ravi Shastri, who played a key role in bringing heights to Team India, has shared his views on the era of Captain Kohli.

Shastri feels Virat Kohli can easily lead the Test team for the next two years, considering the fact that the Indian team will be playing against lower-rated teams.

Shastri said he can "definitely lead India for at least two years because the next two years they will play at home and they will come - 9 and 10 jack if you look at the standings."

The 59-year-old said Kohli could improve his legacy as a test captain for India, which is something that is difficult for others to digest.

"He would have won 50-60 in his driving, but a lot of people can't stand that fact," he said.

However, Shastri insisted that everyone should respect the Kohli Test captain's decision to retire as he has successfully led the team for such a long time.

“Virat Kohli led India for 5-6 years in the Test and five of them were number one. No other Indian captain has such records. Only a few leaders in the world have such records. So, when El was more he decided The successful captain left the post as the captain, it's a person's decision because anyone has a record of 40 wins in 68 matches."

India's next Test assignment will come during the two series of matches against Sri Lanka between February and March.

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