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virat Kohli tattoos

Virat Kohli Tattoos: Heres What They Mean And How They Look

  • Jun 02, 2022
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Virat Kohli is clearly one of the best batsmen in international cricket at the moment. Like a running machine, the India captain has scored 22,862 points in his international career so far. With 70 centuries and 155 half-centuries in all three formats, the right-handed batsman collected 7,534 times in 92 Tests, 12,169 times in 254 ODIs, and 3159 times in 90 T20I. He also has several batting records to his name.

Virat Kohli is also one of the fittest cricketers in international cricket and his love for fitness is widely known. Apart from his physique, Virat Kohli also loves tattoos. Indian cricketers get 11 tattoos on their bodies. These Virat Kohli tattoos have different shapes and meanings. In this article, we take a look at 11 Virat Kohli tattoos and their meaning.

11 Virat Kohli Tattoos - Here's What They Look Like and What They Mean

1. Virat Kohli God's Eye Tattoo

virat kohli tattoo God's Eye Tattoo

Virat Kohli has a tattoo on his left shoulder representing God's Eye. The tattoo is round in shape and looks like an eye. This tattoo means that God is watching what is happening and keeping track of everything that a person does.

2. Virat Kohli Tattoo Om

virat kohli om tattoo

The Indian cricketer also has the word 'Om' written in Hindi, next to the God's Eye tattoo. Om is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism. Om is also considered a sacred sound and a common word uttered when practicing yoga. The letter Om is also associated with the three powerful deities of Hinduism: Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva.

3. Virat Kohli Lord Shiva tattoo

virat kholi Lord Shiva tattoo

Apart from the letter Om, Virat Kohli also has Lord Shiva tattoos on his body. This Virat Kohli tattoo is on his left hand. It represents the image of Lord Shiva meditating on Mount Kailash. Lord Shiva is a powerful deity in Hinduism who lives on Mount Kailash according to Hindu mythology. Kohli is a worshiper of Lord Shiva.

4. Virat Kohli Monastery Tattoo

virat kohli Monastery Tattoo

There is an image of a monastery on the left side of his left shoulder. It is next to the tattoo of Lord Shiva. A monastery is where monasteries or monks live or work. The Virat Kohli tattoo represents Kohli's longing for peace and strength.

5. Virat Kohli Japanese Samurai Tattoo

Virat kohli Japanese Samurai Tattoo

Virat Kohli has a tattoo on his upper left arm depicting a Japanese samurai warrior with a raised sword. This is said to be Kohli's favorite tattoo. The Indian cricketer believes that this sword gives him strength. The tattoo also symbolizes the loyalty, self-discipline, and moral behavior of a samurai warrior.

6. Virat Kohli Tribal Tattoo

Virat kohli Tribal Tattoo

Virat Kohli also adorns a tribal tattoo. It is located on his right forearm. The image represents the tribal and symbolizes loyalty to one's tribe. For Kohli, it means loyalty to his team, fighting spirit, and aggressiveness.

7. Virat Kohli Scorpion Tattoo

virat kohli Scorpion tattoo

Kohli also has her zodiac sign tattooed on her body. Her Scorpio horoscope tattoo is placed on her upper right hand. Kohli was born on November 5, 1988, thus he belongs to the Scorpio sign.

8. Virat Kohli Tattoo No. 175

Virat Kohli also has 175 tattoos on his body. It is in his left hand. This number represents ODI's 175th hat. The right-hander is the 175th ODI player for India. He made his ODI debut against Sri Lanka at Dambulla in August 2008. This is a special number for an Indian cricketer.

9. Virat Kohli Number 269 tattoos

virat kohli Number 269 tattoos

Besides the number 175. Kohli also wrote the number. 269 as a tattoo on his body. The number 269 indicates his trial cap number and is written on his left hand. Kohli is India's 269th Test player and made his Test debut in June 2011 in a match against the West Indies in Kingston. Therefore, 269 is another special number for an Indian cricketer.

10. Virat Kohli Mother's Name Tattoo

virat kohli mother tattoo

One of the 11 Virat Kohli tattoos also bears his mother's name. Kohli has a tattoo of her mother's name, Saroj, on top of her left hand. It is written in Hindi. This Virat Kohli tattoo represents Kohli's love for her mother.

11. Virat Kohli Father's Name Tattoo

Virat kohli Father's name tattoo

He also has his late father's name tattooed along with his mother's name. His father's name, Prem, is also written on his left hand. It is also written in Hindi. Kohli lost his father in 2006. He was a criminal defense attorney by profession.