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Top 10 health benefits of playing billiards

  • Aug 30, 2019
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Billiards is a popular game not just in England but around the world. Billiards is a cue sport, played by two or more players which involves one object ball and two cue balls which differs from the other. The players try to score more points than their opponent and they reach the previously agreed total points required to win the match. 

 Health benefits of playing billiards. 

 The game of billiards has been around more than a hundred years and is played by millions of people all over the world. People love playing periods and is generally considered as a game of leisure. But it is a lot more than this. It is more than just having fun and enjoyment with friends. As the game involves a lot of skills, it provides several health benefits. Given below are 10 health benefits of playing billiards. 

 1. Playing billiards offer benefits to physical health 

 It is one of the most obvious health benefits one gets when they play billiards. 

  An average,  game of billiards lasts for 2 hours, during which a player might take a hundred trips around the pool table. These rounds are equal to walking about 3/4 of a mile. The more you play these games, the more you burn calories. 

  While playing the game you may not sweat a lot but by playing regularly you can get in great shape. 

  It reduces calories without putting much strain on the body unlike other strenuous exercise and so it is suitable even for older people. 

  The game helps in toning the muscles and also helps in balancing and strengthening the body. 

Some of the moves in the game require you toflex the arms, the shoulders and fingers regularly. While playing the game you need to stretch your body a lot which makes your body flexible by toning the leg muscles and the hindquarters.

  It even improves the balance and stability of the player as you need to stand on one foot sometimes and even the slightest tremor could and up in losing the move. 

 2. Mental benefits of playing pool 

 The game of billiards requires a lot of concentration so it helps you to focus better both physically and mentally and even on other tasks. 

  The players have to think of a lot of detailing as they have to focus on the white ball, consider the correct angle, their posture and even the angle at which the ball will move. Thus, makes the mind sharp. 

  The game of billiards requires a lot of dexterity. The hands of the player become nimble and adept at doing other tasks as well. This will help in removing the clumsiness. 

 3. Critical thinking

 As shown by the studies, the people who play billiards will have better critical thinking powers. 

  By playing billiards you will remain calm even at the time of panic. 

  The game requires mental toughness which will help you think critically, logically and clearly. 

  The players become capable of examining relevant and pertinent facts, details in situations and act calmly without getting hysterical. 

  The mind of the player becomes sharp as the game requires the use of basic geometry and physics  

  The game teaches the player situational logic. 

  The game improves your assistance skills as the player learns the billiard psychology to get an advantage over the opponent. 

 4. Helps in character building/ sportsmanship 

 Sportsmanship means treating your teammates as well as opponents with respect. The game teaches you that though one plays to win, they must learn to have fun in sports and accept defeat graciously. 

  The pool game helps in character building as you learn that you can not always win. 

  The game teaches you social skills while playing you makes with a diversity of people who are richer than you, older than you, stronger than you or younger than you and interact with them. 

  The pool game is mental and when you master this, you learn to perform better under pressure and even among distractions. 

 5.Improves Hand-eye coordination

 The person playing the pool game dramatically improve his hand-eye coordination. 

  While playing the game, you need a sensitive touch along with your timing being precise, thus increasing eye and hand coordination. 

  While lining up shots the player needs steady hands and eyes, the eyes are required to keep track of the small ball. 

  The more a person plays these games, their ability for reacting and improving the position of their hands for getting optimum results increases. 

 6. Teaches Patience and perseverance

 The game of pool has been rightly called a game of patience. 

  the player needs to think and plan ahead and also be aware of their opponents move. For doing this the player needs to create a good tight rack so that it becomes difficult for the opponent to break and scatter them to the holes. This requires years of practice and thus develops patience and perseverance. 

 7. Improves Strategic skills 

  The game of pool improves your strategizing skills as the player needs to think about how the ball will respond after it hits the target ball. 

The game requires decision making along with planning and competitive spirit. These are the valuable life skills one can learn by playing billiards.

 8. Mathematical abilities 

 The people playing billiards improve their mathematical abilities as. 

When the player hits a ball his mind is constantly calculating distances, the required power, the optimum speed, some addition, and subtraction, etc. These thoughts can improve the mental ability to calculate and thus offers the player important mathematical life skills.

  The players unknowingly pose sharper minds as they calculate exactly where and which angle and the hardness of the contact required for the short. 

 9. Helps in enhancing Self Esteem 

 It is one of the most important benefits that billiards provides. 

  The player can get many admirers if he masters the game and is capable to play it perfectly. Thus, provide the players with confidence and sense of achievement which eventually leads to increased self Esteem. 

The player can easily become the center of attraction at a gathering and is even a great conversation starter

 10. Playing pool improve social life

  The game of billiards helps a person to socialize with friends and thus leaves you with a positive feeling. 

  The game helps you build a bond with others and even improve your communication skills. 

Though the game of billiards might not mean much to you as for improving once physical and mental health. One might not think of it as a sport but just a board game. Well, a lot of research shows that there are plenty of mental and physical benefits that a person can get by playing billiards.

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